How to Get & Use Google Snake Game Menu Mod in 2023

how to get google snake game mod

Anyone who remembers the days before smartphones will likely recall the classic snake game, where players are tasked with guiding a little snake towards food – or, perhaps its doom. The Google Snake Game is a representation of the classic Snake Game, but many people may find it tricky to get and use the available mod – which can really revolutionize the entire experience.

The Google Snake Game Menu Mod will need to be downloaded from GitHub, and the “More.Menu.html” file will need to be imported to Bookmarks. From there, players will need to launch the game and select the cogwheel to gain access to the mod’s features.

While getting a hold of the modded Google Snake Game may seem perplexing at first, the setup process is actually pretty simple with the right methods. Stick around to find out about the Google Snake Game Menu Mod, as well as how to access and use it.

Editor’s Note: This guide has been updated to reflect the current state of the Google Snake Game. This is still the best approach to acquiring the game.

Google Snake Game

Snake games are classic, initially gaining their iconic status throughout the widespread Nokia phone days many years ago. While snake games are not as typical in modern times, they are still as addictive as they were upon their original release – sure to keep anyone hooked for hours on end!

If you haven’t yet heard about how the snake game works, the rules are quite simple. Players will need to guide a little snake through various obstacles that each stage presents, with the challenge getting increasingly more complex as the stages progress forward.


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The snake will need to be led to a piece of food that the snake will eat to progress in the game, but hitting a wall (or the snake’s own body) will result in the snake ‘losing health’ (or just dying), meaning that the player will need to start over. What makes it even more tricky is the fact that the snake generally gets longer or ‘grows’ as it consumes food, making it even more difficult to navigate as the amount of open space lessens.

How To Get The Google Snake Game

Google has made it extremely simple to access the Google Snake Game, and those who are interested can simply type “Google snake game” into the Google search bar. From there, Google will send you straight to the Google Snake Game Main Menu, where you can press “Play” to start playing instantly.

google snake game

Google Snake Game Menu Mod

Modding the Google Snake Game may be an advanced process for many, and it isn’t necessary to enjoy the game. But, it’s definitely not over complicated and can improve the Google Snake Game’s overall enjoyability by changing the look and appeal of the game – or even downright changing up the rules!

google snake mod

The Google Snake Game Menu Mod is not the only one out there, but it is the most popular. This Google Snake Game Menu Mod was released on Github back in September 2017, and it includes a variety of features that can make the classic Google Snake Game feel more interesting and fun to play, such as:

  • Various skins for your snake
  • Different background images
  • Customizable snake speed
  • Customizable snake size
  • Numerous power-ups
  • Different food types

How To Get The Google Snake Game Menu Mod

The process for getting the Google Snake Game Menu Mod is pretty simple once you know where to look. Check out the guide below to find out exactly how to get the Google Snake Game Menu Mod up and running, with pictorials thanks to Faindx.

  • Visit GitHub and download the Google Snake Game Menu Mod.
  • Navigate to Assets, there will be a short list of 3 assets underneath the mod’s description.
  • Select the “More.Menu.html” link.
google snake game 1
  • Open the Bookmark Manager in your Chrome browser (Crtl + Shift + O).
google snake game mod 2
  • Select the vertical three dots icon, located at the top right corner of the webpage.
  • A new section will pop up.
google snake game mod 3
  • Select “Import Bookmarks” to import the Bookmark of the Google Snake Game Menu Mod.
  • Import the “MoreMenu.html” file. The file should be located in your download folder (“C:\Users(your username)\Downloads”), and you can select and import it from there. You can also choose a folder to download it in if preferred.
  • Click on Open to import the file.

How To Use The Google Snake Game Menu Mod

From this point, you should be able to start using the Google Snake Game Menu Mod. Running the mod should be super simple if the download process went smoothly, and the features should all be added automatically.

But, there are a few short steps you’ll need to go through before the mod’s features become available in-game. Follow the steps below to use the Google Snake Game Menu Mod:

  1. Open a new Google Chrome tab.
  2. Type “Google snake game” into the search bar.
  3. Click on Play.
  4. When the game begins to play, click on the vertical three dots icon before clicking on the second Play button.
  5. Navigate to Bookmarks.
  6. Go to the Imported folder, and navigate to ModMenu.
  7. Select “More Menu Stuff”.
  8. Select the Settings, indicated by the gear icon or cogwheel, within the Google Snake Game to access the mod’s additions.
  9. This should unlock all of the items and features included in the Google Snake Game Menu Mod, and you will now be able to play the Google Snake Game using the mod.

Snake games may not be as popular any more, but they’re still an iconic staple that has inspired the modern gaming world and can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Thankfully, anybody can play the modded Google Snake Game with these simple and user-friendly steps.

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