All 11 ‘Dog Man’ Books in Order – A Complete Guide

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Dog Man is one of the best comedic graphic novel series ever written. This graphic novel series for children came out in 2016 and is still ongoing. These graphic novels are recommended for Reading Level in Grades 1-3 (USA), ages 6+ in the UK. But this is a fun read for all ages. American author and cartoonist Dav Pilkey wrote Dog Man, and so far, the franchise has 11 books under its name and today, we’re going to tell you how to read them in order.

Editor’s Note: This reading order was updated in November 2023 to include ‘Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea.’

All 11 ‘Dog Man’ books in release date order

The Dog Man series is a great introduction for kids to the world of books and graphic novels. As the description of the first book says “Get ready for Action, Suspense, Romance… and Laffs!” this is a great representation of the whimsical spirit of the series. Here are the books in their release order:

  1. Dog Man (2016)
  2. Dog Man Unleashed (2017)
  3. Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties (2017)
  4. Dog Man and Cat Kid (2018)
  5. Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas (2018)
  6. Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild (2019)
  7. Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls (2019)
  8. Dog Man: Fetch-22 (2019)
  9. Dog Man: Grime and Punishment (2020)
  10. Dog Man: Mothering Heights (2021)
  11. ‘Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea’ (2023)
  12. ‘Dog Man: The Scarlet Shredder’ (2024 – Upcoming)

Are all ‘Dog Man’ books connected? What’s the best way to read them?

The ‘Dog Man’ book series doesn’t have to be read in order. The graphic novel series can be read in any order. ‘The Dog Man’ books are meant for kids, so every new addition to the series is easy to follow and is more or less a stand-alone story.

‘Dog Man’ books in chronological order

‘Dog Man’ books really don’t have any special timeline to follow, but all are set in withing the same continuity.

1. ‘Dog Man’ (2016)


A police dog named Greg and his cop partner undergo a life-saving surgery that transforms them into Dog Man, a hybrid with a dog’s head and a human body. Dog Man becomes a symbol of justice, using his unique abilities to tackle deception, apprehend criminals, and navigate the challenges of his dual nature. The story explores whether Dog Man can balance his canine instincts with his duty as a crime-fighting hero.

2. ‘Dog Man Unleashed’ (2017)

31825554. SX318

Dog Man is in the midst of mastering his skills, but his arch-enemy, Petey the Cat, is causing chaos in the city. As Petey’s mischief spreads, a mysterious situation unfolds. The question is whether Dog Man can thwart Petey’s plans and save the city from the feline’s mischievous antics or if Petey will successfully execute the “purr-fect” crime.

3. ‘Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties’ (2017)

33931235. SX318

Dog Man, not always a model cop, faces a new challenge when Petey the Cat introduces a double trouble situation with a kitten clone. Now, Dog Man must intensify his efforts to take down Petey and stay at the top of his crime-fighting game.


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4. ‘Dog Man and Cat Kid’ (2018)

35238109. SX318

In Dog Man’s latest adventure, he teams up with a new sidekick to tackle a mystery. With a new kitty sitter in town and a missing movie starlet, Dog Man and Cat Kid must unravel the puzzle and save the day. The question is whether they’ll stay on the right track or if Petey, the notorious World’s Most Evil Cat, will lead them astray.

5. ‘Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas’ (2018)


When a wave of new villains wreak havoc in the town, Dog Man steps in with a cute kitten and a clever robot as his allies. Together, they must team up with an unexpected partner: Petey, the notorious World’s Most Evil Cat. The challenge lies in whether Petey can turn his villainous ways around and contribute to a virtuous cause.

6. ‘Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild’ (2019)

39983554. SX318

Dog Man finds himself unfairly sent to the pound for a crime he didn’t commit. As his friends strive to prove his innocence, Dog Man grapples with his identity, caught between the worlds of dogs and people. The central question emerges: Can he ever truly belong to one world or the other?

7. ‘Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls’ (2019)

43201782. SX318

The Supa Buddies strive to help Dog Man overcome his less-than-ideal habits, but when his fears take center stage, a new supervillain targets him. Meanwhile, Petey the Cat starts a new life with Li’l Petey, but when Petey’s past catches up with him through his father’s arrival, he must confront his history and learn the distinction between being good and doing good.

8. ‘Dog Man: Fetch-22’ (2019)


Petey the Cat, newly released from jail, undergoes a transformative reevaluation of life and values. Meanwhile, Li’l Petey grapples with finding goodness in the world. The challenge arises when Petey and Dog Man must set aside their differences and collaborate as a team. With Li’l Petey and the world depending on them, the question is whether they can overcome their cat-and-dog dynamic to unite for a greater cause.

9. ‘Dog Man: Grime and Punishment’ (2020)

49090957. SX318

Dog Man faces a serious setback as he’s forced to surrender his badge and leave his job. Despite the challenging situation, he clings to hope with the support of his best friends. The question is whether Dog Man can overcome the odds, dig himself out of trouble, and ultimately find a way to return to the police force.

10. ‘Dog Man: Mothering Heights’ (2021)


Dog Man faces a streak of bad luck, Petey grapples with his imperfect past, and Grampa is up to mischief. The arrival of new villains adds chaos to the mix, plunging the world into despair. Despite the darkness, the question remains: Can the power of love ultimately triumph and save the day?

11. ‘Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under The Sea’ (2023)

Dog Man Twenty Thousand Fleas Under The Sea 2023

Piggy is back with his most sinister plan yet, accompanied by a wave of new villains whose origins remain a mystery. As these scoundrels threaten the Supa Buddies, the city is in need of a savior. Packed with action, humor, and themes of friendship and doing good, ‘Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea’ introduces exciting elements like “Chomp-O-Rama,” a new song, and a formidable Mighty Mite. The adventure promises to be heroic and epic, surpassing expectations with more than ever before.

Will there be more ‘Dog Man’ books?

There will be more books in the ‘Dog Man’ series. Scholastic is set to release ‘Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder’ on March 19, 2024, marking the 12th installment in Dav Pilkey’s immensely popular graphic novel series. With over 60 million copies in print and translations into 45 languages, the series continues its global success. The new book follows the recent release of ‘Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea,’ currently the top-selling children’s book in the U.S. The upcoming publication will be simultaneous in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, maintaining the series’ widespread appeal.

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