How Many People Play FIFA 22? (User & Growth Stats)

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Despite the tremendous hype over battle royale-type games over the past few years, let’s not forget that sports simulation games are also a popular multiplayer game that exists. One of the more popular sports simulation games is FIFA 22, a football simulation game that Electronic Arts published. Due to its exceptional popularity, a lot of fans are wondering how many people play FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 currently has an average of 26 thousand players per month. The numbers are provided by Steam Charts and show a drastic shift in the popularity of the game. The current 24-hour peak is 34,100 players which is a far cry from the all-time peak that happened on April 25 which showed 108,168 players playing FIFA 22 on Steam alone.

Even Before Apex Legends became a huge hit, EA has already been making a lot of revenue-earning games such as The Sims and FIFA 22. At one point, the game was also known as the world’s most popular sports game. This goes to show how much global hit soccer is. So, let’s see how FIFA 22 is doing in 2022.

How many people play FIFA 22?

According to an article by Dexerto, EA has already revealed that over 9 million people have played FIFA 22 as of December 2021. The company claims that the game already had 9.1 million players join the game. In addition, 7.6 million Ultimate Team squads were also created, and about 460 million matches were played.

FIFA is definitely one of the more popular sport simulation games out there. Compared to other sports simulations, the franchise has already crossed 325 million total sales since the first FIFA game. Meanwhile, other sports simulations don’t seem to make the cut. According to the same publication, Football Manager has only made 34 million sales, Pro Evolution Soccer has 111 million, NBA 2K has 118 million, and Madden NFL has 130 million total sales.

But those numbers are related to March of 2022, the last time this post was updated, how is FIFA 22 faring today?

What’s the maximum number of players per day?

The current maximum number of players per day for FIFA 22 stands at 25,731.1 in the last 30 days. EA has not released the number of maximum players in a day for FIFA 22. However, Steam Charts has data on the number of players using steam to play FIFA 22. According to Steam Charts, the soccer-simulation game has an all-time peak of 108,168 for Steam. They reached those peak numbers on April 25 of this year. Below is the Steam Chart for FIFA 22 for the past 6 months.

MonthPeak Players in a Day
Last 30 Days25,731.1
September 202235,242.4
August 202247,666.2
July 202249,193.0
June 202250,768.9
May 202246,148.3
Source: Steam Charts

The numbers provided by Steam Charts show that the player base of FIFA 2022 is steadily decreasing and the trend is likely to continue in the following months as well.

FIFA 22 Player Count by Country

Unfortunately, there is no data regarding where FIFA 22 is played by most people. However, the last study can be found in where they did a rough estimate of FIFA 20. According to their research, The United States has 24.74%, Germany has 5.36%, the United Kingdom has 5.27%, Russia has 4.32%, Brazil has 4.04%, and the remaining countries take up the rest of the percentage of players.

While no study was made on which country has the most active players, a report in stated that FIFA 22 is the best-selling game in 17 EU Nations. This is most likely due to soccer being a popular sport in Europe.

FIFA 22 Player Count by Device

Just like there is no study on the player count by country, there is also no player count for the devices. However, we do know there are over 100 thousand players on PC alone due to the data provided by Steam Charts. Meanwhile, other devices are still left in the dark. However, it seems FIFA is also a pretty popular game on consoles to the point fans of the game are even comparing the graphics of FIFA 22 on different consoles. Essentially Sports suggest FIFA 22 has superior graphics on the PlayStation 5 compared to every other console.

How Many People Have Left FIFA 22?

In the last month alone 27% of players stopped playing FIFA 22 according to Steam Charts data. That percentage reflects the number of players lost compared to the average number of players of the last month. It’s not that 27% of global players have left FIFA 22, the number reflects 27% of players less than it was during the last month.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain/LossMonthly Gain/Loss %
Last 30 Days25,731.1-9,511.3-26.99%
September 202235,242.4-12,423.8-26.06%
August 202247,666.2-1,526.7-3.10%
July 202249,193.0-1,576.0-3.10%
June 202250,768.9+4,620.7+10.01%
May 202246,148.3+8,741.7
Source: Steam Charts

In June, FIFA 22 has last seen an increase in players on Steam, the numbers have been steadily falling since then.

How Much Money has FIFA 22 Made?

EA hasn’t announced how much FIFA 22 had made for them since its release. However, the company did give credit to the soccer video game for making last year’s 4th quarter one of the biggest ever to happen in the company. According to Forbes, the company reported its net booking for the 4th quarter to be $2.577 billion. The amount is accordingly larger by $177 million from the previous year.

EA said a significant part of this success is due to the release of FIFA 22. The FIFA series has always been a huge income driver for the past several years. However, last year proved to be FIFA’s strongest launch, with sales up by double digits. FIFA 22 also sold the most physical copies last year despite people being wary of going out due to Covid-19. According to Game Industry, the UK was a top consumer for physical copies of the game, followed by Mario Kar 8 Deluxe and Minecraft.

FIFA 22 Twitch statistics

The decreasing player base on Steam is reflected in Twitch stats as well. According to the data provided by Twitch Tracker FIFA 22 at the moment of writing this article has a meager 505 live viewers and 178 live channels, and currently ranks as the #193 streamed game on Twitch. This is far from the top it has seen on its launch.

Average viewership during the week is somewhat better at 641 viewers average. It is still a far cry from its peak on January 21st that has seen an incredible 786,910 viewers over a single day.


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FIFA 22 reception

Despite its huge success, FIFA 22 only received generally favorable reviews. According to the compiled reviews of different publications in Wikipedia, the game was generally good and fun to play. However, people were not too impressed with the Nintendo Switch version. They found FIFA 22 on the Switch was too similar to FIFA 21. Below are the numbered scores given by different publications

MetacriticPC: 73/100
PS5: 78/100
XSX 78/100
Game Informer7/10
Switch: 2/10
Nintendo LifeSwitch: 2/10
Push Square8/10
The Guardian4/5
Source: Wikipedia

What’s new in FIFA 22?

Every time EA releases a new FIFA game, they make sure to upgrade a lot of things to make the players’ experience more realistic and enjoyable. Speaking of realistic, one of the things FIFA 22 has is the HyperMotion gameplay. This happens to be the main selling point of the latest game, and it can only be accessed by the next-gen consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. 

They used motion capture data from pro football players in a high-intensity match. The actions in the game to gather data are then used to power the way individual players and teams move across the pitch in FIFA 22. They give their new slogan “Powered By Football” justice with this technology.

The AI is also said to be smarter, as it makes up to six times more decisions per second than the older FIFA gam. This allows other players to make better runs, smarter positions, and defend goals better. Control of the ball is also said to be more fluid and natural. The developers tried to make ball physics as realistic as possible. Things like how the ball will behave depending on a pass, shot, and bounce are based on different variables.


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To keep the experience as accurate as possible, the developers also wanted to make the characters more humanized. There are more natural interactions between the different players, and stoppages seem more realistic as well. How the players react to in-game situations is also made to seem more real.

Other elements were also added and improved, such as a new goalkeeper system, the explosive sprint, other new skill moves, more tactical styles, and match analysis was added to the game. In the Pro Club Game mode, Female Virtual Pros were also added, and they develop and advance the same way a male pro would grow. There are other additions to the game that you can read in detail over at the EA’s official site, or if you already have the game, you can explore all the features yourself.

Interesting facts About FIFA 22

Some interesting statistics came out from an article from Aroged that was published in October 2021. According to the article, in less than a month since the game’s release, FIFA 22 has already been played in 228 different countries. Meanwhile, about 89 million matches are completed daily.

FIFA 22 has 100 stadiums, over 30 leagues, 17,000 licensed players, and more than 700 teams. Meanwhile, over 3.1 million individual clubs for the game have already been created in just a single month. So 2021 was definitely a strong start for FIFA 22, and 2022 looks to be another good year for the game so far.