Did Dexter Kill Logan In New Blood And Why?

Did Dexter Kill Logan In New Blood And Why?

Dexter: New Blood has been quite popular, especially for those who watched the original Dexter series that spanned eight seasons. That said, New Blood ended with a final episode that was quite polarizing but is still the best ending imaginable for the killer. Then again, we also saw one of the most surprising turn of events that saw Dexter seemingly killing a person that seemed to be a close friend. So, did Dexter really kill logan in New Blood, and why?

It is true that Dexter did indeed kill Logan in Dexter: New Blood. When he was in a holding cell, Dexter was backed into a corner where he didn’t have any choice but to kill the sergeant and use the opening as a way to escape. It was the only thing he could do to escape with Harrison and start a new life.

The ending in Dexter: New Blood is as polarizing as it should be because of the fact that people love the character but know for a fact that he needed to be put down for all of the people he has killed. That said, even though Dexter faced an ending that surprised a lot of people, it was still surprising to see him kill someone close to him because that was something he never did.

Did Dexter Kill Logan?

Dexter was one of the most memorable series in TV history because of how polarizing yet uniquely crafted the show was, despite the fact that the main character is actually a killer. But while many people weren’t too fond of the ending it had in 2013, Dexter came back in New Blood as a way for the series to right its wrongs.

Throughout the series, Dexter found himself killing people yet again ten years after the events of the original series. But, then again, he only killed people whenever he realized that they were guilty of a heinous crime such as murder. Then again, since Dexter hadn’t killed for ten years, he was sloppy in New Blood. Still, Dexter continued to follow the Code of Harry during his vigilante killings.

Despite the fact that Dexter was indeed a killer, one thing that surprised a lot of people was the ending to Dexter: New Blood, as they could not believe that Dexter would kill an innocent person. This is where you get to see Dexter seemingly killing a friend like Sergeant Logan. But did Dexter really kill Logan?

Yes, it is indeed indubitable that Dexter killed Logan, a friend who was close to him. Essentially, by killing Logan, he strayed off the path of the Code of Harry and ended up killing someone who was innocent just so he could escape. This was one of the most polarizing parts about Dexter: New Blood, as the titular character wasn’t someone who would kill out of whim without a good reason.

How Did Dexter Kill Logan?

Dexter kills Logan

Dexter killing Logan did come off as a surprise to a lot of people because Dexter never kills people who are truly innocent and close to him. After all, Logan was his friend and was his son Harrison’s wrestling coach. But how exactly did Dexter kill Logan? Knowing how he killed the sergeant will open up why Dexter needed to kill him.

In the season finale, Dexter was arrested for the murder of Matt Caldwell and was kept in a holding cell not only for that but also for being under suspicion as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Of course, because of his son’s involvement, he was backed into a corner—an experience entirely new to him.

While in the holding cell, Dexter tells police chief Angela to try to find the Runaway Killer’s burial ground. This left Logan alone with Dexter, as the sergeant was actually hoping that his friend was innocent for the sake of Harrison.

When Dexter asks Logan for water, the police sergeant complies. However, when he approached Dexter, the serial killer grabbed him and slammed him against the bars, choked him, and snapped his neck, which ultimately killed him.

Following Logan’s death, Dexter took the cop’s keys to unlock himself. He also took Logan’s car to meet up with Harrison so that they could escape together. So, as you can see, his ultimate goal was to escape from the cell so that he and his son could start a new life elsewhere.

Why Did Dexter Kill Logan?

Logan’s death was surprising because Dexter doesn’t kill on a whim unless he believes that there is a reason to kill. However, he kills Logan without ever thinking about his code because he no longer cared about the code or whether or not he was killing someone who was truly innocent, such as Logan. All that Dexter wanted to do was to escape and meet up with his son.

In that sense, the reason why Dexter killed Logan was that he was in his most impulsive state. He didn’t think about whether or not it was right for him to kill the police officer, who was his friend and his son’s mentor, because the only thing he wanted to do was to escape with his son and start a new life. He could have just choked the cop until he passed out, but Dexter went deep down to his very core as a killer and simply killed him.

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So, in that sense, the reason why Dexter killed Logan was for him to escape his cell and then meet up with his son to escape. But while that may be the surface reason for Dexter killing Logan, the cop’s death also had to happen because that was the ultimate nail on the coffin for the serial killer’s coffin.

After Dexter met up with Harrison, the latter originally wanted to escape Iron Lake with his father. However, seeing the blood on his father’s shirt and realizing that it was Logan’s blood was what ultimately convinced Harrison to put his own father down. Realizing that his father had killed an innocent man, Harrison ultimately killed Dexter to finally put an end to the psychopathic vigilante to close the entire Dexter: New Blood book.

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