Goblin Slayer Face Reveal – Chapter Number and More

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Goblin Slayer was a popular manga and anime the year it was released due to its violent action and overpowered characters. One of the most mysterious and powerful characters in the series was actually the protagonist, the so-called Goblin Slayer. One of the traits that make him seem so peculiar is the fact he never removes his helmet, but at one point in the story he does take it off and the face reveal happens. So what does Goblin Slayer look like and in which chapter and episode does it happen?

The first time the Goblin Slayer took off his helmet was during manga chapter 15, which would be episode 12 from the anime and originally from the first volume of the light novel. He looks extremely gentle and handsome, his looks come as a surprise to everyone who gets to see it since they did not expect a brutal person like him to look so kind.

However, do we actually get to see his face, and how many other times does he take his mask off? Let’s dive a bit into that and see who exactly the Goblin Slayer is.

Who Is The Goblin Slayer?

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The main character of the series, Goblin Slayer, is an unnamed man who devotes himself to killing every single goblin alive due to his troubled past. He lives together with his best friend, the Cow Girl, which deeply cares about him because they have been friends since they were kids.

When the Goblin Slayer was very young, he dreamed of becoming a warrior and going on adventures when he would grow up. One night, his entire village was attacked by goblins and everyone was killed, except for his best friend, who was in the big city. During this attack, the Goblin Slayer managed to hide under his house in the basement until it was somewhat secure to leave.

During the time he spent in the basement, he watched through the cracks in the floor his loved sister being killed and tortured by the goblins. This was an extremely traumatic experience for him and after this, he swore that he would kill every goblin he could find.

Does Goblin Slayer Reveal His Face?

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In the series, the Goblin Slayer is always wearing a helmet and his face is covered 99 percent of the time, so many fans and the characters as well are extremely interested to see what he looks like under the mask.

The Goblin Slayer does indeed at some points not wear his mask and even reveals his face to his friends early in the series. However, even though the characters see it, it is not actually revealed in full detail to the audience, but we do get an idea of what he looks like.


Goblin Slayer Face Reveal – Chapter Number and More

When Does The Goblin Slayer Show His Face?

During the story, the Goblin Slayer wears full armor, including a helmet. He keeps this armor on through almost the entirety of the series, but there are a few instances where we get to see a glimpse of what he looks like underneath it all.

The first time he takes off his helmet happens in chapter 15, during a celebration happening at the guild hall, following his party’s victory against the Goblin Lord. One of the Goblin Slayer’s partners, the Priestess requests that he takes off his mask since she did a good job during the fight and was eager to see what he looked like. The Goblin Slayer accepts her request and takes his helmet off.

The Priestess smiles and states that he looks a lot cooler without the mask. After this, the other members of the guild notice that the Goblin Slayer has taken his mask off and get close to see it. Many of them are surprised to see that he is indeed human while other agree he is extremely handsome.

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Although the Goblin Slayer takes his helmet off, his whole face is not shown in the manga. He is supposed to have a hair of light gray color, red eyes just like wine, and, although not confirmed, some scars on his face.

Why The Goblin Slayer Does Not Show His Face

The Goblin Slayer does not show his face throughout most of the story due to his helmet being on and why would that be?

There does not seem to be a specific response to this question, but it is believed that he only wears it all the time for protection and as part of his full armor ensemble. He does not seem hesitant to take it off on any occasion but prefers to keep it on at all times since he is always searching for a chance to kill goblins.

He does not show any low self-esteem towards his face and his best friend does not even act surprised when the Goblin Slayer reveals his face to the guild, meaning she has seen it many times and did not even realize people did not know what he looked like.


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Even though we did not have a proper reveal of his face and do not have an official artwork showcasing it, we do hope we get to see his face in full color someday and also be able to contemplate the beautiful face the Goblin Slayer is supposed to have.

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