Does Deku Become a Villain in My Hero Academia and Why?

Does Deku Become a Villain in My Hero Academia and Why?

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Izuku Midoriya is the protagonist of My Hero Academia, one of the most popular anime series of the modern age. His nickname, as you probably know, is Deku. Recently, images of a “Villain Deku” have appeared online and that is why we have decided to tell you whether Deku becomes a villain and why.

Deku does not become a villain in My Hero Academia. He has, indeed, left the U.A. and there have been some manga covers emphasizing his mischievous nature, but Deku is and will (almost certainly) not become a villain in the canon. “Villain Deku” is just a fandom creation from an alternative universe and has nothing to do with the canon.

This article is going to be all about the “Villain Deku” persona, as we are going to explain who “Villain Deku” is and how he ties to the main universe Izuku Midoriya. You’re also going to find out whether “Villain Deku” is an actual character and whether he’s set to appear in the main series.

Who is “Villain Deku”?

If you browse around the internet, you’ll find out that the My Hero Academia fandom is quite active and very creative. Fans have, so far, created numerous alternative universes and storylines, with new characters, but also alternative versions of canon characters. One such character is the so-called “Villain Deku”.

“Villain Deku” is a fan-made character that represents an alternative version of the main canon Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku. As far as alternative versions of My Hero Academia characters go, “Villain Deku” is quite interesting and according to many, he is actually a more realistic and less-idealized version of the original Deku. We shall now explore his origins to determine how he even came to be.

Why does Deku become a villain?

Izuku Midoriya, also known by his heroic name Deku, is the main protagonist in Kōhei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia series. A nerdy and ambitious high school underdog, he is the ninth (and current) holder of “One For All,” a superpower that combines six different individual superpowers (or “quirks”) to create powerful blasts of energy, and also has the ability unique to be passed on to other people.

Izuku was initially born without a quirk, but grew up wanting to be a superhero himself. Izuku was called “Deku” by his childhood classmate and rival Katsuki Bakugo. After admission to U.A. In high school, Izuku’s classmate Ochako Uraraka inspires him to adopt his nickname and use it as a hero’s name.

Now, why would such a character even become a villain, even if it’s just something made up? Let us examine that.

As many fans have “intervened” in “Villain Deku’s” story, there is no unique backstory or biography of the character, although they don’t diverge much from each other. Here is what we managed to collect from the internet.

In the first episode of the original anime, we see Deku being bullied by his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo because, unlike 80% of the world, he doesn’t have any superpowers or “quirks”. Of course, there’s a lot more to it, which won’t be explained in more detail until later in the anime, when we get to see more of Katsuki’s development.

The nickname Deku, which later in the story becomes his hero or villain name, was also given to him by Bakugo, and it can be roughly translated as being useless.

Quirks generally cannot be transferred from one person to another unless a quirk expressly allows it. As far as we currently know, only two people have the ability to transmit quirks and only one of them takes quirks.

When he returns home after being ordered to kill himself at school, Deku is attacked by a villain, but is saved by All Might just in time; All Might is the number one hero and the idol of Deku. Deku asks All Might if he, someone without a quirk, could be a hero, which All Might quickly refuses.

Then we learn that the villain escaped and attacked Katsuki and took him hostage.

Now, this is where the fandom stories generally go two ways. In the first version of the story, Deku goes through the same events as in the canon, except when Katsuki is captured by the Mud Villain, he doesn’t rush into the battle that initially inspired All Might to transfer his power to him. Instead, he watches.

All Might still steps in to help Katsuki after seeing his desperate struggle for survival. Some time later, he would be spotted by Shigaraki, the leader of an organization called the League of Villains, and put him on the path of the villains.

The second version of the story shows that Deku actually decided to follow Katsuki’s advice and kill himself, but ends up being saved by the League of Villains. Whether he gets a quirk or not depends on the story, but generally he stays quirkless and only uses his wits. If he has any quirks, it’s given to him by the villainous All For One, who is the other person capable of conveying quirks.

Is “Villain Deku” canon?

Absolutely not, but not only is “Villain Deku” not canon, but he also is not even an actual character. Sure, the fandom is important but let’s not trick ourselves into thinking that fans actually create content. They might influence it, but the sheer number of fan creations is too large for us to even consider the possibility of “Villain Deku” being an actual character.

He does exist as a fan-made character and like that, he can be used in fanfiction and on roleplaying boards, but he is definitely not a real character and he is definitely not a canon character either.

Does Deku become a villain?

No, Deku never becomes a villain in the main series. That would be completely incompatible with everything that we know about the character. Sure, at some point in the character’s early history he might have made a villainous turn, but he has been portrayed as someone very true to the heroic ideals that he represents now, which is why it is highly unlikely that he would become a villain.

Some current stories see Deku leave the U.A., which prompted some fans to think that he will turn to villainy instantly, but that is just not true. He left the U.A. to protect the ones he cares about and not for selfish reasons. He is still equally determined to become the best superhero in the world and remains completely true to his heroic ideals.

That is why Deku will, almost certainly, not turn into a villain in the main series.

What would “Villain Deku’s” Quirks be?

Now, we’ve said that “Villain Deku’s” quirks depend on the fandom story describing his villainous turn. Although there are many different versions, the three most popular are:

  • Quirkless Villain Deku: Izuku never receives any quirk and instead uses only his intelligence to obtain information from other heroes. These stories also show him being a good martial artist and/or carrying a weapon to support himself.
  • Quirked Villain Deku: Izuku is given at least one quirk (depending on the story), usually by All For One. The individual quirks depend on the fandom stories in question and are mostly adjusted to fit the fandom plot itself.
  • AFO Villain Deku: Upon receiving All For One’s quirk of the same name, Izuku can take quirks from other heroes, just like All For One himself can do, with the possibilities of using the abilities he could steal and use being endless.

What is “Villain Deku’s” name?

“Villain Deku” doesn’t have a name, as far as we know. Since he is an alternative version of the original Deku, his actual name remains Izuku Midoriya and he is still called Deku by his classmate and rival, so the fans just named him “Villain Deku”. There is no special name that he has taken or been given by the fans.

Will we see “Villain Deku” in the main series?

As things stand now, “Villain Deku” is certainly not going to appear in the main series. First of all, Deku is the actual protagonist of My Hero Academia. Secondly, he is a highly idealistic character that embodies heroism, even if he himself never possessed a quirk until being “given” one by his idol, All Might. Finally, “Villain Deku” is a fandom creation and not an actual character.

Okay, while we cannot really foresee the future and thus exclude the possibility of there appearing a villainous iteration of Deku sometime in the future, as things stand now there is absolutely no chance of a “Villain Deku” appearing in the main series and even if he did, it would most probably not be this version of the character that the fandom has devised.

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