15 Main Food Wars Characters (Ranked)

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

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An anime following a group of young chefs in a prestigious culinary school surprisingly makes for an extremely interesting show. From the get-go, it is clear that all of the Food wars main characters we meet are extremely talented, but which ones are the best? If you want to know which 15 cooks made our list make sure to read the article all the way through.

15. Ikumi Mito

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Ikumi Mito is a member of the Don RS and a 92nd Ttsuki Generation grad. Ikumi was a competitor of Sma Yukihira before she lost a Shokugeki to him. He was formerly an acquaintance of Erina Nakiri. Following the duel, she finally became Sma’s ally.

Ikumi, as Mito Zaibatsu’s primary heir, has a strong preference for all types of meat and, thanks to her family’s contacts, has convenient access to the best quality meat. Ikumi’s recipes are mostly beef-based, but she has experimented with other meats such as chicken and pork.

Ikumi joined the Don RS after losing the Shokugeki to Sma, and her cooking style evolved to draw on the style of a traditional Donburi dish. She’s been focusing on all of the ingredients in her dish instead of just the meat, and she’s started making dons that force the eater to eat everything in it.


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14. Zenji Marui

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Zenji Marui is a pupil in the 92nd Ttsuki Generation who lives in the Polar Star Dormitory.

Zenji doesn’t have a signature cooking theme. His cuisine is based on the implementation of what he has learned from studying gourmet food literature. Zenji has demonstrated a broad range of culinary skills that encompasses a variety of cooking techniques.

Zenji is the Polar Star Dorm’s knowledge is strength resident, and he’s devoured culinary volume after culinary volume to amass an incredible mental repository of ingredients and recipe ideas. Whatever the culinary challenge, Zenji has the required book smarts to overcome it.

13. Ryoko Sakaki

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Ryko Sakaki is a pupil of the 92nd Ttsuki Generation who lives in the Polar Star Dormitory. Her signature cooking style is Koji.

Koji is a kind of Japanese fermented rice that is commonly used as a base for many traditional Japanese dishes including miso soup and sake. 

Ryko’s family owns and operates a well-known fermented goods company. She demonstrates her expertise in the area of Koji by preparing advanced natto and sake.

One of her original dishes, Curry Soy-Natto Rice, centers around this technique. It was her dish for the preliminary round. 

Unlike the natto, which some people find oily, Ryko added his own soy sauce to the natto to improve the flavor of the dish. 

12. Yuki Yoshino

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Yuki Yoshino is a pupil of the 92nd Ttsuki Generation who lives in Polar Star Dormitory.

Yuki is the most animated and upbeat member of the Polar Star dorm, and anyone who meets her might mistakenly believe she isn’t serious. Although the same is true: Yuki is always on the lookout for the right ingredients and cooking them.

Yuki’s cuisine is known for its use of wild game meats. In her room, Yki raises and cares for a deer, a goose, a rabbit, and a boar, among other wild animals. She also hopes to grow a Polar Star chicken that she will raise outside on the Polar Star plantation.

One of her original dishes is Duck Cutlet Curry, which she created for the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election.

This recipe blends the delectable flavor of duck with the balancing effects of turmeric and orange. You can now savor flavorful wild games without getting overwhelmed by the gamy aroma.

11. Isami Aldini

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Isami Aldini is a graduate of the 92nd Ttsuki Generation. As well as Takumi Aldini’s younger twin brother. He was elected to the Elite Ten Council in his third year.

Isami, like his twin brother, excels and specializes in Italian cuisine, but their Italian style is often infused with Japanese elements. About the fact that Takumi is the superior chef, Isami is a capable cook in his own right. 

Despite his height, Isami is extremely skilled and accurate, especially with a mezzaluna, which takes a great deal of ability to use, let alone use as quickly as his brother.

Isami hasn’t yet reached the level of his older brother, but he’s getting there, and his approach to tomatoes and Italian cuisine, in general, is well worth paying attention to. It won’t be long before he wins his first big shokugeki match.

His original dishes include Curry calzone and Aldin Style Cold Taglierini.

10. Megumi Tadokoro

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Megumi Tadokoro is a 92nd Ttsuki Generation alumna, a student of the Polar Star Dormitory, and one of Shokugeki no Soma’s heroines. She is also a longtime member of the Elite Ten Council’s 10th seat.

She doesn’t have a specific cooking style, but according to Gin, her cooking is focused on hospitality, which could stem from her experience working in her mother’s Ryokan. 

Megumi often prepares with the intention of making the eater feel comfortable or reducing their stress levels. Unlike most of her peers, who depend on strong sensations to overpower the senses, Megumi’s dishes have a relaxing effect, calming and easing the mind of the customer. 

One of her core believes that cooking with someone in mind results in a more tasty finished product.

Her greatest ingredient affinity is vegetables, owing to the fame of her Tohoku hometown’s vegetables, which she eats all year to show everyone her hometown’s charm.

She developed a deep passion for using diverse seafood as a result of growing up in a town near a port and working at a fishery. Her talent was impressive enough to inspire Ryo, her generation’s seafood expert.

9. Takumi Aldini

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Takumi Aldini is the older twin brother of Isami Aldini, a 92nd Ttsuki Generation student. Takumi is Soma Yukihira’s self-proclaimed competitor. He also sits on the Elite Ten Council’s 7th seat.

He grew up in his uncle’s restaurant, Trattoria Aldini which has perfected Italian cuisine. Takumi is the superior chief of the Aldini twins, as many Trattoria Aldini customers directly order 

Takumi to prepare their meals. 

Takumi is currently enrolled in Totsuki and is the best Italian chef in his year.

Takumi’s mastery of a mezzaluna, a crescent-shaped, double-handled knife that takes a great deal of experience, accuracy, and power to use, is one of his most notable abilities.

Takumi’s cooking also features a combination of techniques from various cuisines. Though his dishes are deeply rooted in Italian cuisine, he has infused them with Japanese and British techniques and ideas to give them a modern, new spin.

Even in mid-Shokugeki, Takumi has shown extraordinary tenacity in measuring, and even exploiting, his opponent’s cooking method and techniques.

8. Hisako Arato

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Hisako Arato is a 92nd Ttsuki Generation student and the secretary for Erina Nakiri, the new director and former 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council.

Hisako, like many Totsuki students, has a specialization. Herbs in this situation. She can perfume and scent just about everything, even hamburgers, but she doesn’t go overboard. Her cooking has a delicate and light touch to it, and her recipes have a medicinal consistency to them as well.

She specializes in medicinal cuisine, infusing her dishes with traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients like Dong Dang Sui, a ginseng version. 

This expertise comes from the Arato family, who are well-known for their Chinese medicine study and knowledge. She spent a lot of time studying this art in order to be able to help Erina. 

Apart from that, Hisako’s cooking seems to have a Chinese slant to it, with steamed buns and soft-shelled turtle among the ingredients she uses.

One of her original dishes is Soft Shelled Turtle Hamburger, which she made for her Totsuki Autumn Election Main Tournament quarterfinal contest.

She wanted to make a hamburger that “vehemently rocks human instinct” by infusing it with the tastes of the soft-shelled turtle while also emphasizing the gelatinous essence of the meat to enhance the soft palate.


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7. Alice Nakiri

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Alice Nakiri is a former member of the Elite Ten Council and a 92nd Totsuki Generation grad. She is Erina Nakiri’s maternal cousin and the daughter of Soe and Leonora Nakiri.

She is both a chef or a lab technician.  Many Totsuki students have a special perspective on food, and Alice’s is the strength of science. She has a thorough understanding of chemistry and gastronomy, as well as the ability to use lab instruments to cook her dishes with incredible accuracy.

Alice is well-equipped, due to her Nakiri family’s connections, with some of the most cutting-edge technology. Her talent in this area was recognized as early as the age of nine when she was named one of the world’s best molecular gastronomy experts.

Alice may not be as skilled as her cousin Erina, but she is impressive nonetheless, and with her encyclopedic knowledge of food and taste, she has few blind spots. That, and it’s just plain entertaining to watch her prepare strange yet tasty foods in this manner.

6. Ryo Kurokiba

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Ryo Kurokiba is Alice Nakiri’s aide and a 92nd Ttsuki Generation student. He also sits on the Elite Ten Council’s 5th seat.

He has a competitive attitude that rivals Soma’s, and his aggressive seafood cooking style resembles that of Megumi’s furious cousin. He gets results, however, and in the Autumn Election, he made it to the final three-way cookoff.

Ryo’s culinary style revolves around the use of seafood. He is an expert at preparing all types of seafood, especially crustaceans, such as lobsters. He has shown exceptional knife skills, crushing lobster shells and even cutting them with extreme accuracy.

His innate affinity for seafood gave him a keen sense of the nature of fish and other seafood ingredients. 

He showed the extent of his seafood consistency instincts at the fish market during the week leading up to the Finals.

He has also gained expertise in producing spice mixes as a result of his job in a curry restaurant.

Despite not being as experienced as Alice, he picked up a few food science skills from her, including the use of droppers and heat-resistant cooking video, over the course of several years of duels.

5. Terunori Kuga

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Terunori Kuga is a 91st Generation Ttsuki Culinary Academy Alumni who previously occupied the 8th spot on the Elite Ten Council before stepping up to the 3rd seat. He also served as the president of the RS for Chinese Cuisine.

Terunori Kuga, a second-year undergraduate, is the first member of the original Council to appear in the series. His specialty is Chinese cuisine, which everyone enjoys. He cooks in the Szechuan style, specifically.

Kuga isn’t scared to make his dishes spicy, and he knows precisely how to do so in a way that adds spice rather than being spicy for the sake of being spicy. After all, spice is a fragrance if used properly. 

Though there are still more competent chefs out there, Kuga eventually learns to venture out and become more adventurous with his culinary style.

Terunori is well-versed in Chinese cuisine as the president of the Chinese Cuisine RS, and his favorite form of cooking, Sichuan cuisine, shows a sharp mind in the application of spices.

 At the end of his second year, he had won the eighth spot in the Elite Ten Council. Terunori’s expertise has advanced to the point that he can replicate French cuisine using Chinese methods by the time of the Régiment de Cuisine.

4. Satoshi Isshiki

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Satoshi Isshiki is a 91st Generation Totsuki alumnus, a former Polar Star Dormitory resident, and the former 2nd seat of the Elite Ten Council.

Satoshi’s cooking style is focused on traditional Japanese dishes that have been handed down from the Isshiki family for generations. Satoshi, on the other hand, does not exclusively adhere to Japanese Cuisine standards. 

He has shown a broad understanding of various cuisine types, which he often incorporates into his Japanese cuisine dishes. Satoshi’s level of understanding of how his ingredients fit together far exceeds that of a High Schooler, like Anne, a first-class bookman for the WGO has said.

His true talent was initially deceiving, as he was able to equal Sma’s skill in their first fight since being admitted into Polar Star. 

Ibusaki observed that Satoshi improvised his dish and was not in the least bit serious. 

Nene has confirmed that Satoshi is the 91st Generation’s best cook, claiming that the only reason she keeps the higher seat is that he didn’t even threaten to take it.

3. Tosuke Megishima

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Tosuke Megishima is a Totsuki Academy Alumnus of the 90th Generation and the former 3rd seat of the Elite Ten Council.

Residents of the Polar Star Dormitory say that he is a ramen master. Tosuke’s noodle skills have won him the admiration of many great Ramen chefs from all over Japan, who have dubbed him “Young Master.” His talent is such that he can incorporate other cuisines into his dishes.

Megishima, who is powerful but quiet, initially refused to support either side, but Soma, being Soma, tracked him down and persuaded him to help.

Megishima quickly established himself as a master chef until he began cooking. Despite losing to Rindo Kobayashi by a razor-thin margin, he introduced the idea of African ramen, an innovative and astounding new dish that caught everyone off guard. 

And in a one-on-one cook-off against Soma, he comfortably defeated him. This is one ramen master who can not be trifled with.

2. Soma Yukihira

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

Soma Yukihira is the main character of Food Wars. He is the proud owner of Restaurant Yukihira and the son of Joichiro and Tamako Yukihira. 

He is a member of the 92nd Totsuki Generation and a former Polar Star Dormitory student. He’s also a former member of the Elite Ten Council’s first seat.

Soma is a talented chef who learned much of his skills by watching his father Joichiro, who is a renowned chef in his own right.

Despite his abilities, Soma has never been able to defeat his father in a single match. Nonetheless, he enjoys Shokugekis and tournaments and will go all out for them. 

He will study his mistakes and develop new dishes based on them, despite the fact that he has just suffered a few defeats. He also has an uncanny ability to beat his rivals with their own specialties and techniques. 


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1. Erina Nakiri

Food Wars Characters: 15 Main Characters (Ranked)

In Food Wars, Erina Nakiri is one of the heroines and was a rival to Soma Yukihira at times. She is the top prospect of the 92nd Totsuki Generation and a former 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council, wielding the greatest palate in the world and becoming a member of the illustrious Nakiri tribe.

Soma and her grandfather, former Headmaster Senzaemon Nakiri, have officially named her as Headmaster of Totsuki Academy after the rebel alliance’s victory during the Regimental Shokugeki.

Erina does not have a single culinary or cooking specialty. Instead, her cuisine is built on the use of high-quality ingredients and exceptional ingenuity, all while maintaining a sense of regality. At the end of her third year of middle school, her cooking and abilities quickly earned her the tenth spot on the Elite Ten Council, indicating that she is the best chef in her class and one of the best chefs in Totsuki.

Erina’s skill level is now on par with most experienced cooks, despite the fact that she is still in high school. During Erina’s Stagiaire assignment, a French cuisine head chef, who single-handedly established the reputation of the restaurant, Erina’s culinary talent was on display.

During Erina’s Stagiaire assignment, a French cuisine head chef, who had single-handedly established the prestige of the said restaurant almost to their first Micheline star, submitted and gave Erina complete command of the kitchen in just a few short hours.

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