Does Earth Exist in The Witcher? Multiverse Explained

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In the world of The Witcher, one of the things that we know is that there are a lot of different creatures of fantasy and that magic exists. Of course, we know for a fact that these don’t exist in our real-life world, which we call Earth, but we also know that there is an entire multiverse that exists in The Witcher. This was something that we saw in the live-action adaptation of the storyline on Netflix. So, does that mean that Earth also exists in The Witcher?

Earth does exist in The Witcher, but the world where The Witcher takes place is not the Earth that we know of because it is a different kind of Earth. However, what we do know is that there is a version of Earth where humanity once populated but has abandoned ever since the Conjunction of the Spheres.

The fact that Earth exists in The Witcher isn’t surprising, considering that the human race never originated from the world where the entire storyline takes place. However, it is suggested that humans came from a world that has now been reduced to an unlivable planet, and that is the reason why they vacated that world that is quite possibly Earth. That said, let’s get into the details of this discussion.

Where Does The Witcher Take Place?

The Witcher is a storyline that takes place in a world where things like magic and monsters exist. These are things that only exist in fantasy, as we know for a fact that they don’t exist in the world that we live in in real life. Of course, this is due to the fact that The Witcher is basically a story that was written by Andrzej Sapkowski as a series of fantasy novels that took inspiration from the creatures that people have written about in European folklore and fairytales.

We know that The Witcher has seen two popular adaptations in the form of a video game and a Netflix live-action original series. The series itself is quite popular because it has opened the storyline of The Witcher up to people that don’t normally play video games or read books. And the show was what introduced the world of The Witcher to a lot of fans all over the world.

Of course, we know that this world resembles the one that we live in but actually has magic and monsters, and other elements of fantasy. This means that there is a good chance that the world of The Witcher isn’t the same as the one we live in. So, where does The Witcher take place?


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The Witcher takes place in a vast land that is called the Continent, which is a place that is located in an unnamed world. There are certain accounts that suggest that some people refer to this world as Earth. However, the world where the Continent can be found is nothing similar to the Earth that we live in. We can even say for certain that it probably isn’t the same Earth that we are familiar with.

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Of course, the fact that the Continent is located in a world that isn’t Earth but is sometimes referred to as Earth can be attributed to the entire multiverse that exists in The Witcher. Yes, there is a whole multiverse that exists in The Witcher, and that means that the planet where the story takes place could also be Earth but from a different universe. As such, it surely isn’t the Earth that we are familiar with in our own universe.

Does Earth Exist In The Witcher?

As mentioned, The Witcher takes place in a world that belongs to a greater multiverse where other worlds and dimensions exist. In that regard, the world where the Continent can be found is merely one of the many different worlds that exist in the multiverse. But what about Earth? Does the actual Earth exist in The Witcher?

In the series, it is yet to be confirmed whether or not Earth exists in The Witcher. But the video game adaptation has already dropped hints about the existence of Earth. And for us to understand this, we have to talk about the Conjunction of the Spheres briefly.


What Caused the Conjunction of the Spheres? (First & Second)

Basically speaking, the Conjunction of the Spheres is a cataclysmic event that allowed different worlds from different dimensions to collide with one another, as this opened gateways between the different universes. It was this event, which happened 1,500 years ago, that humans and monsters began populating the Continent.

Before the arrival of humans and monsters, the Continent was home to races known as the elders, which are actually the elves, dwarves, and gnomes. They lived on the Continent in relative peace but ended up clashing with the humans when they arrived there through the Conjunction of the Spheres. Take note that humans had to leave their own universe because it had become unlivable due to their actions.

In the video games, Earth was one of the places that Ciri visited a few times, using her powers to cross between dimensions. It was suggested that Earth was once the cradle of humanity but was ultimately destroyed due to the very humans that the planet was home to. As such, Earth did exist as far as the video game adaptation is concerned and was once the planet that the humans called home before they left and began populating the Continent.

That means that the Earth that most resembles the Earth that we know of in the real world actually existed in the multiverse of The Witcher. Meanwhile, even though the Continent also resembles the Earth and is sometimes referred to as Earth, it is not the same Earth that the humans came from. And that’s because the planet where the Continent is located was never home to humans but was once only populated by the elders.

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In fact, the spin-off series called The Witcher: Blood Origin will tackle the events surrounding the Continent when only the elders populated this land. It will also allow us to see the events surrounding the elves before the Conjunction of the Spheres and the creation of the first Witcher. As such, the origin of the human race will probably be given more light in this series.

What Happened To Earth In The Witcher?

As mentioned, Earth was the cradle of the human race before the first Conjunction of the Spheres. However, after the Conjunction, humanity migrated from Earth to get to the Continent, which became the new home of the human race after they took these lands by force from the elder races. But what exactly happened to Earth?


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There are no true canon accounts regarding what happened to the former planet where the humans once lived. But there are accounts in the video game that suggests that Earth was destroyed and became unlivable due to the actions of humans. As such, it is possible that the humans that once lived on that planet were able to reach an advanced state of technology that allowed them to improve their lives at the cost of the health of the planet.

That is why there is a good chance that the industrial actions of humans on their former planet led to the destruction of Earth. Of course, when they moved from their destroyed planet to the Continent, much of the records regarding the history of Earth were lost.

Nevertheless, we don’t know exactly what happened to the planet except for the fact that it must have reached a state where the humans thought that it was best to leave it and take a chance to live in a new world. And the opportunity did indeed arise when the Conjunction of the Spheres happened, as the human race was able to move from their old planet to the Continent, where the storyline of The Witcher takes place.

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