The Most Memorable Supporting Characters in the Harry Potter Movies

harry potter supporting characters

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Harry Potter movies are a great example of what a perfect choice of actors can bring to already fantastically written characters. And there are so many unforgettable performances which will always be mentioned. It’s no surprise, since supporting roles are played by some of the greatest actors ever.

And us viewers will always mention them when we speak about Harry Potter movies. They don’t appear as often as maybe some other supporting actors, but they are always here when we discuss the stories and the importance of certain teachers, wizards or colleagues.

Here is a list of the best supporting characters in Harry Potter movies.

Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange

There’s an actress that cannot be ignored wherever we see her, read about her in the magazines and watch her in her amazing roles. She is always special and she is one of the most memorable roles here, too. Bellatrix Lastrange couldn’t be more perfectly played by any other actress. It seems that Helena Bonham Carter was born to play her.

Her gestures, diction and mad looks are everything that the readers imagined while reading the stories. She is the best choice for this role and will always be referred to as one of her greatest, although she always excels in everything she films.

Dolores Umbridge

dolores umbrige

Dolores Umbridge, one the most unlovable characters ever to be seen on screen is played by a great British actress Imelda Staunton, a complete opposite in real life. It is so interesting to see actors and actresses we used to watch in totally different roles to perform something no one expects of them. That’s why we will never forget her cold, bitchy figure, her evil smile and unreasonable actions. Staunton really gave an outstanding performance.

Professor Trelawney


One more actress who very often steals the show is Emma Thompson. She is simply brilliant in everything she does and becomes the character. She is always different in her movies and such a delight to watch. Playing one of the clumsiest and weirdest teachers in Hogwarts, professor Trelawney, she doesn’t have to say much, just stand there with her rugged clothes, half opened mouth and crazy eyes and she will be remembered.

Guilderoy Lockhart


Guilderoy Lockhart is without any doubt one of the most obnoxious characters in the whole series and Kenneth Branagh’s acting really contributed to our impressions of him. He’s not a villain, but also not a completely good guy. He is so irritating that we like to watch him and imagine what’s the level of annoyance he can reach. Unforgettable as a character, but also an excellent performance by the talented actor and director.

Xenophilius Lovegood


When we hear the words a bit weird, strange and extravagant, Rhys Ifans might come to mind because he delivers similar performances most of the time. Although a bit less dramatic than usual, his Lovegood is really memorable and a character which plays a great role in the story. We follow him as he develops from a friendly and avantgarde man to a resolute and bold father and it is very interesting to see this transition, in the character and acting.

Lucius Malfoy

lucius malfoy

An actor who wears villain so well. The look in his eyes and his smirk simply ask for him to be a bad guy. Jason Isaacs is the perfect villain and such an important character in the story. He is the one we love to hate, but will never forget. So many bad things, numerous insensitive words and contemptuous looks were shared by Lucius Malfoy that we simply must mention him every time we speak about those memorable characters from Harry Potter.

Molly Weasley

molly weasley edited

The complete Weasley family is memorable in its own way and every one of them deserves to find himself/herself on various Harry Potter lists. We will find the most humorous ones, the boldest type, the most irritating member and many more, but one of the most memorable is definitely Mum Weasley, beautifully played by the great Julie Walters. With her high pitched, loud voice and a big smile she is the mum all of them wanted to have.

Moaning Myrtle

moaning myrtle

Most memorable characters don’t usually need to be the most positive or negative ones. They can also be the most irritating. Besides Lockhart, Moaning Myrtle is one of the most annoying characters in the series, but therefore one we will not forget. Again an excellent performance by Shirley Henderson who captured her whole irritating essence so brilliantly that we have her in front of our eyes the moment someone mentions her name.



Timothy Spall is an excellent actor and his performance of one of Voldemort’s biggest helpers is something we won’t easily forget. Spending many years as a rat, his portrayal of Wormtail when he becomes a human again is legendary. Always wiggling, with his little hands in front of his nose and big teeth coming out of his mouth, Spall brilliantly captured the importance of this character.

Fred and George Weasley

Fred and George Weasley

Fred and George Weasley are those students we all admire and secretly want to be like them. Honest and bold, never interested in what others have to say about them, these twins light up every company and situation they find themselves in. This type of positivity and craziness is needed in those dark times where everything seems unsolvable and too tragic.

Draco Malfoy

draco malfoy

We cannot end this list without mentioning Draco Malfoy, the rude and mouthy boy who hides his cowardly side whenever he can. One of the most significant characters when it comes to Harry himself because he is always challenging him and in a way helping him become even stronger and resolute. Draco is also one of the characters that goes through the biggest change throughout the story and it is very interesting watching him grow and turn into a somewhat braver man.

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