Do Yona and Hak End Up Together at the End of the Manga?

One of the most underappreciated troupes in manga and anime is the reverse harem, wherein there is only one female protagonist that’s surrounded by multiple potential male romantic partners. Yona of the Dawn is one of those stories. But while there were plenty of different male characters that entered the picture since the beginning of the story, the one who remained there for Yona has always been Hak. So, does that mean that Yona and Hak will end up together at the end of the manga?

As of now, Yona and Hak aren’t together because the manga is yet to end. However, based on the direction of the manga, it is becoming clear that the author has always planned for Yona and Hak to end up together. This became clear in the manga when Yona started to show feelings for Hak.

Yona of the Dawn has been one of the most interesting manga and anime as it explores the reverse harem theme in a way that’s different from the other reverse harem stories out there. Of course, like a lot of manga and anime with romance, there will always be the main ship, and that has got to be Yona x Hak. With that said, let’s talk about whether or not Yona and Hak end up together.

What Is Yona Of The Dawn About?

For a very long time, anime has almost always been focused on male characters as a good part of the anime-watching demographic is composed of male audiences. Nevertheless, there has always been something special about female-centric manga and anime that focus on strong female characters and their eventual development. And, of course, there is a lot of female-centric manga and anime that also carry the reverse harem theme, which is basically when there are numerous male characters that are potential romantic interests for the female lead.

One of the most interesting manga and anime that follows a female-centric reverse harem story is Yona of the Dawn, which has become a hit among manga and anime lovers alike because of how great its character arcs are and how it was able to show a well-written development story for the main character, which is Yona. The manga has been around since 2009 and is still ongoing. Meanwhile, it had an anime version that is yet to get a second season after nearly a decade of waiting.

Nevertheless, Yona of the Dawn is still going strong as far as its manga is concerned, and its anime counterpart may soon get a continuation when the manga is about to end or when the animators believe that there is already enough material from the source to warrant more animated episodes for the manga series.

Basically, the story of Yona of the Dawn revolves around a princess named Yona, who lost her kingdom when her cousin murdered her father. The spoiled princess had to escape her kingdom with only Hak, her loyal bodyguard, to accompany her throughout the rest of her life as she sought to gain her kingdom back with the help of the legendary Dragon Warriors. As such, the princess who grew up with all of the luxuries in the world is now in the middle of a new chapter in her life as she embarks on a journey that helps her understand how dirty politics can be and how important it is for her to gain friendships and connections with different people.

Who Does Yona End Up With?

As mentioned, Yona of the Dawn follows a reverse harem story that puts Yona right at the center of the narrative. She already has Hak, the loyal bodyguard that accompanies her throughout her mission and the very same young man that she grew up with. In the beginning, there was also Soo-Won, a cousin that she grew up with and the person who ended up murdering her father to take over her kingdom.

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Then, as the story proceeds, she eventually meets all of the other four Dragon Warriors, who are incredibly powerful beings with divine powers because of their dragon blood. As such, it becomes a story of several men surrounding Yona and accompanying her throughout her perilous journey to get her kingdom back.

But the fact is that Yona is surrounded by different male characters throughout the entire manga and anime. So, with that in mind, who of those male characters does she end up with at the end of the manga?

At this point, Yona is not romantically tied with any of the main and supporting characters she is journeying with. The story is more focused on her individual character development and her rise as a powerful princess that’s looking to take back what’s rightfully hers. In that regard, the romance is something of a side-story in Yona of the Dawn. Nevertheless, it has always been clear that the male lead is Hak.

Will Yona End Up With Hak?

While the manga and the anime are yet to show Yona ending up with anyone as of the moment, considering that the manga is still ongoing and the anime is far behind, what does that mean for her relationship with Hak? Will Yona eventually end up with Hak?

In both the manga and the anime, it has always been clear that Hak loves Yona and that he is willing to go through hell for her. His dedication to her is more than just the loyalty that a bodyguard has for a princess but has already gone past the point where Hak is willing to sacrifice her own life for Yona and to do everything in his power to make sure that she is happy.

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They grew up as childhood friends together with Soo-Won, but it was almost always one-sided as far as their relationship was concerned because Hak was the only one who clearly loved Yona from the very beginning. Meanwhile, Yona saw Hak as a dear friend that she could trust with her life.

Nevertheless, while Yona didn’t have feelings for Hak initially, things steadily changed in the manga when Yona was clearly becoming closer to Hak as the story progressed. As such, irrespective of what anyone might think, it is clear that the author has always meant for Yona and Hak to end up together in the end. But the romantic development between them has been very slow because the romance part was never the focus of the story. Still, the signs are pointing in the direction that Yona and Hak will eventually end up together.

In the anime, Yona is yet to develop feelings for Hak as the story is still in the middle of her character development from spoiled princess to rising hero. However, the story in the manga is already far off from where the anime stopped, and that means that the relationship between Yona and Hak is already a bit more developed.

The manga has shown them continuing their usual setup of petty fights and cute moments, but Yona is starting to show signs that could point to the possibility that she does feel something for Hak. At one point, they even shared a kiss before they needed to part ways as it had become clear that Yona and Hak will one day end up together.

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