How Many Dunk and Egg Stories are There and will There be More?

How Many Dunk and Egg Stories are There and will There be More?

Dunk and Egg are a series of books written by George R. Martin, placed in the world of Ice and Fire Songs at the forefront of major books. The story tells of the great hero Sel Duncan the Thor, who will be a famous member of the group “Kingsguard”, and his squire Egg, who will be King Aegon V. Targaryen of Westeros.

Only three books were published for now, but there are more in preparation for the biggest fans and those of us who have not forgotten about Game of Thrones. 

The books are very deep and have new characters, so you can have more time with your favorite people. Books can also give a clearer picture of what is happening on the character than in a TV/film program, so consider reading them even after watching the show!

How many Dunk and Egg stories are there? 

Previous series “The Story of the Dunk and the Egg”: 1998 “Night Hedge”, 2003 “Swan Swan”, 2010 “The Secret Night”. After that, three books were collected and published together as “The Night”. Fans will certainly take the time to check out the TV series “Dunk and Egg Tales.” 

When HBO was announced, it was expected that there would be more “About the chairs”. In 2017, Novella was said to be one of the candidates on the list, but later Martin said there were no plans to add. The books usually consist of 100-200 pages.

Some other working titles for future Dunk and Egg stories have been revealed by Martin himself: The Sellsword, The Champion, The Kingsguard, and The Lord Commander.

The chronological order of these stories is unknown for now, as well as if any other stories may take place in between them. This is what Martin had to say: 

There has been interest, yes, but the rights situation is complicated. Film and television rights to the characters and the three published Dunk & Egg stories remain with me at present… but HBO, when acquiring the rights to the SONG OF ICE & FIRE novels, also acquired film and television rights to the world of Westeros. So if we did Dunk & Egg with anyone else, we would need to remove all the references to House Targaryen, the Iron Throne, etc… not completely impossible, but certainly undesirable. Whereas if HBO decided they wanted to make a Dunk & Egg miniseries or TV movies, they’d first need to buy the stories. That’s a much more attractive proposition for all concerned, I think… but if it happens, it will happen years from now, not tomorrow, and not next week.

How long are the Dunk and Egg stories?

The first part of the game “Game of Thrones”, “The Story of the Dunk and the Egg”, is in its first development on HBO, and the differences are examined only from the ground up. The One Hour Show is a hilarious story presented by George R. Martin that follows the events of Sel Duncan (Dunk) and the young Aegon V Targaryen (Egg) 90 years before the play “Song of Ice and Fire”. Martin has published three books. 

Will there be more Dunk and Egg books?

The story begins 89 years before his encounter with the great book (209 BC). Events before the deaths of Duncan and King Egon. So far three books have appeared: Hedge Knight, Sword Sword, and Mystery Knight. In this series, 6 to 12 stories were published. George R. Martin said he would like to write some of these stories (ranging from 6 to 12 per interview) that influenced the lives of these two characters. 

There is currently no name, but the fourth episode under the action title “Wolfell’s Wolf” is explained by Martin. The tall Ser Duncan with Egg will appear in Winterfell and join the so-called “Wolf Wolf”. Initially, the fourth book by Dunk and Egg was prepared to be published with the story of the dangerous women scheduled with Gardner Dozois, but beyond the deadline, Martin presents his simple work The Dance of the Dragons in the Civil War, Princess, and Queen. 

Martin explains more on the subject of the upcoming Dunk and Egg stories. Commander of Sellsword Kingsgard Champion The history of these stories is still unknown and it is not known if any of these stories may have occurred between them. The original intention was to publish all of Dunk and Egg’s stories in a series of history books (as they did in the first three books) and put them together in one ledger, but when the Night of Mysteries came out, it was clear. The story of the sun is too long for that. 

As Martin explains, the current project is the release of a series of Dunk and Egg series, each with three books. The first of these collections include three stories that have been published so far: Hedge Knight, Sword of Oath, and Mystery Knight. Initially considered a “Knight of the Hedges” masterpiece, the controversy over the novel “Novels and Comics” created his first collection. 

1. Hedge Knight

How Many Dunk and Egg Stories are There and will There be More?

Hedge Knight is a short story by George R. Martin, a collection of stories by great writers such as Stephen King, Robert Jordan, and Terry Pratchett, legendary legends edited by Robert Silverberg and later edited by Mike S. Miller. Appears for the first time. This is the first story of “Dunk and Egg”. 

The story takes place in the year 209 AD, about 90 years before the Song of Ice and Fire. It tells how Dunk stole a Hedge Knight shirt. While competing in a race at Ashford Meadow, he meets a boy named Egg, a waiter. 

The adventure begins when Dunk decided to continue his journey to Ashford and enter the race as a hero, in the armor of Alan’s Cell. At a street corner, he found a cargo boy named Egg, who was secretly following him to Ashford. 

Impressed by the boy’s jealousy, Dunk took him as his servant in the next contest. Hedge Knight was first published in 1998. In the epic novel. The main story is sometimes divided into two parts, three or four. 

This has resulted in conflict with the original one-distance and II fiction. The second book is a different editor of the same original representatives.

2. The Oath Sword

How Many Dunk and Egg Stories are There and will There be More?

The Oath Sword is the second story of George R. Martin’s Dunk & Egg, following the story of hedgehog hero Duncan the High and Guard’s Egg, a year and a half after the Hedge Knight event. First published in the legendary series Legends II, this is a collection of short stories by authors such as Tad Williams, Orson Scott Card, and Neil Gaiman. 

This novel focuses on the military suffering from minor conflicts and injustices. It means becoming a person who has sworn in the seven kingdoms. A year and a half after Hedge Knight, the seven kingdoms were hit by a severe summer drought following the Great Depression. Dunk swears his sword at the Standing in Reformation Cell Eustas Osgray. 

3. Mysterious Night

How Many Dunk and Egg Stories are There and will There be More 03

Mysterious Night is a novel published in 2010 as part of the Warrior Anthology, edited by George R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. This is the third part of the “Dunk and Egg” series. It is also available on pages 251-394 as a compilation of the three initial “Dunk and Egg” stories, including The Mystery Knight, which was expected to be published in 2014 but was finally published as A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms in 2015.

The graphic novel edition was released in August 2017. It’s the year 212 AC, and Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire, Egg, are traveling through the Riverlands. They are on their way to the North to take up service with Lord Beron Stark, who has sent a call for men to help fend off Greyjoy raids on the northern coast.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dunk and Egg, to be honest. It’s definitely more lighthearted than the main series, but it still contains some important background information and characters for the series itself, especially if you’re a hardcore theories person.

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