Here’s What’s New in Genshin Impact 4.6 Release: Character, Boss, Banner & Quests

Heres Whats New in Genshin Impact 4.6 Release Character Boss Banner Quests

Version 4.6 of Genshin Impact is coming soon, packed with new content, and naturally, we are excited. If you’re one of those people who simply can’t wait for the release to find out what’s new, you’ve come to the right place. From new characters, boss, and stories to banners. Here’s a full and complete breakdown.

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New Character – Arlecchino

The focus of the upcoming release is on the House of the Hearth, with the introduction of the new character Arlecchino, who rules over it. Known as “Father” by the children, Arlecchino is a strict overseer with many secrets. She introduces the Bond of Life mechanic to the game. Her Elemental Skill applies Blood-Debt Directives to opponents, and when she uses certain attacks on them, she absorbs and clears these directives, granting her a Bond of Life. When her Bond of Life reaches a certain threshold, she enters the Masque of Red Death state, converting her attacks to deal Pyro damage.

Arlecchino mode

New Story Quests & New Mode

Version 4.6 of Genshin Impact introduces new story quests, including the Ignis Purgatorius Chapter: Act I, which explores the history of the aforementioned Arlecchino and the House of the Hearth. There’s also the Lupus Aureus Chapter: Act II Story Quest. A new Focused Experience Mode is introduced, aiming to minimize interruptions and enhance the story experience while exploring new content.

New weapon & artifact sets

Screenshot 652

The featured 5-Star weapon for Phase 1 of 4.6 is the new Crimson Moon’s Semblance Polearm, as you can see it keeps with the theme of House of Hearth and Arlecchino. New artifact sets to be included are:

  • Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy
  • Unfinished Reverie

New weekly boss & new boss

Arlecchino is also introduced as a new Weekly boss for players to challenge. She imposes a Blood-Debt Directive on you, causing increased damage from her attacks and preventing healing through the Bond of Life effect. However, clearing this debt rewards you with a boost to your Charged Attack.

This update coincides with the addition of the Quick Challenge feature. While the Knave’s boss form is linked to Arlecchino’s story quest, players at Rank 40 or higher can directly challenge the Knave (or other Weekly bosses) by accessing the Adventurer Handbook, selecting Trounce Domains, and then opting for Quick Challenge.

new boss genshin impact 4.6

In the depths of Remuria’s Faded Castle, players will encounter the Statue of Marble and Brass, also known as the Legatus Golem, a massive centaur-like creature that poses a formidable challenge.

New area

Explore the Undersea Capital of Remuria, hidden deep within the Sea of Bygone Eras, accessible via the island of Petrichor. Completing the third act of the Archon Quest: Song of the Dragon and Freedom unlocks a teleport waypoint in Petrichor, leading you to access a new area. This waypoint feature will also be available in future new areas, streamlining exploration.

Follow a talking cat to explore Remuria’s underwater ruins and uncover its history. Gain special abilities related to the Symphony to interact with specific items and solve puzzles. Encounter a special dragon and confront the powerful Legatus Golem boss enemy within the watery depths.

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