Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time Ending, Explained: Which Crimes Are Solved During The Season?

Detective Conan: Zero's Tea Time

Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time is the newest spin-off from Detective Conan that is finally getting its own anime adaptation. The series, available on Netflix, is written and illustrated by Takahiro Arai, and the anime adaptation is being produced by TMS Entertainment. The series follows the character of Toru Amuro, a super bright and very impressive detective who is actually living three different lives at the same time. He’s a detective, a black-ops agent, and even the manager of a very cozy coffee shop.

The series focuses on Amuro as a character and the things he has to do to live each of his lives in the best way he can. Amuro does more in a week than a normal person does in an entire month, so he is quite busy, but to him, it is fun to be able to do so many things all the time. In terms of quality animation, the show will not blow people’s heads. The animation feels stiff at times and like it was made on a budget. Nevertheless, the show has a lot of charm and will make you smile from beginning to end.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for the entire first season of Zero’s Tea Time. Read at your own risk.

Which Crimes Are Solved During The Season?

Zero’s Tea Time doesn’t offer much in terms of plot. The show mostly focuses on developing Amuro as a character, and each of the episodes focuses on a certain aspect of his life. Amuro is living the life of a triple agent. First, he has the cover-up identity of a manager in a coffee shop. Then he also has a proper job working as a detective for the Tokyo Police Department. Then he also has the responsibility of being part of a secret group of agents that execute black ops. For Amuro every day is an adventure.

At first, you might think that it is too much stuff for just one man to do. However, Amuro makes it possible by administering his time very efficiently. The show mostly focuses on one part of his life, that one being his role as a manager at Poirot, named that way in honor of Hercules Poirot, the famous detective from Agatha Christie’s novels. At the coffee shop, Amuro is able to relax in ways that his other jobs don’t allow him to.

Detective Conan: Zero's Tea Time

At Poirot, he works very closely with Azusa-san, a young and very gentle woman who works with Amuro as a waitress and helps him run the place. Azusa is very professional, and she learns the names of all the clients and finds caring for them something that she likes to do. Without knowing it, Azusa starts learning a lot about logic and critical thinking from Amuro, and little by little you can see that her mind is expanding.

Amuro’s work at the coffee shop allows him to be in touch with real people. This is the one job that makes the others more important. Thanks to it, Amuro never forgets who he is protecting. Throughout this first season, Amuro captures thieves by being both a detective and an action man. But he always comes back to the coffee shop to relax and meet his clients, who trust and care for him as well.

What Happens At The End of Season 1 Of Zero’s Tea Time?

One aspect of the show that is recurrent throughout this first season is the fact that while Amuro is loved by his co-workers and friends in all three of his lives, he does feel kind of lonely. During almost every episode, we are treated to small flashbacks that show us events from Amuro’s mysterious past. These flashbacks are really short; you might blink once and miss them all, but they build a picture of who Amuro was before we got to know him in his current state.

We can infer that Amuro had a tragic childhood, but he was able to find certain people that would help him become the person he is today. Sadly, all those people cannot be in his life at the moment. He might have lost them in events where he was not able to protect them, or maybe they had just left him and gone their separate ways, as life often does with friendships and such. It is a rather sad backstory for our hero, but it makes his gentle and kind nature a lot more impressive.

Detective Conan: Zero's Tea Time

Another thing that happens in the middle and then right at the end of the season is also connected with Amuro’s sense of loneliness. In one of the middle episodes, Amuro finds a puppy, a very young one. He finds him while it is raining. The puppy clearly makes a connection with Amuro, but Amuro just calls an animal service, so they can pick up the puppy and save him from being on the streets. He leaves, thinking that is the end of it all.

However, in the final episodes, Amuro reconnects with the puppy, which is still on the streets. This time, the puppy is hurt. He is being bullied by other animals on the street. Knowing that he might be the only thing that can save the puppy, Amuro takes him to the vet. There, the wounds of the young animal are cured. However, the connection is strong. Amuro realizes that he doesn’t need to be alone, he can let other people enter his life fully, and he takes the puppy home. It is quite a sweet ending for a sweet show.