How ‘Agatha All Along’ and the Witches’ Road Are Setting the Stage for Wanda’s Return

witches road dangers

Yesterday, the teaser trailer for ‘Agatha All Along’ was released, revealing what the new installment of Phase Five will entail. We saw glimpses of ancient magic and horror, but most notably, the teaser highlighted the Witches’ Road, a crucial element in the MCU’s magical lore.

According to the show’s official synopsis, Agatha, powerless and down on her luck after her confrontation with Wanda Maximoff, is freed from her prison and attempts to recruit others to join her on the “Witches’ Road.” Patti Lupone’s Lilia Calderu describes this path as a “death wish,” yet it seems to offer Agatha a means to regain her lost power, showcasing her determination to explore this new realm in the MCU. The Witches’ Road also has a fascinating history in Marvel Comics.

The Witches’ Road is a mystical and perilous path accessible only to magic practitioners in Marvel Comics and now the MCU. It serves as a conduit for travel between different magical realms and for accessing hidden or potent magical energies. Due to its lurking dangers and monstrous entities, it is aptly described as a “death wish.”

In the comics, both Agatha Harkness and Scarlet Witch have accessed the Witches’ Road. Wanda used this mystical dimension to lure and defeat the Emerald Warlock by pulling him into the realm of Cerridwen, Nicneven, and Oya, where female witches’ powers are amplified compared to male warlocks. This unique feature of the Witches’ Road, where female witches are empowered, adds another layer of intrigue, and it remains to be seen if this will be adapted in the MCU as well.

But what implications does this hold for Wanda’s potential return? In the comics, the Witches’ Road resurrected Agatha from death. Could the MCU adaptation of this mystical place reverse the story and bring the Scarlet Witch back from the dead?

The Witches’ Road exists in a realm where magic reigns supreme, operating outside conventional power dynamics. It is likely intricately linked to chaos magic.

While Scarlet Witch won’t appear in ‘Agatha All Along’ (barring potential flashbacks), who’s to say meddling with the Witches’ Road won’t have unintended consequences for the balance of magic? Perhaps Scarlet Witch is alive within its depths, awaiting an opportunity to free herself.

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