Skyrim: Here’s How To Use Bedroll on Adventurer’s Backpack


Creation Club in Skyrim added a lot of new exclusive content to the game. Among them are various new gameplay additions such as camping systems, survival mods, and the rest of the gear oriented toward surviving Skyrim’s harsh conditions. Some of the mods will be dealing with today are the Camping pack and Adventurer’s backpack, and all functionalities associated with them. Before we dig into more elaborate mechanics let’s start with the basics. How to use a bedroll in Skyrim while using an adventurer’s backpack?

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  • To use a bedroll on an adventurer’s backpack you need to own a camping pack as well.
  • Bedrolls are crafted at the forge by using 3x firewood and 1x leather. The resulting item is called camping supplies and it allows you to set up a whole camp in Skyrim’s wilderness complete with a source of fire and bedroll.

What is a Camping pack in Skyrim?

Camping pack in Skyrim is a Creation Club mod that allows you to create a portable convenient campsite wherever you decide to set it up. You can craft the campsite at any forge by using 3x firewood and 1x leather. Once crafted, an item called camping supplies will appear in your inventory. Even though that bundle of items in your inventory looks meager, once you set it up you will be provided with shelter, fire, and everything you need for some basic cooking.

Since only one campsite can be set up at a time, a map marker will appear once you set up your campsite. If you decide to return to your campsite you are able to fast travel to it by using the mentioned fast travel marker. If you by some chance decide to move your camp to a new location you will have to tear the camp down which results in its complete destruction. In order to set up a new camp, you will have to craft it again.


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What is the Camping pack used for in Skyrim?

For the most part, the Camping pack works great with Survival mode. Survival mode, along with many other things adds hunger, fatigue, cold, and warmth debuffs. A camping pack can be pretty useful to hold those at bay. After a busy day of adventuring, you can set up your campsite. With the bedroll, you can alleviate the effects of fatigue. Keep in mind that you will not be able to gain a “Well rested bonus” while you’re sleeping in the wilderness. Well rested bonus can be gained only by sleeping comfortably in beds in the buildings.

With the introduction of hunger debuff, you might need to have something to eat on hand as well. Eating raw meat might result in food poisoning so that’s never a good idea. Camping pack adds the option of cooking a small number of hot meals, such as soups in order to prevent starvation. One of the food items you can cook are hot soups. Hot soups will increase your warmth and provide you with a well-fed bonus as long as you eat enough.

Campsite added by the Camping pack

If Skyrim is famous for one thing, it has to be cold and snowy climates. Although survival mode divides Skyrim into several climate regions, the cold will still prevail and once in a while, you will either find yourself in rainy, snowy, or downright freezing weather.

The further north you go, the deadlier the weather can be. If you are freezing, with no shelter nearby it’s easy to start suffering from the cold debuff. Your movement will suffer, and your health will be drained until eventually, you die from exposure.

Camping pack allows you to stave off the effects of cold, due to providing you with a convenient fire that will restore your warmth. Keep that in mind next time you find yourself near Winterhold caught in a blizzard.

What is Adventurer’s backpack in Skyrim?

Adventurer’s backpack adds 16 survival-themed backpacks that can be purchased from various merchants in Skyrim or crafted at a forge. Adventurer’s backpack creation works in tandem with Survival mode like the Camping pack but do keep in mind that both Adventurer’s backpack and camping pack are separate mods that need to be purchased separately.

What is Adventurer’s backpack used for in Skyrim?

Adventurer’s backpacks increase your carry weight by 75 points. The backpacks have other useful enchantments as well but the fact that they reduce your carry weight is the most important in the context of Survival mode.


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Since Survival mode greatly limits how much you can carry, and being over-encumbered can drain your fatigue rather quickly, players use Adventurer’s backpacks to stave off those effects.

A backpack fitting for a magic-oriented character

There are several types of backpacks you can craft each made out of different material or fitting certain aesthetics. For example, you can craft a backpack out of fine leather, dark leather, or simply leather. You can craft a backpack that fits mage aesthetics more or hunter aesthetics. Each backpack type comes in two versions normal version and a bedroll version.

Even though the version with a bedroll exists, it’s completely unusable and cosmetic only

This leads to much confusion within the community and players are often not aware that bedrolls hanging from the backpacks are not actually usable. To sum everything up, there is no way to use the adventurer’s backpack bedroll, the item is cosmetic in nature and cannot be added to your inventory or interacted with. To set up a bedroll in the wilderness you’re going to need to download another Creation Club mod that adds that functionality, one other mod that works well in tandem with Survival mode and Adventurer’s backpacks is the Camping pack.

The Camping pack allows you to craft camping supplies by using firewood and leather. You can use the camping supplies at your desired location to set up a small but permanent camp that adds bedroll and fire in order to combat various adverse effects of traveling that Survival mode added.

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