God of War: Kratos & Hercules Are Brothers, Here’s How

Are Kratos and Hercules Brothers in God of War

The main protagonist from the God of War franchise of games is Kratos. Kratos was heavily inspired by the various entities that appear in Greek mythology, and as we are all aware, greek mythological characters can sometimes, due to Zeus, have extremely complicated family trees. Kratos is a demigod son of Zeus, a famed Spartan who shares his father’s superhuman powers and abilities. One other character from the God of War franchise, Hercules is also a demigod and also son of Zeus conceived with a mortal woman. With everything stated, does that mean that Kratos and Hercules are brothers?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Kratos and Hercules are brothers. They are both demigods fathered by Zeus.
  • However, despite being related by blood and sharing similar backstories, Hercules harbors bitter jealousy toward Kratos.
  • He considers Kratos to be Zeus’ favorite between the two and this is the cause of conflict between the two brothers.

Does Kratos have siblings?

Kratos has 9 siblings that we know of. Considering the fact that Zeus likes to fool around with mortal and divine women alike this is not surprising at all. Kratos has 3 half-sisters Persephone, Athena, and Artemis. He also has 6 brothers in total Ares, Perseus, Peirithous, Hermes, Hercules, and Apollo. In today’s post, however, we’re going to focus more on his relationship with Hercules, the two are known to clash often but they are more similar than we could ever imagine.

Is Hercules Kratos’ brother?

Hercules is Kratos’ brother. Both of them were fathered by Zeus and born to mortal women. Both of them are demigods and blessed with terrible strength. The two share a tragic backstory as well. Kratos was forced to kill his wife and child under the influence of Ares, and Hercules was forced to do the same under the influence of Hera who always disliked him.

Even though the two could connect through their shared hatred for the gods they were forced to serve it didn’t happen that way. Hercules was forever chasing the favor of Zeus and his respect. He wanted to be the number one son and bask in the glory and praise that comes with it. Zeus denied him. To defeat Ares, Kratos was chosen, and upon his defeat, he was crowned to be the new God of War. He became a legendary mythical figure. In the meantime, Hercules was chosen to do the 12 labors. Hercules found some moderate fame and enjoyment in doing the labors, but it was nowhere near the satisfaction and fame that Kratos got as the new God of War.

Hercules as seen in God of War III

Kratos and Hercules were however close at one point during their shared history since Hercules was the only demigod Kratos was reluctant to fight, he even tried to reason with him but Hercules would not listen.

Resentment and jealousy started boiling under the surface, and Hercules was now fully convinced that Zeus favored Kratos this led to a bitter conflict between the two, and the two finally clashed during God of War III.


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The two clashed in the arena and only one was left standing. Hercules confronted Kratos and in his great arrogancy, he accused Kratos of being Zeus’ favorite son. He attacked him and it ended up being his fatal mistake. Kratos beat him with Nemean Cestus and left his body to rot in the sewer beneath Mount Olympus.

Who is stronger Kratos or Hercules?

If we’re going by raw physical strength alone, Hercules is stronger than Kratos. He is considered to be the strongest demigod and towers above all of them being 12 feet tall and of massive size. He is the only son of Zeus blessed with superhuman stature. Even though he was physically more imposing and stronger, Kratos showed himself to be a better strategist and a combatant, and thus Hercules lost.

So we can conclude that when it comes to raw strength, Hercules is way stronger, but speaking of power, Kratos is more powerful due to the combination of his strength, tactical thinking, and utilization of his godlike powers and durability.

Is Thor related to Kratos?

Thor and Kratos are not related. Both are divine beings (well, Kratos is a demigod) but when it comes to blood relations, the two are not related. Thor is a part of the Norse pantheon and appears in a small role in God of War released in 2018 and in God of War Ragnarök where he plays the part of the game’s major antagonist.
While Thor and Kratos are not related, parallels can be drawn between Kratos and Ares, both gods infamous for their cruelty.

Kratos and Thor clashed during the game, with Kratos managing to overwhelm and defeat the God of Thunder. Thor survived the encounter with Kratos, but Odin later arrived and impaled Thor killing him instantly. Odin slew him because he refused to kill Kratos.


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As you can see Kratos traveled far and wide and met enemies wherever he stepped. But it would turn out throughout the whole franchise that his worst enemies hail from his own family. Kratos has 9 siblings, 3 half-sisters, and 6 half-brothers, all fathered by Zeus. One of those siblings is Hercules who was jealous of Kratos to the point of accusing him of being Zeus’ favorite son. The two eventually clashed and even though Hercules was physically more imposing and stronger than Kratos, he died during the fight. Being beaten to death by Kratos with Nemean Cestus.

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