‘Farzar’ Season 1 Ending, Explained: Can Fichael Stop The War In Farzar?


Farzar is the new project from the creators of Brickleberry and Paradise PD. The show arrives at Netflix this week and brings with it a lot of outrageous comedy and random moments that will satisfy the audience’s need for this kind of comedy. The show uses the same animation style as its predecessors, so it will feel very familiar to those who have seen those shows. The series follows the randomness trend that has been used quite a lot in adult animated comedy series as of late.

The series is always throwing ideas at the screen. Some of those ideas stick, while others make us wonder, what were they thinking? It doesn’t matter, because Farzar is one of those shows where everything goes, no matter how illogical or crazy it is. This type of storytelling can be effective in small doses. However, for a ten-episode series, the humor, and the crazy antics start losing steam quite early on. However, the fans will have a blast with this show as it offers more of what they love. Farzar goes wild.

The following paragraphs include spoilers for Season 1 of Farzar. Read at your own risk.

What Happens At The End Of Farzar Season 1?

Throughout the season, the war between Bazarack and the human kingdom has been the main conflict of the show. The alien leader has tried many things to get the humans out of Farzar, so he can rule over the planet. Of course, his efforts have often been silly or just inept. It seems that the war will rage forever between his forces and Renzo’s. However, when the Queen kills Clitaris, Bazarak’s best friend and companion, Bazarak has only one road to take. The forming of an alliance.

Bazarack calls a meeting for all the leaders of the different races living in Farzar. The objective of the meeting is to create an alliance and go to war against the humans. There is an issue. No one wants to do it because they all hate Bazarack. However, when Bazarack calls to attention that Clitaris has been killed by the human Queen, all races come together, thanks to their love for Clitaries, and swear to execute righteous vengeance upon the humans.


War is inevitable, but Fichael still thinks he can do something about it. Maybe he can still touch his father’s Earth and convince him to not go to war. The humans are outmatched 90-1, but Renzo will not go back down. He swears he will defeat the enemy alliance and finally bring an end to the war. Combat begins, and things don’t go well for the humans. During the battle, Mal and Val are hit, and Mal loses control over her side of the body.

In order to survive the battle, Val needs to take over their whole body, pick up a gun, and make her first kill. She is scared, but she does it. Mal tries to comfort her, but it seems Val likes to kill. She likes it so much that she goes berserk. She kills enemies left and right while dressing herself in their limbs and bathing herself in their blood. Val’s blood thirst is so great that it makes Mal scared, and Mal has been the violent one so far during the show.


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Bozo, on the other hand, is also going through some changes. Barry Barris implants a tiny bomb within our chaotic flurry friend and warns him that if he becomes chaotic, the bomb will explode, killing him. Bozo feels lost if he isn’t permitted to go chaotic, so he abandons the city and goes in search of peace of mind. In his search for something that could help him think about other things, he goes as far away as possible and ends up in a meditation community that worships Barris. They have also been implanted with a tiny bomb.

Will There Be A Second Season Of Farzar On Netflix?

The war continues, and Bazarack is having a hard time controlling the alliance. He gets impatient and wonders why they can’t defeat the humans easily. Every single decision he makes reminds him of Clitaris. Of course, Bazarack cries as he misses his best friend and, of course, this is seen as a sign of weakness by the rest of the alliance. Things are getting out of his control. The banana race comes with reinforcements but they leave immediately.

Fichael keeps reasoning with Renzo, but there is no cure for the madness inside his father. Renzo shows Fichael that he has developed a huge mecha in his likeness that will help him with the war. In a dumb move, Fichael tries to warn the enemy about the killing machine, and Renzo puts Fichael in a cage, as he suits up and drives the mecha into the battlefield. Bazarack and the rest of the leaders think they have won, but when the mecha appears and starts destroying everything, they run in fear.


Fichael manages to escape, and he enters a similar mecha that his dad made with Fichael’s likeness. Fichael stops Renzo from delivering the final blow, and so the final battle between father and son begins. The robots destroy everything around them; even Mal and Val fall victim to the battle. One of the mecha’s lasers split the sisters in half. Now that they are finally separated from each other, Val says she doesn’t want to see Mal ever again. Mal, our tough girl, cries as she sees her sister crawling away.


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Renzo defeats Fichael during the mecha fight, and he is about to kill his son when Bozo appears and shows Fichael he has changed his ways. Bozo transforms into his next evolutionary phase, which makes him look like a butterfly, and he shoots powerful energy blasts that destroy Renzon’s mecha and the dome covering the human city. Fichael goes to see his dad, who is mortally wounded.

Bazarack then celebrates his victory over the humans and behaves as if this was all part of his plan. Clitaris then appears to say that Bazarack only needed a bit of motivation, so he faked his death. Bazarack gets scared and shoots him dead, thinking it was Clitaris’ ghost, instead of the real one. Farzar’s predecessors have had several seasons, so it is logical that Farzar will run for a couple of years as well.

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