Fresh Data Unveils Top-Viewed Original MCU & Star Wars Series on Disney+


For a while now, numerous major titles have been underperforming, with audiences growing weary of constant reboots and re-adaptations of material nobody requested. However, one trend is evident: the television industry is increasingly embracing blockbuster-style content.

While video game IPs continue to flourish, other subgenres are also proving strong. Nonetheless, success in streaming seems reliant on introducing fresh intellectual properties to initiate new franchises, albeit with some important factors to consider.

Variety recently released fresh streaming data for major streaming platforms, we’re going to concern ourselves with Disney+ at the moment, unveiling some truly surprising titles.

Disney original viewership

“Percy Jackson” emerges as a resounding success in terms of viewership for its original series, despite technically being a reboot. It seems that sufficient time has elapsed since the poorly received adaptations of the past, and viewers were keen to see a fresh perspective on the material.

Following “Percy Jackson,” we have the MCU’s “Echo.” Despite encountering development challenges, the show still captivated audiences with its action-packed scenes. Notably, it became the inaugural title under the “Marvel Spotlight” banner, focusing more on character development.

Multiple factors likely contributed to the show’s high viewership. Firstly, it was rated TV-MA and marketed as “homework-free,” implying viewers didn’t need to have watched past MCU projects to understand it, although this was proven incorrect within the first few minutes. Despite Daredevil’s minimal appearance in the series, he was heavily featured in marketing campaigns. Additionally, the show is set to connect with “Daredevil: Born Again” through post-credits scenes hinting at Kingpin’s aspirations to become mayor of New York.

The third most-watched show, at 6.8%, was ‘X-Men ’97,’ which comes as no surprise given its massive popularity and consistently high ratings. Following closely is the final season of ‘The Bad Batch’ at 6.3%. ‘Ahsoka,’ although a relatively fresh IP, scored lower with just 3.6%, trailed by ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 at 3.3%, Loki Season 2 at 3.1%, and ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 1 at 2.6%.

Fans may be surprised to discover that ‘Loki’ Season 2 had fewer views than ‘Echo,’ or that ‘Ahsoka’ outperformed ‘The Mandalorian’ during this period, but the data speaks for itself.

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