Fallout: New Vegas: Here’s How To Get a Weapon Repair Kit

How to Get a Weapon Repair Kit in Fallout New Vegas

Despite being twelve years old, fans always return to one of the best role-play action-adventure games released by Bethesda Softworks – ‘Fallout: New Vegas‘. This remarkable video game brought us one of the most exciting adventures in the Mojave Desert Wasteland located in Nevada, but it also made us anxious in the battle for survival. As the Courier, we meet many different people, and the communication and solving of their quests reveal so many mysteries and secrets of the post-apocalyptic United States of America. Of course, resources are always scarce in the Wasteland, but there are ways to find them. So how do you get a weapon repair kit in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • If your Courier has a high ‘Repair’ skill, they can use the Workbench to create the weapon repair kits. If not, one can find the item across the Mojave Desert, like the lodge in Jacobstown, Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse, and Nipton General Store.
  • If you have completed the Dead Money DLC, you can buy a few from Sierra Madre Vending Machines using the special Sierra Madre chips.
  • Only Gun Runners occasionally have full weapon repair kits, but besides them, the item is not available anywhere.

How do you repair armor and weapons in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’?

‘Fallout: New Vegas’ is arguably, if not the best game in the Fallout franchise. The way it portrayed the story of the Courier in Mojave Desert Wasteland gave the players the freedom to create their own stories, making it one of the best action-adventure roleplaying games of all time.

This seems like high praise since so many great games have been released in the past decade, but ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ deserves this praise. Of course, besides the roleplaying elements and the story that made this game so good, New Vegas is hard if you don’t have any resources.

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Weapon repair kits are easily available if you craft them from materials on Workbench

The abandoned buildings remind us of the time before the nuclear disaster and wars that affected the United States of America and are full of items that are needed for the Courier to survive.

Of course, some places have more resources than others, but some factions likely take those, and if the player starts stealing from them, they will get instantly attacked hence why Obsidian presented us with Workbenches where the player can craft various items so they don’t have to risk their lives and waste resources on their enemies.

Life in the Mojave Desert is hard, and strolling through the Wasteland is never safe, so weapons in good condition are important. Of course, this also means that weapons break, and the Courier needs to find ways to repair their weapons.

‘Fallout: New Vegas’ created an easy, fast solution, but it’s short-term – if the Courier has two identical weapons in their inventory, the option “repair” will appear at the top right corner of the Pipboy. After pressing the “R” button, the Courier will repair the weapon using the other items’ components and upgrade the tool they wanted fixed condition. The same goes for armor as well.

However, besides it being a short-term solution, there is no way the Courier will be able to carry that much equipment – unless the character build is focused on brute strength and alcohol addiction.

Remember, the higher the “Repair” skill, the higher the weapon repair kit usage percentage. So if you’re character build doesn’t involve high “Repair” skill, the item might not even be that useful.

Regardless, players will heavily consider weapon repair kits at one point in the gameplay, which is quite scarce across the Mojave Desert Wasteland. This leads us to an important question – can you buy a weapon repair kit in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’?

Can you buy weapon repair kits in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’?

You cannot buy weapon repair kits in ‘Fallout: New Vegas’, but you can find them across the Mojave Desert Wasteland. Here are a few suggestions for where to acquire this valuable item:

  • In Nipton’s General Store, on the bottom of the tipped shelf,
  • In Victor’s Shack, located in Goodsprings,
  • The Courier will receive two weapon repair kits if you complete a side quest for Ranger Jackson in Mojave Outpost.
  • In the Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel Bunker, located southeast of Camp Forlorn Hope, in the main room,
  • In Jacobstown Lodge, located in Jacobstown, in the last room on down the hall on the right – just before the bathrooms.

However, you can buy the materials to craft the item on the Workbench.

The Courier will need 1 Duct Tape, 1 Scrap Electronics, 2 Scrap Metal, 1 Wonderglue, and 1 Wrench to craft weapon repair kit. The Courier will need to have at least 50 “Repair” skills. With that being said, materials like these are scattered all over the place and are available to buy from vendors, and store owners and even exchange with traveling hunters or caravans.

‘Fallout: New Vegas’ always has alternatives for the players to use since not everyone wants to play as the Courier specialized as the mechanic, so definitely make sure to scavenge for items across the Mojave Desert.

Where to buy weapon repair kits & alternatives?

You can buy weapon repair kits in one place, but only if you own Dead Money DLC. After completing the incredibly scary add-on, the Courier can access Sierra Madre chips and their vending machines.

One can activate the Dead Money DLC mission after following the radio broadcast from the mysterious woman advertising the grand opening gala. After the Courier deals with the mysteries and atrocities of the forgotten city, the character will have leftover Sierra Madre chips which they can use on Sierra Madre Vending machines in Sierra Madre. More vending machines can be found in the aforementioned Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker.

gun runners

As we already mentioned, more alternatives to acquiring weapon repair kits lie in buying or acquiring materials for crafting the said item and putting points in the “Repair” skill or at least temporarily boosting it with the skill magazine, like “Fixin’ Things.”

You can sometimes go to Gun Runners and buy completed weapon repair kits, which are only occasionally found in their store, meaning they’re not always available.

The weapon repair kit can be an important item in the ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ game, and if your Courier has a high “Repair” skill, finding materials and crafting the item won’t be an issue. If not, try to find identical weapons and repair the weapons from your Pipboy, and save bottlecaps for vendors and gun sellers, who will rinse you for repairing your tools.

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