Harmony Island (Island of Singing Flowers) In Lost Ark (With Images)

lost ark harmony island

Lost Ark offers a wide range of exciting adventures and events for its players, many of which involve exploring its unique islands. Harmony Island is a great location to gather resources and even obtain special items, but many players have found the process somewhat perplexing.

Harmony Island is an Adventure Island event that spawns over twice a day. It is located near the east coast of Rohendal, within the Cove in Elzowin’s Tears Sea, and players will need a Ship to get there.

It can feel complex to get to Harmony Island and partake in its events at the right time. But, getting there and taking advantage of everything Harmony Island has to offer can be fairly straightforward with the right approaches.

What Is Harmony Island In Lost Ark?

Harmony Island, otherwise known as the Island of Singing Flowers, is one of Lost Ark’s many island locations, but it’s actually an Adventure Island event that players can partake in. Players can travel to Harmony Island and acquire many useful items, including a range of unique rewards.

How To Get To Harmony Island In Lost Ark

Harmony Island is located near the east coast of Rohendal, within the Cove in Elzowin’s Tears Sea. Players will need a Ship to get to Harmony Island, and will only be able to enter the island once the event begins.

As a result, players can only partake in the Harmony Island event once they have unlocked Lost Ark’s sailing ability and can travel by ship on Arkesia’s World Map. This ability will only become available after completing Set Sail, the last quest in East Luterra’s storyline.

This may seem like extra effort, but players will end up unlocking the requirements if they follow the Main Storyline. The Main Storyline is essential for leveling up and acquiring awesome skills, items, and more, so being able to access Harmony Island is simply a bonus.

Below is a Lost Ark map displaying Harmony Island’s location, thanks to The Games Cabin:

Harmony Island map ocean
Lost Ark Harmony Island Location

Harmony Island Spawn Time

Many players have found it quite tricky to find Harmony Island, but, since it’s an event, timing is very important. Like most of Lost Ark’s events and special activities, Harmony Island has a specific rotation and spawn time, and players will need to catch the event while it’s active to partake in these activities.

Harmony Island is a time-gated event that spawns more than twice a day, so players will be able to try again if they missed it the first time around. Unlike other Lost Ark events that may rotate following a specific time, Harmony Island’s spawn is generally based on in-game conditions.


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Players can check Harmony Island’s availability on their Procyon’s Compass – a tool that will display numerous scheduled events and dungeons. Follow these steps to make sure you catch the Harmony Island event while it’s active:

  1. Select the compass icon under the minimap in the upper-left corner of the HUD to open Procyon’s Compass.
  2. Click on ‘Appearance Info’ for ‘Adventure Island’ from the activity tab menu.
  3. Set and in-game alarm in Lost Ark to track when the Harmony Island event begins.

Lost Ark Harmony Island Guide

There are lots of things to do on Harmony Island, including activities that will provide players with plenty of useful Lost Ark resources.

Harmony Island Quests

You may be excited to jump into this time-gated event’s activities and run through everything as quickly as possible – understandably. But, there is a specific order that players will need to follow in order to complete Harmony Island’s activities and acquire the relative rewards.

Prerequisite Harmony Island Quest (Yellow)

Once you reach Harmony Island, you will have to complete the Heavenly Harmony quest, the only yellow prerequisite quest for all other Harmony Island co-op quests. This quest will be given by the Gardener NPC.

Harmony Island map gardener
Harmony Island Gardener NPC

Players can advance after listening to the Gardener’s explanation. Completing the Heavenly Harmony prerequisite quest will reward players with a Vitality Increase Potion, which will automatically grant players with +5 Vitality.

Harmony Island Co-Op Quests (Green)

After players have completed the prerequisite quest, they can complete in-game scheduled Co-op Quests (green group quests). The 3 Co-op green Quests as well as their rewards are as follows:

  • A Pure Sound: Players must transport 80x Sacred Spring Water to a flower in the garden. Completing this quest will reward players with a Chest of Clear Sound.
  • A Fragrant Sound: Players must gather 300x Fragrant Pollens. Completing this quest will reward players with a Chest of Aromatic Sound.
  • Harmony? Help!: Players must play Serenade of Love 80 times. Completing this quest will reward players with a Chest of Harmonious Sound.


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Each of these reward chests will contain some loot for players, including the following:

  • Silver (Guaranteed): Useful Lost Ark currency
  • Heavenly Harmony Sheet Music (random chance): Used to get the Heavenly Harmony Song.
  • Island Heart/ Harmony Island Soul/ Harmony Island Token (random chance): Can be exchanged for numerous rewards from Grandpa Opher, on the Lonely Island.

While the Harmony Island co-op quests may seem like a challenge for many players, many of the quests and activities can go faster than expected. Many other players may be doing the same thing simultaneously, which can help speed up the process.

Not Getting Heavenly Harmony from Harmony Island Event

Some players may get lucky and obtain the rarer items after only a few tries – perhaps, even on their first try. But, many players may find themselves missing out on Harmony Island’s special items, and they will need to come back and try again when the event respawns.

Harmony Island Mokoko Seeds

There are 3 Mokoko Seed locations scattered across Harmony Island. These seeds can be picked up in the northern section of Harmony Island, and they can help you stack up your Mokoko Seed count to acquire higher-tiered rewards from the Mokoko Seed vendor.

Below are the Mokoko Seed locations on Harmony Island, thanks to Maxroll:

Harmony Island map
Harmony Island Mokoko Seed Locations
Harmony Island map mokoko
Harmony Island map mokoko 3

Useful Harmony Island Items

Along with the rewards you can get from completing Harmony Island quests on the island, you can also acquire a useful Song. The Song of Minuet will help you traverse Harmony Island more easily, and it can be obtained in the North – at the entrance of the path that leads to 2 Mokoko Seed locations.

Although Harmony Island may take more effort than many other Lost Ark activities, it can be incredibly fun and rewarding. Players can obtain useful items as well as unique collectibles that will add value to the overall Lost Ark experience.

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