First Look On The New Flash Suit Featuring Golden Boots Revealed

The Flash TV show will return in exactly one month with its eighth season, and fans will finally get something they wanted for so long.

For the first time ever in the show, the titular character will wear comic accurate golden boots! Although it might seem like it’s not big of a deal, making the suit more comic accurate than ever will certainly make fans extremely happy and excited for the upcoming season.

Season 7 ended last summer with Barry and Iris renewing their wedding vows in presence of their grown-up children, Bart and Nora, that came from the future.

Next season will kick off with the crossover event Armageddon that’s gonna take the first five episodes of the season. The season will consist of 23 episodes in total. Fans can also expect the return of Rick Cosnett who portrayed Eddie Thawne in the first season of the show!

The Flash Season 8 will premiere on November 16.

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