Holostars 1st 3D Anime Premiers This Friday, January 28

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On January 26, the holostars VTuber Group’s official YouTube Channel announced that the hololive VTubers would be getting their 1st 3D anime called stars⬩collection. The original anime is launching this coming Friday, January 28, at 7:00 pm (5:00 am EST). Fans will be able to watch the upcoming anime on the group’s YouTube Channel. 

Check out the 15-second trailer announcing the original anime’s debut: 

Hololive, short for Hololive Production, is a virtual talent agency that scouts and promotes virtual YouTubers, commonly referred to as VTubers. The agency is run by a Japanese tech entertainment company called Cover Corporation. 

A VTuber is similar to a streamer, but VTuber’s use an animated avatar that moves in real-time instead of showing their face. This digital trend originated from Japan around 2010, and since then, has grown exponentially worldwide. 

Holostars, a male-only group, debuted in June 2019. The VTubers do a range of online entertainment from live-streaming video games, performing virtual concerts, and singing music videos. 


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Currently, hololive has over 50 virtual YouTubers under their wing and has a whopping 50 million fans across the Internet, mainly on YouTube. 

Fans of holostars expressed their excitement about the upcoming 3D anime of the boys. Many sent replies on the official tweet saying they’ve been looking forward to this news. Others said they couldn’t wait to tune in to watch the first episode this Friday. 

Not much has been divulged on the 3D anime’s format, but we’ll soon see this coming Friday and the Fridays to come. 

Source: Holostars Official YouTube Channel 

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