Green Goblin Vs. Venom: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Green Goblin vs Venom: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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Norman Osborn, better known as the Marvel’s Green Goblin, and Venom, the symbiote most commonly associated with reporter Eddie Brock are two of the most powerful Spider-Man villains. Who would win in a fight between these two villains?

The Venom symbiote is one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, which means that he could defeat the Green Goblin with relative ease. No matter how powerful Osborn gets, Venom’s cosmic origins, combined with his shapeshifting abilities make him so strong that Osborn could hardly put up a real fight.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to compare the Green Goblin and Venom in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see exactly who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is.


Thanks to the chemical composition of the Goblin Formula, Osborn gained the following abilities: superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, superhuman durability, a regenerative healing factor, superhuman agility, and superhuman reflexes.


Even without a host, the Venom symbiote is able to freely spread its biomass in tentacles and tendrils, and often manifests a fanged mouth and large white eye points. It can also manifest a humanoid head, torso and arms, and after being cleansed it is capable of assuming a humanoid form without a host for brief periods.

When attached to a host, he can shapeshift to mimic any type of clothing, as well as blend Venom with his surroundings, rendering him invisible. The symbiote has increased all of its host’s physical abilities to superhuman levels equal to, and in some cases superior to, Spider-Man’s.


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Venom’s shapeshifting and fusion abilities are more than enough for him to win in this first category. Simply remember that Norman Osborn became almost unstoppable when he merged with Carnage to become the Red Goblin, and that speaks enough for the strength of the symbiotes.

Points: Green Goblin 0, Venom 1


The monks of the unnamed temple described Norman as someone with a strong will and spirit, which would explain why he was able to reach and see them.

Beyond the physical advantages, the Goblin Formula has increased Norman’s intelligence, already far above average, making him a true genius capable of conceiving advances in advanced stages of genetics, robotics, engineering and applied chemistry that many experts of the industry they can barely understand.

Green Goblin

As far as Venom and his abilities are concerned, the Symbiote itself is highly intelligent, but a lot of the other elements actually depend on the host, which is why we cannot give a simple analysis here. The Venom symbiote has had several hosts over the years, and analyzing each and every one of them would take too much time.

Due to the fact that the Venom symbiote is dependent on the host and their abilities, we have to give this point to the Green Goblin, since he has a superior and fixed set of abilities.

Points: Green Goblin 1, Venom 1

Physical Strength

Norman is able to lift 9 tons under his own Goblin powers. While in the Iron Patriot armor, Norman’s strength is augmented to the point where he can lift up to a hundred tons.


The symbiote has allowed its hosts to lift up to 70 tons at normal size in the past, this was not its true limit as its strength increases with its variable muscle mass. With progressive mutation and variable host changes adding to Venom’s power, a host’s current strength level is unknown.


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The Green Goblin is powerful, but he is not nearly as powerful as the Venom symbiote. The physical power that the Venom symbiote grants its hosts is absolutely amazing and this point goes to Venom.

Points: Green Goblin 1, Venom 2


The Green Goblin costume incorporated chain mail into the tunic, providing greater protection against strong impacts, such as punches or kicks inflicted during his battles with Spider-Man. He has also created and used various poignant, incendiary, and other specialized explosives in his career, most in the form of miniature lantern-shaped grenades.

In addition to the Goblin’s common weapons, there are many others in the bag of tricks such as a crescent moon boomerang, a ghost that is stronger than steel, a toad that can emit sonic blasts, and can carry many other weapons in it. His Goblin Glider capable of great maneuverability and reaching speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. It was capable of supporting about 400 pounds,

venom a

The Venom symbiote can manifest fangs, claws, blades, and tendrils of its constituent living abyss. Upon connecting to the Symbiote Hive on Earth-1051, he was able to transform part of himself into a powerful energy cannon by partially deploying the extradimensional tesseract from his body, similar to his counterpart on Earth-23203.

Despite the diversity of the Goblin’s equipment, it still seems like Venom is the more powerful one here. Due to his cosmic origins and shapeshifting abilities, he can create powerful weapons and, thus, wins this final point.

Points: Green Goblin 1, Venom 3

Green Goblin Vs. Venom: Who Would Win?

Initially, we had our doubts about a clear winner here, but after a more thorough analysis, it became clear that the Green Goblin is absolutely no match for Venom.

Venom is not just powerful, he is a shapeshifter of cosmic origins and we’ve probably not seen everything he has to offer yet. Even his basic abilities far surpass what the Green Goblin can offer at his best, which is why this one clearly goes to Venom.

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