Here Is How Vegeta Become a Super Saiyan God

How Did Vegeta Become A Super Saiyan God

Vegeta is always one step behind Goku when it comes to power but always remains close to his power level. Thus, whatever Goku has learned in terms of form changing, Vegeta always manages to catch up to obtain it. This has been the case ever since Goku gained access to Super Saiyan, prompting Vegeta to learn the technique over sheer frustration (which was the actual reason why it triggered). But did he learned Super Saiyan God Form the same way?

Vegeta learned to access Super Saiyan God by training with Goku inside Whis’s Staff, or also known as That Place. It is like a stronger version of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that’s overflowing with god ki. Due to that training, Vegeta understood the mechanics of unlocking the form.

This article will show you everything that I know about Vegeta’s Super Saiyan God form, which seems to have gone too underrated since the story often focuses on Goku since he’s the first one to access the said form. That way, you will understand the whole story of how Vegeta was able to catch up in unlocking his Super Saiyan God and Blue forms.

How Did Vegeta Turn Into Super Saiyan God? 

How Did Vegeta Become A Super Saiyan God

Vegeta was able to unlock his ability to become Super Saiyan God because of his training under Whis, and with Goku. After Goku learned how to unlock the Super Saiyan God, he assured Vegeta that he will learn it someday. And finally, Whis told Vegeta and Goku to train inside his staff, which leads to a pocket dimension that’s fit for understanding how god ki works. 

What’s staff contains a different world of its own, which is a void that does not have any ground to step on. The heavenly-looking atmosphere of the void is filled with so much god ki, that Goku and Vegeta were not able to move until Vegeta realizes that their ki should be inside their body only. 

The dimension is just as concentrated as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which hastens the training of Goku and Vegeta. Therefore, gaining quick access to training the Super Saiyan God will never be a problem once inside Whis’s Staff. Also, they were instructed to train inside it to hasten their training to the point where they can gain access to the Super Saiyan Blue, which Vegeta also learned. 

However, Vegeta was not able to unlock it at this part, as they were interrupted when Whis planned to use the staff to get the food that Beerus needed, which Goku and Vegeta ate due to getting hungry during training. Eventually, they never got the chance to train anymore because Bulma sent a message to them saying that Frieza is about to invade Earth. At this point, Vegeta can now gain access to the Super Saiyan God but was never revealed due to the interruption of Frieza’s invasion.

Vegeta’s transformation into Super Saiyan God would only show up when at the Future Trunks Saga where he fought Goku Black, Goku’s alternate reality possessed by Zamasu, and evil god. Vegeta appears to release the form effortlessly at this point due to being well-trained in using god ki. What’s interesting is that he even gained access right away to Super Saiyan Blue during the same battle, indicating that he caught up to his rival.

Is Vegeta Related To The First Super Saiyan God? 

How Did Vegeta Become A Super Saiyan God

Yamoshi, the mysterious ancient Saiyan who transformed into a Super Saiyan even before Goku first accessed it. He was regarded as the original Super Saiyan God because of his capability. Yamoshi is also known to have access to the Super Saiyan God form itself, being the very first Saiyan to achieve such a powerful feat. Yamoshi would use this power to defeat the Evil Saiyans in Planet Vegeta during that ancient time.

Because of this history, there could be a chance where Vegeta might be blood-related to Yamoshi. Since they were the ones who defeated the Evil Saiyans ruling Planet Vegeta during the ancient time, it could be likely that Yamoshi became the ruler of the planet, and became the top patriarch of Vegeta’s family. However, an alternative story would ensue, whereas Yamoshi would lay low and let one of his allies rule the planet, hence being Goku’s ancestor due to having such a humble nature.

When Did Vegeta Become a Super Saiyan God?

Aside from first showing it during the battle against Goku Black in the manga (and when he fought Broly in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie), Vegeta might have been aware that he now has access to the form after training inside Whis’s staff. As said earlier, the training session was interrupted with an immediate battle due to Frieza invading Earth.

If Vegeta and Goku were not interrupted and were continued to be chased by Beerus (due to a fit of rage over a pizza the duo ate due to getting hungry during training), Vegeta might have shown off what he learned before the major battles began. However, Vegeta was only given the chance when he fought someone so strong but is still a surprise that we did not expect since all of us thought that the training was not yet done. This just shows that Vegeta is always close to Goku in power, and will always catch up to him even if Goku is one or two arcs further in terms of transformations.

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