Does Nancy Die in Stranger Things Season 4? (& What Will Happen to Her)


Ever since season 1 of Stranger Things, there have been characters that were constant when it comes to the overall plot. One character is Nancy Wheeler, the older sister of Max Wheeler and the love interest of Jonathan Byers. She has been one of the most important characters since season 1, but it appears that she is in danger in season 4. So, does Nancy die in Stranger Things season 4?

Nancy was still alive at the end of Stranger Things season 4 but was in danger. That’s because Vecta invaded her mind and tormented her with visions about her feelings for Steve, all while he allowed Nancy to peek into his past when he was still Henry Creel, who eventually became One. 

Volume 1 of season 4 of Stranger Things ended with Nancy and Eleven learning more about Vecta/One’s past. While Nancy did find out about the truth behind Vecta, she was still in danger because she had entered the same trance-like state that had killed others before her. As such, we have to wait until volume 2 to find out what will happen to find whether or not she lives.

What Happened To Nancy In Stranger Things Season 4?

Stranger Things has had a core group of characters that have been with the series ever since the first season. While we do know that the main characters are the kids, who are comprised of Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, and Max, the older teenagers have also played huge roles in the entire series. And this has been true ever since season 1 because they were able to do the things that the kids were not capable of doing.

That said, one of the constants of the series since season 1 has been Nancy Wheeler, the sister of Mike Wheeler. She started off as Steve Harrington’s girlfriend but has since grown into her own character. The beginning of season 4 allows us to see that Nancy is on her way to a good college and is looking to share her college life with Jonathan Byers, her boyfriend, who has been in California with Will and Eleven since the end of season 3. Nancy has grown into a great investigative journalist for her school’s newspaper.

When strange things started happening in Hawkins after Chrissy’s mysterious death, Nancy started digging into the story with her friend and fellow newspaper club member, Fred. However, Fred ended up dying at the hands of Vecna, who was the same entity responsible for killing Chrissy. And as Nancy was investigating Chrissy’s death, she learned about Victor Creel, who was institutionalized in a mental facility after he was charged with murdering his entire family in the same way that Chrissy and Fred died.


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Nancy eventually met up with Steve, Dustin, Max, Robin, and Lucas, who were all looking for Eddie Munson, who was the prime suspect in the deaths. They believed that Eddie was innocent and that it was up to them to continue looking into the matter so that they could find the truth behind the deaths. That was when they found out that Max had become a victim of Vecna’s curse.

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In an attempt to find a way to stop Vecna from killing Max, Nancy and Robin pretended to be college students working on their thesis so that they could meet up with Victor Creel in the mental institution he was being kept in. After a dramatic outburst from Robin, they were able to meet Creel, who told his story to the girls.

Nancy and Robin found out that Creel had moved into a house during the 50s, and that was when weird things started to happen to the members of the family. The weird things he was talking about mirrored the same things that happened to Chrissy and Fred before they died, as Max was now experiencing what they were experiencing. Creel also said that he was able to snap out of his trance-like state when he heard his favorite song.

It was then and there that Nancy and Robin realized that it could have been the song that saved Creel. The head of the mental institution previously told them that music has a way of reaching the deep emotions of any person and was an effective form of treatment for mental patients. That was when they figured out that a person’s favorite song could help them snap out of Vecna’s curse just as they were about to get killed.

With Nancy’s help, Max was able to survive Vecna’s curse in the meantime as the group continued their investigation in the hopes of finding a way to stop the creature from killing more people. During their investigations, Nancy was seemingly rekindling her spark with Steve, her ex-boyfriend, even though she was still with Jonathan. Shortly after that, they figured out that there could be a gate in the lake in Hawkins.

Nancy, Steve, Robin, and Eddie got on a boat that took them to the center of the lake, where they were able to detect the gate through the use of Dustin’s compass. Steve dove into the lake first so that he could investigate the gate as he found himself in the Upside Down. Meanwhile, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie followed to help Steve.

In the Upside Down, Nancy and the others saved Steve from getting killed by bat-like creatures that were feasting on his flesh. They were able to find shelter in the forest as the group went over to the Upside Down version of Nancy’s home because she believed that her guns in the real world could still be there. Nevertheless, Nancy’s guns were nowhere to be found, but they were able to communicate with Dustin and the others in the real world through the use of lights. That was when they were instructed to head over to Eddie’s trailer in the Upside Down because there could be a gate that could lead them back to the real world.

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In Eddie’s trailer, they found a gate that led back to the real world as Dustin and the other kids were waiting over at the other side. Dustin and the kids created a makeshift rope that the older teenagers could use to climb up and make it back to the real world. As Eddie and Robin made their way out, it was time for Nancy’s turn to climb.

However, Nancy was never able to climb because she entered a trance-like state that was induced by none other than Vecna himself, who made her his newest target. As such, Nancy is the latest main character to be cursed by Vecna.

Does Nancy Die In Stranger Things Season 4?

So, as mentioned, Nancy fell into a trance-like state before she was able to climb back to the real world. Vecta seemingly used the guilt she was feeling over her rekindling spark with Steve as a way to penetrate her mind. So, did Nancy get killed by Vecna in season 4 of Stranger Things?

Stranger Things 4 Steve Nancy 1

After Vecna was able to invade Nancy’s mind, he told her that she did a good job in investigating Victor Creel. But he also told her that she missed a spot because she wasn’t able to find out the truth behind Creel.

Vecna revealed that he was actually Henry Creel, Victor’s son, all along, as this revelation coincided with One revealing to Eleven that he was also Henry. Nancy took a stroll down Vecna’s memories as she discovered that he was the one who was responsible for the creepy things that were happening to his family after he had acquired his telekinetic powers from a grandfather clock. He used his powers to invade his parents’ minds so that he could find out about their own past traumas and sins, which were enough for him to decide that he needed to kill them.


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Nancy also found out that Henry killed his mother and his sister and was about to kill Victor before his father snapped out of his trance as Henry fell into a coma when he overused his powers. Henry was later taken to Hawkins Lab, where he became Martin Brenner’s first test subject, hence the name “One.” One was eventually defeated in the past by a younger Eleven, who trapped him into a portal to the Upside Down, where he eventually became Vecna.

Volume 1 of season 4 of Stranger Things ended with that big revelation as Nancy was still in a trance-like state, all while Steve was trying to snap her out of it. As such, Nancy is still very much alive. However, we don’t know how long that will stay true because Vecna could be on his way to killing her.

In that regard, it is up to Steve to find a way to stop Vecna from killing Nancy in the upcoming second volume of season 4. As to how Steve will save Nancy, that is something that will be answered on July 1 when volume 2 of Stranger Things season 4 hits Netflix.

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