7 Dwarfs Names in Order and What You Need to Know About Them

7 Dwarfs Names In Order And What You Need To Know About Them

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a classic tale that has always been one of the favorites of children among all of the different storybooks. However, it has since become more popular ever since it was animated by Disney more than eight decades ago as the first major feature-length animated film ever released by the company.

Since then, it has become one of the Disney animated films that are seemingly rites of passage for different youngsters in the sense that their childhood is never complete without watching this film.

Of course, when it comes to the entire Snow White film, the Seven Dwarfs are the characters that seemingly know how to steal the entire show in their own right due to how funny and unique they are. But we often forget that each of those dwarfs has a name and personality linked to it. So, what are the names of the Seven Dwarfs?

Dwarfs Names in Order

Even though they are only secondary characters compared to Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs have always been some of the most popular characters in the history of fairy tales and Disney animated films. That is because these dwarfs are unique in their own right, and each one of them has a distinct name that corresponds to his personality.

Of course, the dwarfs also add the touch of comedy that people often look for in Disney films. So, with that said, let’s get to know each of the seven dwarfs in order.

1. Doc

7 Dwarfs Names In Order And What You Need To Know About Them

Doc is one of the most recognizable among the Seven Dwarfs because of how he is always in the thick of things. The reason is that he acts as the group’s father figure such that he is often the most responsible out of all of the seven. While there is no named leader in the Seven Dwarfs, it seemed as if Doc is their de facto leader because he seems to be the one who is always in charge of the other seven. And that is why a lot of people easily recognize Doc.

One of the things that people notice about Doc is that he has a stuttering issue that pretty much comes out every time he isn’t sure about what he’s supposed to say. This is quite common among different people today, and that is why Doc is quite the relatable character in a lot of different ways.

Another reason why Doc is one of the favorites among different fans of the movie is that he often breaks out into song during any musical number. His most popular moment in song was during the Dwarfs’ Washing Song (Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum) because he had a solo in that musical number.

While there is no clear reason why Doc is named as such, there are some people who speculate that he received that name because he is the most industrious and most responsible among all of the dwarfs, and this trait is seen in doctors. He is often seen fixing ditches and constructing all sorts of different things such as ladders and cabinets in Snow White’s simple home. 

Physically, you can easily recognize Doc because he has a white beard and is the only dwarf among the seven wearing glasses. Doc also wears red overalls and thick shoes. And this allows him to resemble a popular figure that kids are familiar with—Santa Claus.

It is often said that Doc is actually the representation of Walt Disney himself because of how he carries himself in a responsible and gentlemanly way but still sometimes uncooperative due to his argumentative nature.

2. Sleepy

7 Dwarfs Names In Order And What You Need To Know About Them

Regardless of whether you lived your childhood back in the 1940s or in the 2010s, you will always be able to relate to Sleepy. Of course, that is because he is the one dwarf that always likes to sleep, which is something that a lot of us would want to do whenever we can but are still deprived of it.

The most prominent part of Sleepy’s personality is that he is the sleepiest among all of the Seven Dwarfs. Whenever he could, he would try to attempt to catch some sleep, even when there is no reason for him to sleep. This is something that we can all relate to because we sometimes just want to sleep the entire day away instead of going to work.

One of the most recognizable aspects of Sleepy’s looks is the fact that he actually lives up to his name. Sleepy literally has sleepy eyes that allow him to look like he is about a second away from dozing off to dreamland. He does talk at times, but you would hardly notice his mouth moving whenever he is talking. Of course, he is also recognizable thanks to his brown shirt, orange pants, and green hat.

3. Dopey

7 Dwarfs Names In Order And What You Need To Know About Them

Dopey is easily the most popular among all of the Seven Dwarfs and is probably the easiest to recognize out of all of them. That is because Dopey looks like he is the youngest out of all of the seven due to his youthful appearance and his lack of any facial hair. His appearance also resembles that of a child’s all while the other dwarfs seem to be much older than he is.

With his rosy cheeks, large eyes, and happy look, Dopey looks like a young boy, and that is probably what the animators were going for when they designed him. His child-like disposition represents the inner child in all of us. Of course, there is another reason why Dopey is so relatable to any person who has ever seen the film.

Dopey comes with a somewhat dim-witted personality that often puts him in the middle of trouble without him even realizing that he was already wreaking havoc. This dim-witted nature and the innocence that comes with his personality allow Dopey to really resemble a child. And we all know that children can be irresponsible, reckless, and innocent all at the same time.

Like all children, Dopey is seemingly one of the most charming out of all of the Seven Dwarfs. There was even a time when he acted so innocent while trying to get a goodbye kiss from Snow White, and that act resembles what most children would do when they are trying to get a kiss from parent figures.

Despite the fact that he is the most popular among all of the Seven Dwarfs, Dopey actually doesn’t talk. There was never a moment in the film wherein he actually spoke a single word. However, it has been proven that is not a mute because, in the musical, he did actually speak. The only reason why he didn’t talk in the film was that his vocal cords were yet to become fully developed.

4. Grumpy

7 Dwarfs Names In Order And What You Need To Know About Them

Grumpy is another one of the Seven Dwarfs that we can all relate to on a daily basis, especially as adults that live busy and tough lives due to the stress of work and personal relationships. While we couldn’t relate to Grumpy as children, we realized that he is one of the most relatable when we became adults due in large part to how we can easily get grumpy on a regular basis.

Like any grumpy person, Grumpy is known for constantly complaining about anything and everything. It seems as if this dwarf is the walking personification of negativity because he always seems to hate everything in the world. To that end, he always had a frown on his face and was always the most pessimistic out of all of the Seven Dwarfs by a long shot.

On screen, we often see Grumpy rejecting Dopey’s ideas while adding a few sarcastic comments to any situation from time to time. And that is why he has a popular catchphrase, which is “I don’t feel like it!”. And this catchphrase has become so popular that most of us use it on a regular basis whenever we are grumpy or whenever we feel like not doing anything at all.

5. Happy

7 Dwarfs Names In Order And What You Need To Know About Them

Happy is the complete opposite of Grumpy in the sense that he is the happiest and jolliest out of all of the Seven Dwarfs. He always looks like he is having the time of his life regardless of whatever the Seven Dwarfs are doing. 

Physically, Happy embodies what being happy is all about because he seems to love eating more than anything. That is why he is the chubbiest out of all of the Seven Dwarfs, and that makes him easy to spot. Just look for the fattest dwarf, and you can find Happy.

Happy is also one of the most enthusiastic out of all of the Seven Dwarfs, and that is where most of us can relate. Whenever we are happy, we are often enthusiastic about life and the different adventures that come with it. However, the only bad part about Happy’s enthusiasm is that it can get him into trouble.

Happy’s clothes also represent how happy he is because he wears a bright yellow shirt, blue trousers, and an orange hat.

6. Bashful

7 Dwarfs Names In Order And What You Need To Know About Them

Bashful is one of the dwarfs that not all of us can relate to on a regular basis, but his personality is still something we experience from time to time because we can also get bashful. And as his name suggests, Bashful is the most bashful out of all of the Seven Dwarfs. That means that he is often shy.

True to his name, Bashful struggles to express his feelings because of how shy he is. He doesn’t say much because his shyness always gets the best of him. And he is a lot more bashful than he normally is whenever Bashful is around Snow White.

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Bashful seems to have a crush on Snow White, and that is seemingly evident whenever he is a lot shyer than he usually is whenever the titular character is around. He has a soft spot for Snow White, and that has prevented him from telling her how he felt.

You can easily spot Bashful because he is the dwarf who has very shy eyes. He wears a gold shirt and red pants.

7. Sneezy

7 Dwarfs Names In Order And What You Need To Know About Them

Sneezy is the dwarf that represents the parts wherein we often get allergic reactions during springtime. He isn’t necessarily a mood or a personality but is more of a habit that people have during the times when it’s cold or when it’s allergy season.

The most prominent part about Sneezy is that he sneezes so loud that he can basically move objects with his sneezing. And this forces him to warn the other Seven Dwarfs whenever he is about to sneeze because his sneezing is so powerful that it tends to overwhelm everyone and everything around him.

Interestingly, Sneezy was actually the last dwarf chosen by Walt Disney to replace Deafy. And the most interesting part about him is that, again, he is a physical attribute or habit instead of a personality or mood. This is what makes him unique compared to all of the other dwarfs.

Sneezy’s appearance actually fits his name because his eyes look tired and his finger is always covering his nose. He also speaks as if he always has a stuffy nose, and that is something we can all relate to because we go through times when we sound weird because of a stuffy nose.