Experience the Reimagined X-Mansion from ‘X-Men ’97’ with Airbnb

Experience the Reimagined X Mansion from X Men 97 with Airbnb

After ‘X-Men ’97’ premiered, Marvel Studios shared a social media promotion urging fans to dial Jubilee’s phone number. Calling 914-361-5397 would play a cryptic message from Jubilee, inviting fans to visit the X-Mansion in May.

With Jubilee hastily departing, it hinted at an impending mission. Marvel Studios offered no additional explanation, leaving fans to speculate on Jubilee’s mysterious message.

Airbnb has unveiled an X-Men-themed residence in Westchester County, NY, mirroring the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning from X-Men ’97. The house boasts themed rooms such as Beast’s lab, the War Room with Cerebro, and the Danger Room. Able to host eight guests, it comprises four bedrooms, five beds, and 2.5 bathrooms. Bookings are available until May 13.

Given the timing, it’s probable that the mansion and its reservations will tie into the show’s finale, aligning with the release date of the final episode.

You can view the video tour of the X-Mansion below.

The house video has a distinct “AI generated” feel, likely because of its unique color scheme and the effort to mimic the 2D world.

Airbnb’s X-Mansion experience includes:

  • Training in The War Room
  • Trying on Cerebro’s helmet
  • Experimenting in Beast’s lab
  • Recreating Wolverine’s famous meme
  • Receiving a diploma from Professor X’s study

To capture the essence of X-Men 97’s mansion, Airbnb partnered with Microsoft to repurpose old operating systems for functional boomboxes. Each prop and room in the house was meticulously hand-painted to resemble the 2D animated world, with each prop taking approximately an hour to paint.

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