Does Gon get his Nen back in Hunter × Hunter?

Does Gon get his Nen back in Hunter X Hunter

Nen is the concept of the typical energy phenomenon in most shonen manga, which is used as a great source of power in the series. This is pretty much like the “Haki” or “Chakra” of Hunter X Hunter, which grants its users special abilities, and can also augment their power. Nen is unique for having a special ability that can be used to boost one’s power dramatically but in exchange for disabling it.

Gon lost his nen after the battle with Neferpitou. This occurred because of the trauma that Gon experienced when he realized that Kite is already dead. It drove him towards a breakdown that caused his Nen to agree with Gon’s wish to use it to boost his power just to defeat his enemy.

This is one of the most interesting mysteries of the manga, especially the fact that Gon changed form in this one. But as of now, this power of Gon is yet to be seen in its best, and in a way where Gon can use it freely. But for now, let us talk about this major point in the series and Gon’s abilities, and was he able to recover his Nen back?

How did Gon lose his Nen?

Does Gon get his Nen back in Hunter X Hunter

Gon lost his nen after his fight with Neferpitou. The reason why that happened, according to his friends, was that the emotional trauma he faced when the reality of Kite’s death sent him so over the edge, that he created a temporary contract with his Nen in exchange for the death of those who wronged him. 

The contract gave him vast amounts of Nen, more than his body could handle, forcing it to age and mutate to a muscular man with tremendous amounts of physical strength. This form would have been him in 20 years if he continued to grow to his potential. In this fight, he also lost his arm, though he felt happy because he looked like Kite before he died. 

After mercilessly destroying Pitou’s body, the contract had been fulfilled and turned him back to his previous state. This sudden change and harmful residual Nen strained his body to the point where he could die by some fateful mistake. It left him in a vegetable state. He lost his Nen as part of the payment for the sudden burst of strength he used to defeat Neferpitou along with his potential.

Does Gon get his Nen back?

As of this writing, Gon has not gotten his Nen back yet. Since the creator of Hunter X Hunter is well known for taking long amounts of time on hiatus, the story has barely moved since 2018. As of this writing, Hunter X Hunter has been on hiatus for 1028 days, approximately 2 years and 9 months. 

It is heavily implied in the conversation with his father Ging that he can still sense Gon’s aura and he can still gain his Nen abilities back though he would need to undergo intense training just to go back to the way he was before using everything on Neferpitou. All we can do in the meantime is sit and wait for Yoshihiro Togashi to come back and continue the story of Hunter X Hunter. 

Why did Gon lose his Nen for 30 days?

He lost access to his Nen in his fight with Knuckle. Knuckle has the Nen ability Hakoware where he lends his aura to his enemies. When he lends his aura, it also expects interest which increases every 10 seconds. If the debt is not paid, the afflicted party busts. The little marshmallow with wings keeping track of the interest is called Amortizing Power Re-director, or A.P.R. for short. It can’t be injured and only goes away when the person busts or Knuckle stops the ability. 

Once busted, A.P.R. will become Individual Ren Suppressor, or IRS, putting the enemy in a forced Zetsu state for 30 days. Unfortunately, Gon was still inexperienced with the concept of Nen and lost to Knuckles. This was shown in episode 90. If you feel confused about this, don’t worry most of the Hunter X Hunter fans didn’t understand it at first until they reread how his abilities work on the internet.

What episode can Gon use Nen again?

Does Gon get his Nen back in Hunter X Hunter

Gon regains his Nen after 30 days in Episode 95. IRS or Individual Ren Suppressor wears off after 30 days allowing Gon and Killua to join the fight against the chimera ants, more specifically they are the ones tasked to kill the King’s Royal Guard Neferpitou. Though he lost his Nen to the Individual Ren Suppressor in episode 90, he regained it in episode 95, so why is that? 

Episode 91 focuses more on Meruem and the Chimera Ants, mainly his Royal Guards, Gon is shown to have traveled to the NGL Border Stop alongside Killua, Knuckle, and Shoot. Episode 92 focuses more on Colt along with Chairman Netero and other Human Hunters infiltrating the Nest to try and save the Chimera Queen Ant. Meanwhile, Gon recovers from his defeat against Knuckle and moves on to train. 

In episode 93 the story focuses on the Chimera Ant King Meruem along with his Royal guards invading the Capital of East Gorteau making it their new nest. Gon goes on a date with Palm while Killua protects Gon because he still can not use his Nen abilities. The plot of episode 94 focuses on Killua in his fight against the chimera ant Rammot. Killua learns that he was under control by Illumi’s needle and after pulling it out kills Rammot easily. Gon is still on his date with Palm. Morel and Knuckle confront Cheetu.

Referring back to the first question, Will Gon get his Nen back?

People are split on this when theorizing the future of Gon in Hunter X Hunter. After almost dying as payment for his big surge of power against Neferpitou, Gon was sent into ICU barely clinging to life. With the intervention of Killua and his sister Alluka, They were able to cure Gon but it came with a cost. Gon cannot use his Nen. So how exactly are people split on this?

Gon will get his Nen back

Being the main character of Hunter X Hunter, Gon is expected to recover and continue his journey being a Hunter. Like all shonen manga protagonists, he is expected to be like Naruto wherein this storyline would just pass along and he would make a full recovery and live up to his potential and defeat even stronger enemies in the future alongside his best friend Killua. 

After all, Hunter X Hunter is published in Weekly Shonen Jump alongside well-known mangas like Naruto, One Piece, MHA, and many more. Though it is mentioned by many that the next arc, The Dark Continent Expedition arc, Gon will not be appearing as it will focus on 2 other main characters, Kurapika and Leorio. 

It is also said that with Nanika’s ability (the other being inside of Alluka) The restriction on Gon’s Nen has been lifted although he would have to retrain to get his Nen ability back. Gon realizes that he cannot use his aura after being healed. Gon has a brief discussion with Ging over the phone about not being able to use aura, after which Ging suggested that Gon probably just can’t see it because he has reverted to “normal”. 

Ging stated that since Gon “threw it all away” as one of the conditions to increase his power enough to beat Pitou, then surviving that ordeal should be more than enough, and to expect or ask for more would be audacious and for which he has to pay a price. Ging then suggested that this is the best time for Gon to take some time to discover and decide what he would like to do from now on, implying that he could remain a “normal” person or re-awaken his abilities and continue being a Hunter with a new goal. So think about it, what could split the people who are invested in Hunter X Hunter’s plot?

Gon’s story is finished

Does Gon get his Nen back in Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is different from most Weekly Shonen Jump manga because of character and world-building. As shown in the Yorknew City arc, the story can shift to another character being the MC. For all we know, the story could shift to Killua and Alluka’s journey across the world. Now think about this for a long time, what was Gon’s main story about? What was his goal in the first place before the start of the story? 

The answer: Ging Freecss. Gon set out on his journey leaving his Aunt Mito and his grandmother in Whale Island to find his mysterious father Ging. Gon would be set on finding his father after running into his father’s student Kite. We would all see that in the 13th Hunter Chairman Selection arc that Gon would finally meet his father after recovering from the previous Chimera Ant Arc. 

It is also shown at the end of the 13th Hunter Chairman Selection arc that Killua and Gon have come to terms with what they want to do moving forward and parted ways and it feels like it will be permanent. This scene felt like the end of Gon’s story especially after talking with Ging. 

As Gon is now unable to use Nen, he is now considered normal. He has a choice whether to pursue regaining what he lost, learning a new technique that could match with nen users, or just stay in Whale Island as a normal kid along with his Aunt Mito and his grandmother. As of now, it feels like the story could shift its focus on Kurapika’s effort in taking down Chrollo and the Phantom Troupe as revenge for his people’s massacre or on Ging and his journey to the Dark Continent, where strong creatures and many unknown threats come from, such as the Chimera Ants and Nanika. 

Since the author of the series has been on hiatus for quite a long time, people are still wondering where Hunter X Hunter will go from here or even better, when will Hunter X Hunter finish.

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