‘Falling for Christmas’ Ending Explained: How Does Sierra Lose Her Memories?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Netflix‘s new Christmas movie, Falling for Christmas. The film stars Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George, Young, and Jack Wagner. The film tells the story of Sierra, a Paris Hilton-type character, who has fallen into a life of shallowness and irresponsibility. Sierra goes through life without an objective until she gets into an accident and loses her memories. Now she will need to start from scratch with the help of some very nice people who are willing to help her in her recovery.

Falling for Christmas is certainly a predictable movie, and it falls into the same highs and lows as countless other Christmas movies on the streaming service. Netflix has really managed to pinpoint the formula that will make people watch these movies, even when they are basically the same exact story retold over and over again. However, Lindsay Lohan shows that she still has the charm that made her a star in the first place, while George Young keeps showing that he deserves better opportunities.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Falling for Christmas. Read at your own risk.

How Does Sierra Lose Her Memories?

The film begins with an introduction of Sierra, our main character. Sierra is a Paris Hilton-type character 100%. She lives traveling around, not having a job, a just being pampered by her team of personal stylists and assistants. Sierra is the heir to the Belmont Hotel empire, and she is ready to take it all. However, her father has given her a job with a fake title, and it is clear to Sierra that her father might be disappointed in her. He wants to see her do something on her own.

Sierra is also in a relationship with a character named, Tad. He is a big influencer with millions of followers on social media. To which Sierra’s father replies that Tad is just a salesman. It is clear that Sierra’s father doesn’t really like Tad, but he only wants to see her daughter happy. Tad and Sierra decided to go on an adventure so that Tad can publish it on social media. They go deep inside the mountains, and as they climb to see the summit of one of them, Tad proposes marriage to Sierra, and she accepts.

However, at that precise moment, a blizzard hits the couple, sending Sierra down the mountain and breaking the floor underneath Tad’s feet. Tad screams as he falls into an ice pit, and Sierra tumbles down the mountain and hits a tree. It is here that we are also introduced to Jake, the owner of a North Star Lodge, a small lodge in the mountains. He asks Sierra’s father if he is interested in investing in his lodge, to keep the flow of new snowboarders at the Belmont resort. Jake is rejected and goes back to his lodge.

Jake finds Sierra’s body on the side of the road while taking some guests on a slade trip. Sierra wakes up in the hospital, and no one really knows who she is. She didn’t have an ID, a phone, or anything that can help her be identified. The one thing that the doctors and Jake know is that Sierra is a bit annoying and very entitled. Jake offers his lodge as a place where Sierra can stay until she recovers her memories. The doctors and the police agree, and Sierra too, as she doesn’t really want to stay and eat hospital food.

Does Sierra Recover Her Memories?

Sierra, who at this point doesn’t know her name, goes into the North Star Lodge and makes herself at home. There, she meets Avy, Jake’s daughter, and Alejandra, his mother-in-law. It is revealed that Jake used to be married, but his wife died two years ago. Jake and his family are still mourning their loss, and it makes Christmas a sad season for the lodge and the family. It is also revealed that the North Star Lodge is having financial problems. They cannot compete with the bigger resorts. If they don’t do something, the lodge might have to close.

Avy names Sierra, as Sarah, and they start hanging out. It becomes clear that Sarah has never done something by herself, not even her own bed, and she starts learning thanks to Jake, Avy, and Alejandra. Sarah feels sad because a number of days have passed and no one seems to be looking for her. She starts remembering her mom when she interacts with Avy, but the rest of her memories are still fuzzy. Jake and Sarah start spending a lot more time together, and it becomes clear that they like each other.

Meanwhile, Tad is lost in the mountain with no phone signal and seemly away from any sort of civilization. Fortunately, Tad meets a man doing ice fishing called, Ralph. The two of them begin their journey back to civilization and become friends on the way. Sierra’s father comes from his business trip and realizes that Sierra’s luggage is still in her room, something bad has happened to her daughter. He goes to the police who make the connection with Sierra and together with Tad goes to the North Star Lodge to find her.

Meanwhile, Sarah has been preparing a flashback revival for the North Star Lodge, and Jake feels overwhelmed that so many people feel so connected to him and the lodge. Even the major names the lodge a historical site, for being there for so long. Tad and Sierra’s father, arrive and take her away just as Jake was about to declare his love for her. Avy forces her father to go and look for Sierra, meanwhile, the lodge is now full of clients thanks to Sierra’s endorsement in the media.

Sierra breaks her engagement with Tad and wishes him luck, while she decides to go her own way and be with Jake, and Avy as a family.

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