Electivire Pokémon: Best Moveset and Nature Guide

First introduced in Pokémon generation IV, Electivire is a pure Electric-type that can leverage both Attack and Special Attack moves. With some interesting Abilities and strategies available, let’s look at what the best moveset and nature is for this yellow menace.

The best moveset for Electivire will be Volt Switch and Ice Punch, combined with either Wild Charge or Flamethrower, and Earthquake or Cross Chop. The best nature for this is either Lonely for more Attack focused, or Naïve for speed.

We’ll consider a few movesets and ways to approach breeding an Electivire to get the most out of it, so without further ado let’s get into it.

Is Electivire Better Than Luxray?

For several generations of Pokémon games, Electivire has been superior to Luxray due to better stats and better ability.

Electivire has a higher Attack stat, but where it really excels is the far superior speed. 

Due to this high Attack and relatively low Defense stats, your Electivire should have a Lonely nature. This is vital for EV training, as a Lonely nature will raise Attack and lower Defense. You can also look to use a Naive nature to maximize Speed.

You can find an Alpha Electivire near the cave leading up to the Temple of Sinnoh in the Cloudcap Pass. Elekids and Electabuzzes are also here, or if you’re having no luck check out the Alabaster Icelands, particularly the Icebound Falls and Arena’s Approach areas.

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Elekid evolves into Electabuzz at Level 30, and if you’ve got your hands on an Electirizer you can evolve that into an Electivire. Find an Electirizer in Ursaluna, or buy it with Merit Points in Jubilife Village.

What Is Electivire Good For?

Electivire is a mixed wall breaker with great coverage options, although its middling Speed means it can’t outspeed everyone but can generally be useful to revenge kill common wall breakers on the slower side like Omastar, Ghost-type Oricorio, and Aurorus.

A wall breaker is a type of Pokémon that is defensive, often used to stall, be a tank to take hits, or reliably set up status effects such as paralysis on an opponent’s Pokémon.

Electivire has an ace up its sleeve given the massive moveset it has access to, making it a very unpredictable Pokémon that can have any number of combinations of moves. While the Special Attack is nothing special, it can be used to get around certain types.

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For example, you can throw out both a Flamethrower that could burn and smash any Pokémon that will lose due to type matching or low Special Defense, and then follow it up with a Volt Switch to get some damage and pop in a totally different Pokémon.

What’s the Best Moveset for Electivire?

There is a Choice Scarf version and a Life Orb version that fulfill different roles. The Choice Scarf version will boost the holder’s Speed by 50%, but it can only select the first move it executes. This works well with the Volt Switch version.

For the Choice Scarf version, it will have a Naive nature and EVs dumped into maximizing Attack and Speed with the remainder into Defense.

You’ll be picking Volt Switch and Ice Punch, and then you can choose between Wild Charge or Flamethrower, and Earthquake or Cross Chop. Of course Earthquake gives you much wider coverage as well as hitting Pokémon that use Dig, an effective surprise move.

Electivire Pokémon: Best Moveset and Nature Guide

Motor Drive is the best ability, as it gives you immunity from the very common Electric-types you’ll be battling.

If you want to lean towards a Special Attack Electivire, then you can use Focus Blast instead of Ice Punch and pop in a Life Orb to gain that attacking boost, but your EVs will be full into Special Attack and Speed with the remainder in Attack.

You can also consider using the Vital Spirit ability to get around the annoying Sleep status.

If you’re thinking about battling in Legends: Arceus, keep in mind that the Agile and Strong styles mean that Speed is not as useful, as you’ll easily get outsped.

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So you can consider using Thunder Punch and Ice Punch as they will give reliable power, accuracy, and a good PP pool. At the same time, you’ll get outstanding coverage to deal with different opponents, which you can supplement with Fire Punch to get Steel-types.

In the end, Electivire is going to be a flexible hitter, so if you’re looking for a roleplayer that will hit hard in a niche way, this is not the Pokémon for you.

What’s the Best Nature for Electivire?

Lonely nature will be your best bet to get the most out of your Attack stat, or Naive to get more out of the Speed stat.

In the end, like when choosing all Pokémon for battle, you will want to think of the role you want Electivire to play in your team. You can leverage the Speed to get a quick attack in or put on a status effect before switching out or use the hitting power from Mild or Lonely.

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