First Look On A New DC Show ‘Naomi’ Revealed!

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Yesterday at DC FanDome we got plenty of great announcements, first looks, trailers, and all that stuff from DC world. And although fans’ eyes were mostly looking into big stuff like The Batman trailer, first look on Black Adam, first look on The Flash movie, etc., we also got some things that weren’t so much noticed, and they should be.

One of those things was the first look at the upcoming DC show Naomi, starring Kaci Walfall. Written by Ava Deuvernay, the show is centered around Naomi McDuffie, a new superhero who first appeared in comic books in March 2019.

Check out the first look:

Only two and a half years after her debut on comic book pages, she’s coming to our small screens with her own TV show. For those who don’t know, Naomi was born in the alternate universe of DC Multiverse, but her parents sent her to the main universe for her safety. Although the concept sounds awfully familiar, there’s plenty more behind that story, and we’ll see how the show will interpret it. She also met Batman and Superman and joined the Young Justice team.

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Naomi is also known as Powerhouse, the codename that Aquaman gave her.

The show will premiere on The CW in 2022.