Eternals Star Lia McHugh Reveals If She’s Going To Return For The Potential Sequel

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You know how Marvel works, everything gets a sequel eventually. And so will Eternals, probably. Shang-Chi’s sequel is already in development, Avengers 5 will also eventually happen, Captain Marvel and Black Panther movies are also getting sequels, etc. Generally, if it’s Marvel, it has to get a sequel, that’s sort of the unspoken rule.

But when it comes to Eternals, no one can be sure if (or when) will the sequel happen. The post-credit scene of the movie confirmed that Eternals will return (yes, that’s what the Eternal mean), but will that be in the standalone sequel or some upcoming MCU crossover. The ending of the movie and its post-credit scenes certainly left the doors for the sequel wide open, but there’s still no confirmation that Marvel Studios is developing Eternals 2.

In the original movie, Lia McHugh debuted as Sprite, Eternal with powers to change disguises of herself or objects and persons around her. Unlike other Eternals, she gave up on her powers and started living a normal life, away from her team. Writers confirmed that her powers are gone for good. So, what does that mean, will Sprite return in the potential sequel? According to McHugh, she will.

“Yes, it’s very exciting. I can’t wait to read the scripts when it happens. It’s probably going to not be for a while, but I’m ready for it.” — Lia McHugh


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When you’re a Marvel actor, it’s part of the job to keep being coy when being asked about future sequels and appearances, but looks like McHugh just sort of confirmed that she has a contract for Eternals 2, and Salma Hayel also revealed the same shortly after the movie was released last November. Although she’s sure she’ll return for the sequel, McHugh doesn’t know how will her character fit into the sequel, considering how the first movie ended for her.

“I’m not sure. I’m not sure if she has powers, if she doesn’t have them, so I’m not sure what she could do to help. I would think she would want to help her family. I feel like especially because I think she owes them one.” — Lia McHugh for Comic Book Movie

Eternals was released last November. It grossed over $400 million worldwide, but it received mixed reviews from the critics, and it’s currently the worst rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes, although most fans would disagree.

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