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One of the most important choices you make in Skyrim right at the beginning of your game is related to your race and your looks. You have absolute freedom to modify your character choosing between a variety of races, and a fairly advanced option when it comes to customizing your face and looks in general. No matter how much time we spend in the create-a-character menu, we’re still going to regret it as soon as we hit “save changes”. This is where the console commands come in, and one command in particular. Of course, I’m talking about showracemenu command. Before we start with a more in-depth analysis of the command we need to cover the basics first, let’s see how to access the racemenu through console commands in the game. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can open racemenu in-game by pressing “~” and typing showracemenu.
  • Pressing enter should result in a character menu opening through which you are able to modify absolutely everything related to your character’s gender, race, and looks in general.
  • However, you should be careful while using this command as changing your race results in your skills, abilities, and stats being reset to the default starting values. 

What does showracemenu command does in Skyrim? 

Showracemenu command allows you to modify your character’s gender, race, and looks at any point in the game. Whether you just reached Helgen, or you just defeated Alduin, racemenu is a convenient way to completely start over when it comes to your looks. There is an extremely popular mod related to this command called RaceMenu, but this is something that we’re going to focus more on in the rest of the post. 

You are able to modify your looks and gender without any particular consequences. However, modifying your race, or rather changing it completely leads to your skills and stats being reset to their default values. 


This happens because each race in Skyrim has different “racial” bonuses and effects and every race starts with a small bonus to different skills. For example, Bretons are given a bonus to conjuration, alchemy, alteration, illusion, restoration, and speech skills. They are also given a unique racial ability to resist magic for 25% and a special power called “Dragonskin” that allows them to absorb 50% of the magicka from hostile spells for 60 seconds, once per day.

Dunmer racial bonuses
Every race has different racial bonuses

As soon as you change your race to any other you lose access to these bonuses and you gain new ones, it wouldn’t make sense for you to continue playing as a Dark Elf with racial bonuses from another race. Changing your looks and gender is fine since the bonuses are tied to race only and how nothing to do with your eye color and gender. 


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How to access racemenu? 

Racemenu is fairly easy to access all you need to do is open your console and type the corresponding command. To access racemenu in-game follow these steps:

  1. Press “~” to open the console 
  2. Type showracemenu and hit enter
  3. Character creation menu should appear and you should access the same UI that you’ve seen at the beginning of the game in Helgen 
  4. When you’ve made your changes you will be given a chance to re-name your character and save your changes.

What is RaceMenu mod?

RaceMenu mod further enhances your options when it comes to customizing your character in Skyrim. It also greatly enhances the stability of the console command itself. By installing RaceMenu you will be able to: 

  1. Search all options by name, for example, you will be able to search for specific custom hairs.
  2. You can use custom colors for eyes, makeup, hair, facial hair, and warpaints. 
  3. You can load custom races and customize them however you want 
  4. You can load custom-made warpaints and import them from several sources
  5. You will be able to save presets and use the same character over and over again.

There are plenty more features, but these are the most interesting so I’ve decided to single them out.

You can download the RaceMenu mod for Skyrim: Special Edition by following this link

pink khajiit
RaceMenu allows you to use custom colors when you’re creating characters

RaceMenu needs SKSE64 in order to work properly so make sure you have it installed in order to use all functionalities that the mod has to offer. You can download SKSE64 on this link.

scupt face khajiit
You can use RaceMenu to sculpt your character’s face

How do you access RaceMenu in Skyrim?

You can access RaceMenu through the showracemenu command, the process is exactly the same. The only difference is that the original racemenu UI will be replaced with a new, detailed, and improved UI with all functionalities of the RaceMenu included. 

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