Fans In Abu-Dhabi Were Invited To A Real-life ‘Squid Game’

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The titular game South Korean survival drama that premiered on Netflix last month will be getting its real-life interpretation, sort of.

This Tuesday, October 12, The Korean Cultural Center in Abu-Dhabi, UAE will hold a real-life event based on the game. The event will feature series of games that we’ve seen on the show like the Red Light Green Light challenge and the Dalgona Candy challenge.

Two teams of 15 participants will attend the event, but unfortunately, prize money of $38 million from the show will be left out. But, that doesn’t mean winners will leave empty-handed. Each winner will get a customized suit from the show.

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Check out the invitation video below:

Squid Game was released on Netflix on September 17 and it became widely popular all around the world. The Korean Cultural Center certainly found a way to entertain fans a bit more after they finished all nine episodes of the first season. There’s still no word from Netflix will there be season 2.

Source: Insider

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