Doctor Strange vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Is More Powerful?

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When it comes to characters using magic in the superhero universe, there aren’t many as strong as the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange. Their powers come from different sources, but they are both extremely mighty with what they can do. The question is, who is more powerful?

The last episode of the WandaVision series revealed that the Scarlet Witch is more powerful than The Sorcerer Supreme – Doctor Strange. While that’s true in terms of raw power, that doesn’t mean she would beat him in every fight.

His control, intelligence, and strategy are what separates him from Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch), who proved several times that she’s her own biggest enemy. Emotions get the best of her at times, and she does out-of-control things, which can often lead to her downfall. Let’s dive deep, explore their powers, and see who’s more powerful.

Doctor Strange vs. Scarlet Witch Power Comparison

As I said, when it comes to raw magic power, Scarlet Witch is by far the most powerful character in the entire Marvel Universe. As revealed in WandaVision, the Darkhold states that the Scarlet Witch would be stronger than the Sorcerer Supreme, with the power to devour the world with Chaos Magic.

While her powers are unfathomable, the lack of control and knowledge on how to use those powers efficiently is what makes Wanda’s power a liability. Doctor Strange is a much more skilled spellcaster that knows how to use his skills to perfection.

It would be a pure battle of skill versus power, so to determine who would be victorious, let’s dive a bit deeper into what both characters can do.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is known as the Sorcerer Supreme. He is a highly intelligent character that mastered the mystic arts and knows all the spells in the book. He is cunning and uses his brains and magic skills to outwit every opponent he faces, even if they are physically more powerful than him.

Even though he’s just a human, he uses his magic and mystical artifacts to perform superhuman tasks, such as flying, teleportation, astral projection, time manipulation, conjuring objects, and much more.

There’s a reason he’s called the Sorcerer Supreme: Strange knows so many spells and other segments of the mystic arts that he can defeat anybody if given prep time.

Scarlet Witch

Unlike Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch got her powers due to a mutation, not training or skills. Nobody ever showed her the right way to use her magic, and everything she knew came from experience and using it on her own.

In the series WandaVision, Agatha Harkness reveals that Scarlet Witch’s powers are even greater than those of the Sorcerer Supreme. I mean, she created an entire universe within that series where her love, Vision, is still alive.

Her magical abilities allow her to harness Chaos Magic, the most powerful form of magic in the Marvel Universe. Her energy is similar to the Infinity Stones, which is a clear testament to her might.

Wanda has many psionic abilities, but her powers include time manipulation, reality-warping, spell casting, and much, much more. The only thing she lacks is the knowledge about how to control her powers.

Her biggest enemy is herself: her anger, grief, and hatred often got the best of her, making her use her powers in the wrong way. If she were to study the Darkhold – the Book of Spells containing all the information about the Scarlet Witch and Chaos Magic, she would become one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

Who Is More Powerful: Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch?

Now that we know their origins and abilities, we can determine the more powerful individual between Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch.

In terms of raw power, Scarlet Witch is stronger than Doctor Strange and almost any other being in the universe. Her true potential was never even presented, as Wanda lacked the training to learn how to control and harness her incredible powers effectively.

If she were more skilled instead of just powerful, it wouldn’t even be a contest between her and Doctor Strange.

However, although Doctor Strange is just a human, he is by far more skilled and intelligent. He never lets his emotions get the best of him. Strange mastered the mystic arts to perfection. Like Wanda, his powers know no limits, as he can do virtually anything with his spells.

Especially while wielding the Eye of Agamotto with an Infinity Stone embedded in it – the Time Stone, allowing Strange to freeze and manipulate time at will.

His intelligence, skill, and composure would give him an edge over anybody, especially if he knows the battle is coming and has time to prepare.

Therefore, if we are talking about pure power and potential, Scarlet Witch is above and beyond Strange and every other character in the Marvel Universe. 

But, if we’re talking about who would win in a fight, I believe that Doctor Strange is simply too intelligent, knows too many spells, and has too many skills that give him the edge over Wanda. She’s known to let her emotions get the best of her and lacks any real training for her incredible powers and abilities.

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