Downton Abbey Season 7: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, and More

Downton Abbey Season 7: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, And More

Historically based famous British Drama Downton Abbey is an absolute favorite of everyone who loves history and drama. Downton Abbey is a perfect information source for someone who wants to know the Post-Edwardian era life and how the significant events of the world affected the lives of an aristocratic family and their domestic servants.

That is why people are intrigued to know what happened in the lives of the Crawley, and that is why they are demanding a new series because they can not just give up on this fantastic, most enjoyed, and gripping masterpiece of a series.

So here I am merging the most wanted information for season 7 of Downton Abbey for the true fans of this show, so keep on reading for some decisive and exciting news about the upcoming Downton Abbey season 7. 

Will There Be a Downton Abbey Season 7?

Downton Abbey Season 7: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, And More

Downtown Abbey is a drama about a noble Crawley family living in a luxurious house and estate in Yorkshire, in times of significant change in the world, including the outbreak of World War I and changes in the British Social Hierarchy and the events following the sinking of the Titanic. 

Downton Abbey has six seasons, but the final episode of season 6 was a cliffhanger that demanded season 7. The fans were excited to know more about the lives of the Crawley family and how some extreme circumstances had a change in their lives, but there is no official announcement of the release of Downton Abbey. 

The ending of season 6 hinted towards the need for season 7, and the fans also expected it. There were some rumors about the making of Downton Abbey season 7, but the director or the producer has released no official statement yet.

The downfall of the Crawley family for the second time made the audience sit straighter in their seats because they were astonished at how matters would turn for the great Crawley family. At the same time, they were curious enough to know if the Crawley family would rise like a phoenix of fall like Lucifer did.

So, we all are anxiously waiting to learn about our favorite wealthy family because we have followed their life journey throughout six seasons. They have captured our sympathies, and our admiration for the characters grew with time. So the fans are not ready to believe that there will be no Season 7. 

There are many reasons for the interested audience to demand a new season, and one of these reasons is the aesthetic locations of the series. The superb areas included Byfleet Manor, Highclere Castle, Bampton Library, and Churchgate House, which hooked and enthralled the audience’s attention.

The costume designs and the accurate fashion of that period made the drama more popular, making people follow the fashion sense of the great historical Downton Abbey. People were excited about how the costumes would change as time progressed in Season 7. 

You might have seen some costume difference in the movie based on the 1937 period of time. So to know more about fashion and to watch the aesthetic clothing sense of the characters of Downton Abbey, people requested and hoped for a new season.

In 2019, Downton Abbey had a movie based on the original plot of the series, so people were also looking forward to the sequel coming next year. 

Downton Abbey Season 7 Release Date

The positive response towards the most famous historical drama, Downton Abbey, motivated the makers to make six seasons of this remarkable show and a movie too. But the last season was released back in 2015, and the film was released in 2019, and it is a long time of waiting for some dedicated fans. 

When we talk about the release date of Downton Abbey, no official date has been set. It is high time for Season 7 release announcement if it will even come out because the last season was in 2015, and people are still waiting to see what happens next in the Crawley family.  

Hugh Bonneville mentioned Downton Abbey’s movie sequel, which would be released in December 2021, but it got postponed for unknown reasons.

Downton Abbey: A New Era is scheduled to come out next year. The sequel’s coming makes a point that maybe Season 7 will not come any time soon as the sequel is coming next year in March. All we can do is hope that the makers of Downton Abbey have some mercy on the waiting fans of Season 7 so we can satiate our curiosity. 

Downton Abbey Season 7 Trailer

Downton Abbey Season 7: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, And More

There is no trailer revealed yet, seeing as no official announcements have been made regarding Season 7 of Downton Abbey. 

Looking at how the events ended in limbo in the sixth season, the audience hoped to see how things concluded for Downton Abbey. But after a lot of waiting, we do not see any signs of making or releasing Season 7.

Still, we should not be disappointed because the makers focus more on making movies depicting the same characters and stories. So, if you still haven’t watched the movie, do so because it tells the story after two years of season 6 ending.

The makers might turn their attention towards the production aspects of Downton Abbey season 7 after Downton Abbey; The New Era releases. So keep on hoping to see Season 7 in the coming future.

Downton Abbey Season 7 Plot

Many people believe that history and historical dramas are tedious or uneventful. But, it is entirely wrong in the case of Downton Abbey because the show creates a high level of curiosity and excitement in the audience that you can not stop yourself from watching the next episode or season. 

You have a sudden connection with the characters, and you get so engrossed in their lives that you start to have sympathetic emotion for them. All of that is because of the compelling plot of this great series. 

The story period is between 1912 and 1926; you will see the lives of a noble family and their interaction with their servants. During those years, many changes have been going on; Industrialization, World Wars, the Spanish Influenza Plague, and the Irish War of Independence that led to the Irish Free State. All these events are delineated in the series along with the characters’ lives. 

The series shows us the difference between the aristocratic life and the life working class. For instance, if we see a high society woman going through a problem, we will also see a servant facing some trouble. This series is like a comparison that is appealing to the audience. 

The last addition to the series ended with the Irish War of Independence, so it is expected that Season 7 might be about the events after the Irish War of independence. The makers probably base the Season 7 during 1925. The plot will be about the post-World War II effects and their aftermath on the Crawley family.

The story will tell how things are for the Crawley family and how they are coping after the tragedies of WWII, and what changes the war brought into their lives. 

The Downton Abbey movie shows the occurrences of post-1925 time, the episode of the royal visit, and Crawleys’ situation during this visit. The Downton Abbey movie ended on a good note when King George appreciated one of the Crawley. So things were going great for the Crawleys’ in the film, but the same cannot be said for the season 6 ending, as we saw Crawleys’ in a dilemma.

There are some chances that the makers might show the time after 1927, and it could involve depressing times of the 1930s. We are still are unsure what the makers might decide.

The movie Downton Abbey: The New Era might clear some of our confusion about the period of events in Season 7. So there are many things unclear about the plot of Season 7, but hopefully, the sequel might shed this confusion after its release. 

Downton Abbey Season 7 Cast

Downton Abbey Season 7: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, And More

Downton Abbey cast is instead a big one with a pretty long series too. There are six seasons till 2015, and some characters were constant, while some came in one season or two. So I will share some of the leading members of the cast with you people to get an idea of which characters you might see in the mysterious Season 7. 

The cast is almost the same in all seasons, with an odd addition of new cast members here and there, but we will see what new member is added in the most coveted Season 7. 

The prominent member of the Downton Abbey cast are: 

  • Hugh Bonneville plays Robert Crawley’s character.
  • Elizabeth McGovern plays Cora Crawley’s character.
  • Michelle Dockery plays Lady Mary Crawley’s character.
  • Laura Carmichael plays Lady Edith Crowley’s character. 
  • Jessica Brown Findlay plays Lady Sybil Crawley’s character. 
  • Dan Stevens plays Matthew Crawley’s character.
  • Penelope Wilton plays Isobel Crawley’s character.
  • Maggie Smith plays Violet’s character.
  • Julian Ovenden plays the role of Charles Blake’s character.
  • Mathew Goode plays Henry Talbot’s character. 
  • Harry Hadden Paton plays Bertie Pelham’s character.
  • Samantha Bond plays Lady Rosamund Painswick’s character.
  • Allen Leech plays Tom Branson’s character.
  • Lily James plays Lady Rose McClare’s character.
  • Shirley MacLaine plays the role of Martha Levinson’s character.
  • Tom Cullen plays the role of Lord Gillingham’s character.

We might not see Dan Stevens as Mathew Crawley because the makers of Downton Abbey did not renew his contract, and there are no chances of it being renewed. So maybe you will see some new actor who will play Mathew Crawley’s character in Season 7. 

All of them are the family member of the Crawley family, and now I will align the household staff of the Crawleys’.

  • Jim Carter plays Mr. Carson’s character.
  • Phyllis Logan plays Mrs. Hughes’s character. 
  • Joanne Froggatt plays the character of Anna Smith.
  • Rob James Collier plays the role of  Thomas Barrow’s character.
  • Siobhan Finneran plays Miss O’Brien’s role.
  • Brenden Coyle plays the character of Mr. Bates.
  • Kevin Doyle plays the role of Mr. Molesley’s character.
  • Thomas Howes plays the role of William Mason’s character.
  • Rose Leslie plays Gwen Dawson’s character.
  • Amy Nuttall plays Ethel Parks’ character.
  • Matt Milne plays the role of  Alfred Nugent’s character.
  • Raquel Cassidy plays Baxter’s character.
  • Ed Speleers plays James Kent’s character.
  • Michael C. Fox plays the role of Andy Parker’s character.
  • Andrew Scarborough plays the role of Tim Drewe’s character.
  • Lesley Nicol plays the role of Mrs. Patmore’s character.
  • Sophie McShera plays Daisy and 
  • Cara Theobold plays Ivy Stuart’s character.

There is uncertainty in the matter of the cast members because they might be changed, or the makers might introduce some new characters in the sequel or Season 7. So I can not say anything about some characters, whether they will be in Season 7 or not, so, fingers crossed.  

Downton Abbey Recap Before Season 7 

Downton Abbey Season 7: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, And More

Downton Abbey, a drama released for the first time a decade ago, portrays the class difference between high society and working-class people, highlighting the noble Crawley family and their humble servants.

The show depicts the relationship between the Crawley’s and their servants. The audience loves this show because they can relate to both of these families in some way or another. We know that the wealthy live by different rules, and the humble people live by another set of rules. 

So by comparing the plight, ups and downs, and happiness of both sides of the society, Downton Abbey touched the audience’s deep feelings and made the audience go through the process of catharsis. 

The recap of the seasons involved some significant events in the world and some specific events in Britain. These events had their effect on the Crawley family in some way. So Downton Abbey told the audience how the Crawley family coped up with some tragedies or disasters and how they moved on from such a crisis. 

The show has mainly some revolutionary events that change the whole country’s outlook, so if you want to understand some of the historical episodes of the 1900s, you can understand it with great detail in Downton Abbey.

Because not only does it explain how those changes impacted the country but also how those times changed the lives of the aristocrats, middle class, and lower-class people. 

Downtown Abbey Season Recap

The whole British Social Hierarchy changed during those times, and the actual picture is portrayed in this series of Downton Abbey. A new class known as the Social Class emerged, shaking the grounds where the social hierarchy of the British stood. Downtown Abbey made us realize how Upstairs life and Downstairs life are different and bridge some bonds. 

Downtown Abbey timeline sketch many downfalls of the Crawley family, the romantic life of the Crawleys’ three daughters; Lady Mary, Lady Edith, and Lady Sybil, the gradual changes made into their life as the world was changing. 

The new heir of Earlship of Grantham Mathew Crawley, an outsider, suddenly became part of the distinguished Crawley family and had a relationship with one of the Crawley daughters, Lady Mary. Then WWI happened, and Mathew and some household servants had to join the war to fight for their country. 

Meantime Lady Sybil had an affair with their chauffeur and later married against much opposition from the family, and Edith found herself unlucky in the relationships department. 

In further seasons, the main events include the shocking death of Lady Sybil and Mathew Crawley that changed the whole outlook of the series. A cousin of the Grantham’s joined the series with new marriages of both Mary and Edith to their suitable bridegrooms. 

After many troubles, Lady Edith finally found happiness at the end of season 6. Lord Grantham’s falling health and Mary as the estate’s head were significant events in the last six series. So the fans wanted the story of the Crawley family to go on, resulting in the demand for Season 7.

Downtown Abbey Seasons and Airing dates

  • Downton Abbey Season 1 ( 26th September 2010)
  • Downton Abbey Season 2 ( 11th September 2011)
  • Downton Abbey Season 3 (16th September 2012)
  • Downton Abbey Season 4 (22nd September 2013) 
  • Downton Abbey Season 5 (21st September 2014)
  • Downton Abbey Season 6 (20th September 2015)

Downton Abbey Movie Recap

Downton Abbey Season 7: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, And More

Downton Abbey felt and received like another episode of the celebrated show, but it was more lavish picking up where season 6 ends. Downton Abbey comprises the events after two years of the last season. The Crawley gets the news of the royal visit by the King and the Queen. There was the case of a mysterious heir; a revelation eases some of the tension between Maud and Violet. 

Mary is raising George with Henry, but she is anxious over some additional responsibilities of the estate. Edith returns as the Lady Of Hexham with the surprise that she is expecting a baby. Barrow gets arrested due to some reason you will discover in the movie. 

Branson saved the King from an intended assassination, making him a hero in the eyes of the audience; he also convinced Lady Mary not to divorce her husband. So these were some significant events that took place in the movie. 

The ending asks for the sequel, and Hugh Bonneville hinted towards the movie’s sequel.

Downton Abbey Movies Release Dates

  • Downtown Abbey (13th September 2019)
  • Downton Abbey: The New Era (18th March 2022)

Prominent Characters We Hope to See in Downton Abbey Season 7

Acting and actors make a character so popular that their drama does not seem like acting; people start to relate and see the character as real and living. There are some much-loved characters of Downton Abbey that everyone wants to be a part of in Season 7. 

These characters add to the wonder of that series, and some people watch that series only for those characters. In Downton Abbey, we have some leading and prominent personalities that are intrinsic to the story, and the audience wants to see more of them in the upcoming Season 7. 

Those main characters are as follow:

Lady Mary Crawley

Lady Mary married Mathew Crawley, but he died on the day her son George was born. She has an eventful life filled with scandals. She is the eldest Crawley daughter but didn’t inherit anything from the family. Mary is initially shown as a cold and complex woman, but eventually, her relationship with Mathew makes her look vulnerable and kind. Her strong character makes her a favorite of the audience because she is open-minded and determined. 

Robert Crawley

Robert is the Earl of Grantham; he is somewhat conservative in his methods. He is the head of the Crawley family and helps his family a lot. He has to go through some tough times and make some difficult decisions to ensure the betterment of his family. His authoritarian personality demands respect from everyone. He is a distinguished and nobleman of society.

Lady Cora Crawley

She is the wife of Robert Crawley and Countess of Grantham. She is an American who now lives the British elite life. She is a liberal-minded woman compared to some aristocrats of that time. She is a prominent figure in the high-society, and she is the mother of three beautiful daughters; Mary, Sybil, and Edith Crawley.

Edith Pelham

Lady Edith Crawley is a Marchioness of Hexham; she is a beautiful girl who manages a publishing company business. She is considered an antagonistic character in the first two seasons. She married Herbert Pelham. She had little luck in love, and she suffered a lot of heartaches over time, but she turned out to be a survivor. 

Determining Factors That Ask for Downton Abbey Season 7 

Downton Abbey Season 7: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, And More

After some dramatic events in the last six seasons, the audience wanted to see more of Crawley’s life. The audience wanted to the Downton Abbey in Modern times after they saw in the Downton Abbey movie that the life of the Crawley had some much-needed changes in many ways.  

The fans were hoping to see how the Crawley family will turn out in the mid-90s or late 90s. That was one of the sole reasons the fans asked for the making of Season 7.

Online Activity About Downton Abbey

The Twitter activity with Downton Abbey Season 7 hashtags was top-rated at some point, saying that people are looking forward to watching their favorite character with their exciting lives on TV again. That shows the makers the trend and expectation the dedicated audience has for the expected Season 7.

Source Material Information About Downton Abbey Season 7

Julian Fellows wrote both the seasons and the movie’s script; his previous works include Vanity Fair and Separate Lies. His niece Jessica Fellows in 2014 cast up the work of all the six seasons. It was named A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey: Seasonal Celebrations, Traditions, and Recipes. 

This book depicts the changes in the life of Crawleys’ and their servants in 1924. This book delineates how some men of this family lost their lives in the war. The babies’ cries can be heard in the house with a shocking event that a chauffeur is now a part of Grathams’ family and sits with them at the dining table.  

Jessica released a book in 2011 called The World of Downton Abbey. This book is a superb gift for Downton Abbeys fans; the book presents a deep look at the luxurious life of the Crawleys and unveils some secrets about the history, and has the most loved behind-the-scenes moments. 

If you are looking for some additional Downton Abbey material to enjoy more Downton Abbey moments, this book will be perfect for you. 

Jessica also wrote The Chronicle of Downton Abbey in 2012, and it was about the award-winning series and movie Downton Abbey. The most exciting thing about this book is knowing the intricacies of the upstairs life of Crawleys and the downstairs lives of the servants. This book act as a bridge between the seasons, so you can fill in the blanks with intriguing information from this ideal book.