‘Furies’ Ending Explained: Who Lives and Dies in Furies?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Furies, a new action film coming to Netflix this week. Veronica Ngo directs the film. Following the success of her previous movie “Furie” this time, we follow a group of girls instead of just one. Logic would tell you that would make the movie more fun and entertaining, but you would be wrong. Furies come across as a great effort from its director and everyone involved in the production. But the lack of a proper story and the focus on action for action’s sake make the movie feel a bit boring as it progresses.

The film will still satisfy those audience members who just want to see action sequences on the screen. There are plenty of those. There is a strange lack of intensity in the fights, and they end up looking just like something that was rehearsed instead of something that is happening in the chaos of the moment. This might be Furies biggest issue, a lack of consistency when it comes to the execution of the ideas on display.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Furies. Read at your own risk.

Who Is Bi, And Why Does She Want Revenge?

Above anything else, Furies is an action film. This means that its biggest focus is not on the story itself but on showcasing the most impressive action sequences to the viewer. Because of this, you could say that the movie’s plot is paper thin. There are bits of characterization here and there, but for the most part, the movie uses its story as an excuse to move from action sequence to action sequence. The entire premise can be encapsulated in a revenge tale gone wrong.

The story begins with the introduction of our main character, a young woman named Bi. We meet her when she is but a child. At that age, Bi has one of the most horrific moments a person can witness. She is raped, and then her rapist kills her mom, who is trying to defend her. Bi grabs a knife and stabs her rapist multiple times. It is a gruesome scene. Bi takes on her first life at such a tender age. Now, alone and with no one to guide her, Bi descends onto the city and becomes one more vagrant.

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This harsh life makes Bi stronger. In the beginning, she would be treated as a victim, but as she grows old, she becomes a survivor and someone to be careful around. However, she is still just a lonely woman on the streets. At least until Jaqueline comes into the picture. Jaqueline, also known as Ling, saves from being raped again by several men, and she takes her home. Bi is wary of this stranger’s kindness, but she follows her to see where this goes.

Bi ends up being taken to a house where Jaqueline and two other girls live. The other two girls are Hong and Thanh. Hong is cheerful and quite funny. She seems to bring light to every room she steps in. Thanh is the opposite. She is brash and doesn’t really like having Bi around. She begins teasing Bi about having to prove herself to them if she wants to stay in the house. Clearly, the three of them have been having very bad experiences with men, and now they plan to strike back.

What Happens Between Jaqueline And The Rest Of The Girls?

As you can imagine, the house is just more than just a place to stay. Jaqueline reveals her intentions. She plans to kill evil men who use women as toys. They have all been raped and used by these men in some way, and now they will bring vengeance upon them. Bi accepts, and they begin training. Once Ling decides that they are ready, they begin their attack. Their target is a criminal making money by trafficking women and drugs in the city of Saigon.


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The girls hit the gangsters hard and are now committed to the cause. However, it soon becomes apparent that Jaqueline might not be as truthful as they thought. In one of their missions, the truth is revealed. Ling is just another gangster; she has been using the girls to fulfill her own rise to the underworld throne. Hong dies, and the girls are hit with a terrible defeat. Thanh and Bi don’t know what to do except keep on fighting.

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They prepare themselves to launch one last attack against the gangsters, and all the parties collide in one huge battle. The battle is the definition of bloodshed, with countless dead decorating the hallways of the gangsters’ compound. In the end, the battle concludes with Bi against Ling. They fought it out, and they knocked out each other. Ling sits down on a chair and never gets up, while Bi loses consciousness. When the police arrive, they see that she is still alive.

Was Ling dead? We don’t know, one of the policemen looks at her very weirdly. Bi goes to prison, and we see her exiting prison fifteen years later. Maybe they are getting ready for the sequel that will surely come in the next couple of years.

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