How Old Is Miles “Spider” Socorro in Avatar 2? When Was He Born?

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Avatar: The Way of Water dropped in theaters after 13 years of waiting and introduced us to a ton of new characters. Jake Sully and Neytiri now have five children, two of which are adopted. One of their adopted kids is Miles ‘Spider’ Socorro, a human child who was born on Pandora. So, how old is Miles Socorro in Avatar 2, and when exactly was he born?

Miles ‘Spider’ Socorro was born in 2154, in the same year as the first Avatar movie took place, maybe weeks before the assault of the Tree of Souls. Seeing that about 14 years have passed between the events of the first and second Avatar films, it would make Spider 14-15 years old.

His history, and life on Pandora, are as hard and complicated as it gets. He is much smaller and weaker than the Na’vi, so he struggles just to keep up with them. He’s a kind-hearted boy but feels tremendous guilt over what humans did to the Na’vi. He’s quite an interesting and layered character, so let’s dive in head-first and explore Miles Socorro a bit more.

Who is Miles ‘Spider’ Socorro?

Miles ‘Spider’ Socorro is the first child of Jake Sully and Neytiri. He was not their biological son, however. Spider was adopted by the couple as a baby after being born in Hell’s Gate on Pandora. So, who are Miles’ biological parents, and how come he stayed on Pandora instead of returning to Earth? Well, let’s start from the beginning.

Spider was an RDA baby, born to none other than Colonel Miles Quaritch himself and a woman named Paz Socorro, who was an RDA pilot residing in Hell’s Gate on Pandora. Quaritch and Socorro slept together but were never actually in a relationship, nor did the Colonel ever acknowledge Miles as his son. Well, at least not initially.

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Spider’s biological mother got killed during a mission – specifically, the assault on the Tree of Souls. Seeing that Quaritch never acknowledged Spider as his kid (and also perished in combat), it left the little baby boy orphaned on an alien planet.

As the rest of the RDA traveled back to Earth, Spider couldn’t be taken with them, as he was too young for cryo and would die in the process. Instead of just letting an innocent human baby die, Jake Sully and Neytiri decided to adopt him and raise him as their own kid.

Now, despite being his adopted mother, Neytiri never really bonded with Miles, seeing him as a threat and an inconvenience. He literally called her Mrs. Sully. Life on Pandora was extremely difficult for Spider, as he was much smaller, weaker, and slower than the Na’vi.


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Essentially, he struggled to keep up with them in every possible way, but they raised him right, and he became a sweet, kind-hearted boy. The remorse for what humans did to the Na’vi never left him, and Spider dedicated himself to trying to make things right. The fact is, he never could in the eyes of some Na’vi.

The strongest bond in his life was with Kiri, Jake, and Neytiri’s only adopted daughter. They shared that bond over being orphans and the adopted kids in the family. The only difference was Kiri was also Na’vi, so she had it easier than Spider.

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At one point, Neytiri had even forbidden Miles to hang out with Kiri, believing he was a bad influence.

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Now, if you’ve never heard of Spider or Paz Socorro before, it’s because they haven’t appeared in the first Avatar movie. In fact, Paz was never mentioned in the second movie either, but we learned all about Miles’ early life through a series of Avatar graphic novels that went into detail about his life.

When was Spider born?

So, if Spider was still a little baby when the RDA was sent back to Earth after the first Avatar film, when was he actually born? 

Miles ‘Spider’ Socorro was born in 2154, days, weeks, or a few months, at most, before the assault on the Tree of Souls. His mother passed away, and then Jake and Neytiri adopted him probably right after the events of the first movie.


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It’s also when they got their first biological child – Neteyam, their son and most likely the future leader of the Omaticaya Clan. He was born in 2155, meaning he was slightly younger than Spider – anywhere from a few months to a full year of a gap between them.

How old is Mile Spider Socorro in Avatar 2?

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Now that we know exactly when Spider was born, it’s easy to determine how old he is in Avatar 2.

Not only was there a big 13-year gap between the first and second Avatar movies – there’s a big gap between the events within the movies, as well. That gap is potentially even a bit bigger. We know that it takes seven years to get from Pandora to Earth. 

Then, the RDA needed seven years to get back, so that’s at least 14 years of a gap between the first and second Avatar movies (maybe even 15, depending on how long the RDA was on Earth before heading back to Pandora).

Spider was born in 2154, the same year that the first Avatar film took place. Seeing that the gap between the movies is around 14-15 years, it would make Spider 14-15 years old in Avatar: The Way of Water, meaning he’s well into his teenage years already.

To put it into context, his brother, Neteyam, was born in 2155, meaning he’s about 13-14 years old in Avatar 2.

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