Do All Witchers Have White Hair? (& Why Some Don’t)

Do All Witchers Have White Hair? (& Why Some Don't)

The Witcher is a show that focuses on the titular Witcher named Geralt. While Geralt isn’t the only Witcher on the show, one of the most prominent things about this Witcher is the fact that he has white hair. This earned him the nickname the “White Wolf”, as he has noticeably white hair that makes him very unique. However, do all Witchers have white hair?

Not all Witchers have white hair. In fact, in the series, Geralt is the only Witcher whose hair is white. The reason why Geralt is the only Witcher with white hair is that he underwent a more advanced process of mutation that turned his hair white. Meanwhile, all of the other Witchers retained their hair color.

A lot of people tend to mistake Witchers as monster hunters that have white hair. However, the truth is that Geralt has been the only Witcher revealed to have white hair so far. And that is because of his tolerance to the mutagens that allow the Witchers to transform and mutate into what they are, which are mutants with capabilities that are enhanced by magic.

Do All Witchers Have White Hair?

Geralt, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the most prominent characters in the entire world of fantasy series and books because of how catchy his appearance is. Even in the entire world of The Witcher, which they call the continent, you don’t often see people with white hair that isn’t caused by old age. 

Because of Geralt’s prominent white hair and his exploits as the most popular Witcher in the entire continent (due in large part to Jaskier’s songs), he became known as the White Wolf instead of the Butcher of Blaviken, which used to be his old nickname. That said, Geralt’s white hair is what is most noticeable about this popular Witcher.


Why Do Geralt and Ciri Have White Hair?

While we did talk about Geralt’s prominent white hair, what about the other Witchers? Do all Witchers have the same white hair that Geralt has?

The thing you need to know is that Geralt is probably the only Witcher in the entire continent with white hair. That means that not all Witchers have white hair, but it is possible for these Witchers to develop the same white hair that Geralt has.

Probably the only other Witcher with white hair is the veteran Witcher Vesemir, who is the father figure that trained Geralt and all of the other remaining Witchers on the continent. But the reason why Vesemir has white hair is his old age. If we go by the animated prequel, Nightmare of the Wolf, then Vesmir should be more than 150 years old in the events of The Witcher. This means that, while Witchers age slowly, they will still show signs of aging, such as Vesemir’s white hair, which used to be brown (based on the animated prequel).

Why Don’t All Witchers Have White Hair?

Now that we have established that Geralt is the only known Witcher to have white hair that is not the product of old age (just like how Vesemir has white hair due to his advanced age), you may be wondering why not all Witchers have white hair. To understand this, we need to look at the process that an ordinary human has to undergo to become a Witcher.

Aside from how Witchers undergo rigorous physical training to be able to become physically strong and skilled to take on monsters and humans alike, they also need to go through a process called the Trial of the Grasses.

The reason why it is called the Trial of the Grasses is due to how the process involves different types of herbs that are mixed together with a mutagen to change the adept or the prospective Witcher into a true Witcher.

Basically speaking, the Trial of the Grasses involves injecting the mutagens into the adept. The process takes an entire week, as different types of mutagens are injected. Not all prospective Witchers survive the process, but those who end up surviving turn into full Witchers with mutated abilities that allow them to fight monsters. That is why Witchers are called mutants and are capable of superhuman things that ordinary people cannot do.

But the thing about Geralt is that, when he underwent the Trial, he showed an unprecedented tolerance to the mutagens. This made him confident enough to take experimental mutagens that allowed his abilities to evolve even further. That is why Geralt is seemingly stronger, faster, and basically better than all of the other Witchers.

However, one of the side-effects of the experimental mutagens caused Geralt’s hair to change to white. As such, he is the only Witcher with white hair caused by the mutation process, as he is the only one who underwent the experimental mutagens. In fact, in the flashback scene of Geralt with his mother in season 1, he was shown to have brown hair as a child. Meanwhile, in the prequel animated film, he had blonde hair but ended up becoming bald.

Why Do Some Witchers Have Black Hair?

As mentioned, not all Witchers have white hair. It is only Geralt who has white hair because he had to undergo an additional process to become a stronger Witcher. Meanwhile, the same process also changed his hair color.

That said, all Witchers retain the same hair color they had before they turned into mutants. This explains why some Witchers have black hair, as they probably had black hair already before they turned into Witchers. This is also why Vesemir, in the animated prequel, retained his brown hair when he became a Witcher.

Why Doesn’t Lambert Have White Hair?


Lambert was one of the most prominent Witchers not named Geralt or Vesemir in season 2 because of how he was there teasing and making fun of Ciri while she trained to be strong. And one of the things noticeable about him is his long brown hair.

So, the reason why Lambert doesn’t have white hair is the same reason why all of the other Witchers don’t have white hair. And that is because he didn’t undergo the same process that Geralt underwent when he became a Witcher.

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