Doctor Who vs. Doctor Strange: Who Would Win & Why?

Doctor Who vs. Doctor Strange: Who Would Win & Why?

When talking about the people who can manipulate time, two people who should come to mind immediately are Doctor Strange and The Doctor. Although they are both very peaceful and prefer avoiding fighting, which one out of the two would win if they had to fight?

The Doctor would ultimately win in a fight against Doctor Strange. Although both of them have similar powers, which are beyond what anyone could comprehend, ultimately the fact that the Doctor can not die, gives him an upper hand.

But, there is still a lot to consider when talking about a fight between The Doctor and Doctor Strange. If you want to know about the power of both of these characters and what would help each in this fight, make sure to read this article all the way.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a Time Lord. Despite his human-like appearance, The Doctor has very different anatomy. This causes him to have peak human strength and superhuman durability.

The Doctor can easily survive in extreme environments such as freezing or extreme temperatures and even in the presence of radiation. Speaking of radiation, he can also absorb and dispose of the radiation.

It is hinted that his life span is extremely long with the Twelfth Doctor claiming he is over 2000 years old. Even if this piece of information is unclear it ultimately does not matter since Time Lords can regenerate. 

This is, as The Doctor himself put it, a convenient way for Time Lords to heat Death. This essentially means that instead of dying The Doctor will simply be reborn in a new body. This will cause him to change his physical appearance and personality but does not have any other side effects.

If he is not mortally wounded he can also grow back missing body parts or in some cases even grow an entire body from the severed limbs.

The Doctor also displays the ability to communicate and share memories telepathically, mainly with other Time Lords. He can also perform small mental attacks.

In addition to this, he is mostly immune to mind control and is shown to be able to resist physical possession.

He also has the power to manipulate time, although the ability is limited. The Doctor can see possible outcomes of events playing out in the present; however, he doesn’t know for sure which one will actually happen. He can also change the events that took place in time, but the ability is limited when it comes to fixed points in time.

He also possesses The TARDIS, which enables The Doctor to travel to different points in time and space. It has no limitations seeing that The Doctor was shown visiting at the beginning and the very end of time.

The Doctors’ most important asset, however, is his mind. He is shown to have an intelligence level that cannot be understood by the human mind. He is proficient in many different areas, but the most useful ones during his adventures are science and history.

With the help of the TARDIS, the Doctor can understand any language. He is a fast and persuasive talker, which has often shown itself as his most powerful weapon.

Generally, Doctor disapproves of weapons of any kind, and due to his nature, he prefers to either outsmart his enemies or come to a peaceful solution he has displayed proficiency with different weapons if the need be.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a powerful wizard and Master of the Mystic Arts. Taking this into consideration almost all of his power comes from magic. He is located in New York as the guardian of New York Sanctum.

Among his own kind, he is considered the most powerful of the sorcerers. The Ancient one noted upon meeting him that he has great potential and he, later on, proved himself as a quick learner.

Even while he was still very inexperienced in the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange managed to use the Time Stone harbored in the Eye of Agamotto, without causing any disturbances in the natural order, which was considered almost impossible and very dangerous.

To protect The Eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange cast a Warding Spell on it. Because of this spell, anyone who touched the Eye got burned. This spell could not be bypassed and would still linger even in the case of Doctor Strange’s death. 

Besides manipulating time through either recreating events or creating time loops he can also use The Eye to see possible outcomes of certain events.

Although manipulating time is the central power and the one that gets shown off most often there is a plethora of other forms of magic Doctor Strange is proficient at.

Eldritch Magic is the most useful in physical combat. It allows its user to create weapons, shields, and other material constructs from the energy surrounding the user.

Doctor Strange often uses this form of magic by creating powerful bolts of energy that help him overpower his opponents easily.

Another way this can be used is by summoning restrains the way binding spells were used to restrain Thanos during the battle of Titan, although the combination of Eldritch Magic and dark magic made them more powerful.

Using a Sling Ring allows Doctor Strange to create portals. In addition to using the portals himself, he can also use them to teleport other people, as he does with Thor and Loki.

It is mostly used to travel throughout the multiverse, but it can also be used to travel between different dimensions. To use this power he does not need to be in the presence of the person he is trying to teleport.

This power can be utilized during combat because his opponents can simply be trapped inside different dimensions. This was demonstrated when he trapped Loki inside a dimension in which he was constantly falling.

The same power allows him to travel among the dimensions and realities. He can use this power to forcibly transfer other people to different dimensions as well.

In addition to this Doctor Strange is able to access the Mirror Dimension as well as conjure it to through crystalized mirror shards.

Among the many forms of magic Doctor Strange is able to perform there are a few reoccurring ones. One such is using the wind spell to summon the wind. This is the spell Doctor Strange used to hold back the lake outside the Avengers’ headquarters.

Doctor Strange also uses his magic to open up the ground and trap his enemies that way. We can see him use this spell during the fight with Thanos’ soldiers.

Doctor Strange can also create duplicates of himself, which can aid him in combat. It’s unclear how powerful these duplicates are or how they actually work, but one thing’s for sure, they are definitely helpful during fights.

He also possesses a Cloak of Levitation which enables him to hover and fly. It can also be helpful for lessening the impact of falling or being thrown onto different objects by slowing down the velocity.

 Alongside his magical abilities, there are also a few of them that stem from his human nature. Before becoming a sorcerer, Steven Strange was a renowned neurosurgeon. 

Closely tied with his “human” achievements are his genius-level intellect which manifests itself through Eidetic Memory and tactical insight.

On the other hand, Doctor Strange is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat. His weapon of choice, if it comes down to it, is a sword, seeing he is an expert swordsman.

Doctor Who vs. Doctor Strange: Who wins?

Although it is unlikely these two would fight if they ever meet if they had to which one would win? This is a difficult question since both have similar powers and outlooks on the world as well as a number of surprises they have up their sleeves.

An important fact to consider is that the playing field would play an important role since Doctor Strange would benefit from the effect his Sanctum would have on the Doctor and the TARDIS would most definitely help out in the fight.

Ultimately, despite the fact that Doctor Strange would immediately be willing to engage in physical combat and use morally ambiguous tactics but none of that matters since The Doctor can regenerate if he is mortally wounded. In addition to this, The Doctor has shown the ability to adapt the new version depending on the way his last iteration died. 

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