Escanor’s Death in Seven Deadly Sins Explained (Video Included)

Escanor's Death in Seven Deadly Sins Explained (Video Included)

You may accuse the Seven Deadly Sins of being a fanservice franchise, but they do seem to be doing a good job nonetheless. The series is popular, entertaining, and it has most things you’d want from an anime series, including some very interesting characters. Among them is

Escanor, the wimp who can turn into an indestructible fighter being able to defeat even the Demon King in battle. But, Escanor died during that fight and in this article, we are going to explain all of the circumstances surrounding his death.

Following the disbandment of the Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor hid the mountains where he remained until he was accidentally found by Ban. He then rejoined the Deadly Sins and, as a result of being gradually unable to withstand his own power, died in the aftermath of the group’s final battle against the Demon King.

This article is going to be dedicated solely to Escanor and his heroic death. You’re going to find out how Escanor died, whether he is really, permanently dead, and if he can somehow come back to life. We’re also going to discuss his powers and abilities so you know who you’re reading about.

Is Escanor Really Dead?

Escanor’s heroic death, which happened right after the clash with the Demon King, was a shocking moment, whether you’ve read the manga or just seen the anime. Escanor was a fan-favorite character and seeing him leave, although it was the most epic way imaginable, was a big blow for everyone.


We’re going to speak about the final clash with the Demon King in the next paragraph, but in short, Escanor reached a completely new level of power while the Sins were fighting the Demon King. With the help of that power, the Sins managed to launch a fatal blow and destroy the Demon King, which was an extraordinary feat. All seemed fine until Escanor’s body started to burn away.

Escanor just couldn’t handle that much power and he was dying. After a bittersweet goodbye, Escanor recited his last words and simply disappeared. Since the main Seven Deadly Sins manga is over and there is no mention of Escanor in the ongoing sequel, we can infer from that that Escanor is really and truly dead.

How Did Escanor Die in Seven Deadly Sins?

Escanor’s death takes place during the so-called Demon King arc. The arc begins with Meliodas and Elizabeth, their curses are now broken, returning to Liones along with the rest of the Sins.

Yet, they soon find out that Elizabeth’s curse has mysteriously reactivated itself and Meliodas then realizes that the Demon King hasn’t been destroyed at all and that he has taken Zeldris over as his new vessel to survive. To save his brother, Meliodas rushes to Lake Salisbury to stop his father once and for all.

The Demon King final form

An epic battle ensues, the likes of which have never been seen in the Seven Deadly Sins anime. With their combined powers, after giving everything they could possibly give, the Deadly Sins finally managed to defeat the Demon King, also freeing Melodias’ brother. As the remaining Commandments depart, Escanor says it’s time to do the same because everyone is waiting for them.

The Sins state that they must return together with sadness, confirming that they have already noticed that Escanor is dying because his body is so badly burned out that it started dissolving, rendering him unable to move. Escanor says he has no regrets in his life and thanks to everyone for allowing him to meet all of them. He gives everyone a few final words.

He tells Gowther that he was the best confidant he could have had; he wishes Diane and King good luck even though he will not be able to attend the wedding; he asks Elizabeth to send his greetings to the King and the whole of Liones; he thanks Mael for everything that he has done; he suggests Ban relax with the drink, and, finally; he tells Meliodas that he owes him his whole life and that he is a true friend.

Eventually, Escanor confesses to Merlin that he has always loved her. Not just to remind Rosa of this, but because she looked at him, talked to him, and bonded with him without prejudice or discrimination. Merlin says he gave her too much credit because, in the end, she just found him fascinating and only saw him as a test subject.

Merlin kiss Escanor

However, Escanor says that is more than enough to be happy because it means he could exist in a corner of her heart. Merlin fears that it is too late for anything and that she wishes she had met Escanor 3,000 years ago. Escanor tells her that he will be with her no matter what decisions she has made, the crimes she has committed, or the sins she is accused of.

Surprised, Merlin asks if he is aware of her sin; Escanor admits it’s just a feeling because she’s always had that sad look in her eyes since they met. Escanor’s body begins to burn and he urges everyone to leave, but everyone wants to see him go.

Merlin then approaches and kisses, to the surprise of everyone, Escanor, who burns aways in the process. Merlin tells him that she will never be able to give back his feelings for her, but as proof of his existence, she will keep those burns as a symbol of the one man who loved her.

Escanor recites his last words like a poem, then his body collapses.

Escanor’s Death Scene

Escanor was truly a fan-favorite character and was considered by many to be the best Seven Deadly Sins character of them all. Despite his powers, there was something innocent and childlike in him, which is probably why fans loved him so much.

Escanor officially died in the season four episode “Mortal Enemies”, which was the 20th episode of the season and the 96th overall. The episode aired on May 26, 2021.

As for the manga, the death happens in chapter 333 of the manga, titled “Pride, Gluttony and Scars”, which was published on November 20, 2019 as part of the Demon King Arc.

Can Escanor Come Back to Life in Seven Deadly Sins?

Well, this is a rather tricky one, eh? In theory, sure, Escanor could come back to life. Seven Deadly Sins is as supernatural as you can get and weirder things have happened in the show, so reviving a character wouldn’t be all that strange, especially with a sequel currently being published. But that seems to be the problem.

Namely, Nakaba Suzuki wanted the sequel, Four Knights of the Apocalypse, to be as different from the original as possible, although it is set in the same universe and is actually a continuation of the story. In terms of that decision, Escanor doesn’t really matter anymore as a character and the chances of seeing him revived are very slim, although not completely non-existent.

Escanor’s Powers and Abilities

Escanor has been described as the strongest member of the Seven Deadly Sins, as he easily defeated Galand and Melascula, two of the Ten Commandments, when the sun rose with little effort, while Ban and Jericho couldn’t do anything against the two powerful Commandments. Escanor’s power is viewed as monstrous by enemies and allies.

Estarossa, one of the most powerful members of the Ten Commandments, refused to believe that someone so powerful was human and was crippled with fear of Escanor’s power.

Even Meliodas, the leader of Sins, recognized that Escanor is much stronger. Merlin also has great confidence in his abilities and recognizes Escanor as the only person who can stop Meliodas when he comes back to his previous self.

Escanor anime

In fact, with “The One”, Escanor was able to defeat Meliodas in his Assault Mode with a single attack, although Escanor barely managed to fend off Meliodas before reaching The One. However, at night his strength is weakest due to the sunset, rendering him helpless and unable to use his magic.

In combat, Escanor relies primarily on sunrise to use its sun magic in combat. As the sun rises, his magical power and size increase tremendously. Just before noon, his body radiates tremendous heat until he is able to melt armor like nothing and burn others while being around them.

A single attack caused a lake to evaporate in a flash due to the intense heat released by Escanor. His incredible raw power increases in conjunction with his magical power, as a single blow of the ax, was enough for Rhitta to split Galand in half and swing with one arm while transforming Rhitta, while Galand struggles to close it in two movements.

Escanor’s durability also increases with his magic, as his muscles were strong enough to grab Meliodas’ weapon when he charged in attack mode, easily wiping off a series of blows at his peak. Escanor’s speed also increases with his magic, as he could easily reach Meliodas’ speed in attack mode with his weapon and was able to repel various attacks from the remarkably fast Ludociel with ease.

We have split this section into two parts in order to better explain Escanor’s special abilities and techniques since they deserve more attention.

Escanor’s Abilities

This section is going to list and explain Escanor’s special fighting abilities and techniques, which he has used to crush his enemies:

  • Sunshine: Escanor’s ability is that of duality. He is weakest at midnight, but at dawn, his level of performance begins to increase steadily from one hour to the next, until reaching its peak at noon. During his battle with Galand, it was shown that his skill level apparently increased by 5 points per second and was measured at 50,060 as he continued to increase. At its peak, it easily outshines all other sins, according to Merlin. This cycle is marked by marked differences in his abilities, personality and appearance.
    • Daytime: From sunrise to dawn, Escanor initiates a radical change, both physically and mentally. He will get much bigger and more muscular with time, his clothes ripped if they are not specially adapted for his growth. In this state, his physical strength and stamina are incredible, and his immense magical power casually radiates from his body in the form of intense heat that usually turns everything around him to ashes. He seems to be able to exert some control over it, prevent friends from getting hurt or increase his strength at will to create intense light and heat to even melt stone. In this state, his usually shy demeanor is replaced by a sense of self-confidence and a regal vibe.
      • Super Slash: Escanor delivers a powerful downward blow with his ax, causing massive damage that can be felt from several feet away.
    • Night-time: At sunset, Escanor returns to its original shy character. He is apparently weaker than average and his performance level has been measured at 15.
    • One: At noon when his strength is at its peak, for a minute he becomes the manifestation of strength itself and his body eclipses normal people. In this form, he is considered invincible.
      • Divine Sword Escanor: Escanor does a downward sweeping motion with his hand that can cut an enemy. This attack was powerful enough to destroy the ominous mists of Zeldris.
      • Divine Lance Escanor: Escanor strikes his index finger with enough force to pierce him.
      • The One: Ultimate: An expansion of Escanor’s “The One” form created by Escanor himself. After noon, when “the One” reaches it limit and begins to fade, Escanor circumvents it by converting his own life force into magic power in order to not only keep “the One” active, but also greatly enhance its already invincible power. This technique is Escanor’s last resort and a double-edged sword, as using it will completely burn out his own life force, and eventually kill him.

As you can see, Escanor is rightfully considered to be one of the most powerful characters in the franchise, and his story, as well as his noble soul, explain why he is so popular and loved.

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