How Do You Purchase a Garage in GTA V Story Mode?

How Do You Purchase a Garage in GTA V Story Mode 3

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is still one of the most played games in the world. We all know about the Grand Theft Auto Online gameplay but some players are still playing the story mode and new players are still going to this game to play it. The Grand Theft Auto franchise has tons of different real-life mechanics that are staples of the game and keeps player interested. In this article, we look into how you purchase a garage in GTA 5 story mode?

The garages in Grand Theft Auto V are only obtainable if you progress through the story. Franklin, Michael, and Trevor all have their own garage to purchase, and you do that by locating the garage icon on your map and buying it from there.

Properties in Grand Theft Auto franchise were always important, and it is not unusual for new players to struggle to pick up some game mechanics when introduced to the game. So, stay with us till the end if you want to find out what perks you get by buying a garage, what you need to do to purchase it, and what that means for your character in the game.

How To Purchase a Garage in Grand Theft Auto V?

As we already mentioned, these garages for sale are scattered all over Los Santos. Every character has their own garage to purchase – Franklin has one in Groove Street, Trevor has one in Pillbox Hill and Michael has one in West Vinewood.

The garages are available for buying only if you complete a mission for each character.

If playing with Franklin, you need to complete the mission Father/Son, and the icon of the garage appears on the map.

If playing with Michael, you need to complete the same mission, and the garage icon appears on the map.

If playing with Trevor, you need to complete the same mission as well, and the garage icons appear on the map.

How Do You Purchase a Garage in GTA V Story Mode?

Regardless of the character, you go to their designated garage, step over to the “FOR SALE” sign, and the game will notify you that you need $30,000 for purchasing the garage. If your character has it, press the button displayed on the screen, and the garage is ready for use.

The character can have only one garage to their name – helipads, hangars, and marinas do not count, with other properties the character can buy.

How Do You Purchase a Garage in GTA V Story Mode?

Purpose Of Garages In Grand Theft Auto V?

Garages appeared in Grand Theft Auto games with the 3D Universe games like Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas. The sole purpose of these garages is to store your vehicles. These were usually located near the character’s safehouses and could store to four vehicles. In earlier GTAs, garages were even repairing damaged vehicles free of charge. All in all, garages in earlier games were used for storage and nothing else.

Grand Theft Auto IV had parking places instead of garages, which was a bit buggy if you want to squeeze in the second vehicle. Vehicles would usually spawn dirty because of the weather or dirt from passing cars.

How Do You Purchase a Garage in GTA V Story Mode?

Grand Theft Auto 5 reintroduced garages in their game and made it a bit different. They kept original garages located near safehouses of the characters from earlier games and added new ones for characters to purchase. They are usually located away from the character safehouses and have few purposes. You can buy cars for the garages by purchasing them from your phone and an internet site specialized in cars. After you purchase the car, the vehicle is spawned in your garage, and you can start driving it.


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There are also helipads, marinas, and hangars for alternative vehicle storage – after you buy a yacht it will spawn in the marina.

Great tool for players who do not want to search for luxurious cars all over Los Santos but have their own vehicles. If you have money, definitely check out this perk.

All in all, it is fairly easy to buy a garage in the story mode of Grand Theft Auto V, but we understand the struggles of finding out how when Rockstar Games changed the mechanic multiple times through the years. Hopefully, we helped you. Until the next time!

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