Does Arthur Die In Peaky Blinders? Here’s What Happens To Him


One of the most important characters in Peaky Blinders is Arthur Shelby, the eldest of the Shelby brothers and the one who used to be the leader of the entire gang. Nevertheless, Arthur eventually took a backseat to Tommy, who ended up leading the Peaky Blinders better than he ever could. But Arthur was always there in the mix and was also having his own personal issues. So, does Arthur die in Peak Blinders?

Arthur Shelby survives the entire Peaky Blinders series despite the fact that he has always been one of the most self-destructive characters on the show. He was able to survive the events of season 6 but hinted at his possible death in the future when he said he would be “joining Tommy soon.”

It is important to note that, while season 6 is the end of the series, there will be a movie that will wrap the entire Peaky Blinders story up. As such, Arthur’s story is not yet over and will continue up to the events of the film, where we might see a definite end to his narrative. So, with that said, let’s look at what happens to Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinder season 6.

Does Arthur Die In Peaky Blinders?

Ever since the start of Peaky Blinders, one of the most important characters in the series was Arthur Shelby, who is the eldest of the Shelby brothers that run the entire Peaky Blinders gang. At the start, he was the leader of the gang due to his status as the eldest brother. However, because of the fact that he can be somewhat of a hot hod and isn’t the best at formulating plans and strategies, the leadership position was ceded to his younger brother, Tommy.

Ever since the beginning of the series, Arthur was not the most level-headed member of the group. He was either drunk or high because he was dealing with a lot of personal issues. That is why he was always hot-headed and was not really someone who the Peaky Blinders could rely on when it came to formulating a plan.


Arthur is prone to outbursts that have jeopardized Tommy’s ambitions, and that was seen in season 5. However, from the very start, Aunt Pol was there to keep Arthur’s head afloat because she was the voice of reason for the Shelby brothers. And she was one of the reasons why Arthur was able to survive throughout the most dangerous parts of Peaky Blinders.

But the fact that Aunt Pol is already dead and that the Shelby siblings are looking to live with the fact that she is no longer there to help them, how does that affect Arthur? Without Aunt Pol to keep him in line, does Arthur die in Peaky Blinders?

The good news for Arthur Shelby fans out there is that the character survives all six seasons of Peaky Blinders. There were moments when it might seem like he wouldn’t survive the events of the series at all due to his hot-headed nature and sudden outbursts. But he survived all odds.


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Back in season 5, there was actually a point where Arthur was close to death, especially because of Linda, his ex-wife. In season 5, Linda left Arthur because he stumbled off the rails and struggled to keep himself on track. Meanwhile, Shelby Limited ended up doing business in relation to opium smuggling even though Arthur objected to the idea. After that, he wasn’t the same person anymore and even attacked a man with whom Linda became close.

It came to a point where Linda was about to kill Arthur but ended up surviving the attempt because Aunt Pol shot her in the arm before she could kill her ex-husband. In that regard, Arthur was able to survive one of the closest brushes with death he has ever had.

What Happens To Arthur In Peaky Blinders?

Even though Arthur was able to survive death in season 5, he still ended up struggling with his personal issues. In season 6, he continued to struggle with his mental health issues. This led him to a life of substance abuse.

Things changed for him, however, when he met a man named Hayden Stagg, who met Arthur at his most vulnerable point in life. Hayden shared that he had also been where Arthur was. That was when he told Arthur to “walk like it’s a flat plane instead of mountains.”


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Those words helped Arthur a lot, even though he never changed in terms of the nature of his character. Nevertheless, he was able to better control his substance abuse and mental health issues. He also became level-headed enough that he was the one who exacted revenge on the IRA for Aunt Pol’s death, as this was a moment of catharsis for him because he was one of the characters who relied a lot on his aunt’s guidance.

On top of that, Arthur also discovered that Tommy had tuberculosis as he was enraged to find out that his brother was sick and was quite possibly dying. He wasn’t even there when Tommy bid his family goodbye during the season finale. However, he did tell Tommy, through Linda, that he was going to join him soon, wherever he might be going.


Arthur was never the most cryptic person, but there are some people who believe that Arthur thinks that his brother is on his way to death. That means that Arthur may be contemplating committing suicide because he wanted to join Tommy in death. But there are those who believe that Arthur himself knows that he is on the path to self-destruction with the way he has been living his life ever since the events of season 1. In that regard, he might believe that he will die soon enough and will probably join Tommy, who he believed was going to die.

In that regard, Arthur didn’t want to live in a world without Tommy. But since we all know that the diagnosis was a lie and that Tommy is still going to live, Arthur may soon find out about this in the future. That’s because, while season 6 may be the end of the Peaky Blinders series, there is still a movie that is in production and will be released soon to wrap up the entire narrative.

That means that we will still see Arthur in the Peaky Blinders movie. Whether or not he will survive the events of the final chapter of Peaky Blinders is something we don’t know yet, as there is a good chance that he might not live through the entire film, depending on how he continues to live his life.

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