Ted Lasso: How Old Is Rebecca?

How Old Is Rebecca From Ted Lasso?

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Ted Lasso is an ongoing Apple TV+ series that has charmed the audience worldwide with its wholesome atmosphere, and the emotional value the characters and their stories bring to the show. The sport aspect of the show also captures the football culture in England well, but generally, the characters carry Ted Lasso the most. Of course, the fans love to discuss the show’s lore and their favorite characters, and besides Ted Lasso, Rebecca Welton is a fan favorite. Portrayed by Hannah Waddingham, Rebecca became one of the best parts of the show, and the duality of her character (powerful woman with weaknesses) is incredibly written. Since Ted Lasso doesn’t stray from their more mature characters, this article will discuss Rebecca’s age in the Ted Lasso series. 

Rebecca Welton is confirmed to be somewhere between 47 and 50 years of age. Her age was never outrightly confirmed in the Ted Lasso show, but the hints of her past made her age similar to Ted Lasso. In season two, we saw Rebecca as a teenager when she caught her father cheating in 1991. This storyline parallels Ted’s, who is confirmed to be 16 years old in 1991 when his father committed suicide. Rebecca is either the same age as Ted (currently 47) or one year or two older than the manager of Richmond. Hannah Waddingham is 48 in real life, most likely for Rebecca’s character.

We will discuss this topic more by mentioning Rebecca’s story in the Ted Lasso show and connecting it to her age. Moreover, we will speculate Rebecca’s age using the information in the show and some facts established outside of the plot of Ted Lasso. If you are interested, stay with us until the end. Beware of spoilers for the Ted Lasso TV show.

Short summary of Rebecca’s character in Ted Lasso

One of the best parts of the Ted Lasso TV series is its characters. What fans love the most about the show are the goofy characters and their hilarious moments combined with the calming atmosphere of the show. Ted Lasso doesn’t burden viewers with unnecessary plot points and drama storylines for weak conflict. On the contrary, it showcases realistic characters in how they act or react to the happenings around them.

A prime example is Ted Lasso, the show’s titular character, who is a goofy, charming, seemingly naive character on the surface. However, in the first episode, Ted showcases extreme maturity and ability to read the room, which surprises the viewers. More often than not, we see shows create extremely one-layered characters who only serve one purpose, and unfortunately, we are so used to that.

How Old Is Rebecca From Ted Lasso?
Ted and Rebecca have more things in common than we realize.

Ted Lasso strays away from that trope, and it gives its characters purpose and space to either fail or improve. Another great example is Rebecca, who, over three seasons, establishes a great friendship with Keeley. However, the fact that Rebecca has another “best friend,” Flo, also known in the show as Sassy, doesn’t take her away from the younger woman or puts the distance between the two friends.

Women in fictional media have been criminally treated in the way the characters would treat their friends for the sake of the TV series plot. Ted Lasso does the right thing and empowers women in reasonable and realistic ways – there can be jealousy, but never to the point of causing rifts between the women.


What Does ‘Oklahoma’ Mean in Ted Lasso?

Rebecca was always an interesting character, a woman “forcefully” put in charge of the football club her cheating ex-husband really loved. She decides to ruin it by employing Ted Lasso, an American football coach who knows nothing about soccer or its culture in England. Her divorce took a great toll on her, especially after seeing how the English press portrayed Rupert, who was the one who cheated on Rebecca and got caught in doing so.

What’s really depressing for Rebecca’s character in Ted Lasso is her inability to open up to people and her insecurities resulting from bad and manipulative marriage, which she covered with sarcasm. However, with the influence of Ted Lasso, Keeley, and others, we see Rebecca slowly recovering from her trauma. Yes, even now, in the third season, the owner of Richmond is burdened with Rupert’s wrongdoings, but the TV series gave her time to process her trauma and solve it in a healthy way – slow and steady.

How Old Is Rebecca From Ted Lasso?
Rebecca confesses she caught her father cheating on Deborah when she was a young girl in 1991.

Years of a bad, manipulative marriage isn’t something a person can solve in two episodes, and Rebecca’s journey is incredible and inspiring in many ways because of that.

Despite her age, Rebecca is vulnerable, and even her strong demeanor doesn’t cover her insecurities, seen immediately by Ted Lasso himself – he wants to help her with kind words and doings, which eventually pays off. Nevertheless, Rebecca is an amazing, layered character, and Hannah Waddingham is doing an incredible job portraying her, hence why the actress got an Emmy for the performance.

However, let’s discuss Rebecca’s “lore” a bit and see how old she is in Ted Lasso TV show.

How old is Rebecca Welton in Ted Lasso?

One of the first steps in characterizing characters from one show is to analyze their background and facts from the past that will fulfill the gaps and shape them up in the most accurate way. As with any other fandom, Ted Lasso fans decided to speculate on the ages of Ted Lasso characters, and most of them are quite well known. For example, we discover that Keeley Jones is almost thirty years old, as the character herself says in the first season of the show, and that Jamie Tartt was 23 years of age at that point.

Roy Kent retired from football in season one, and in season two, the famous footballer is already an assistant coach to Ted Lasso at Richmond. In English football and in general, most footballers retire at 36 to 40, which is approximately the age of a talented midfielder.

Regarding Ted Lasso, his age is established by Jason Sudeikis himself, who confirmed that Ted Lasso is the same age as the actor (in season one, specifically 2021, when the Richmond manager is confirmed to be 46 years old).


‘Ted Lasso’: Who Are the Characters Based On?

In the show, the “No Weddings and a Funeral” episode of season two sees two main characters in incredibly tough mental states – Ted finally reveals to Dr. Fieldstone that he is deeply traumatized by his father’s suicide. In contrast, Rebecca’s father dies, and the woman deals with her past.

This particular episode received critical acclaim for the performances of Sudeikis and Waddingham, and it is a pivotal episode of season two. Why am I mentioning this? Because both Ted’s and Rebecca’s brief past was shown in the episode. It was confirmed that in 1991, Ted’s father committed suicide. Ted was confirmed to be sixteen years old at that point and was born in 1975.

Rebecca’s age wasn’t outrightly revealed in the show, but in 1991, Rebecca confirms that she and Sassy caught her father cheating on Deborah, her mother, which puts her in a similar age group as Ted Lasso. This whole episode was dedicated to Ted and Rebecca, and despite being vastly different characters, it was revealed that Ted and Rebecca have more in common than we realize.

Rebecca Welton is either 47 like Ted Lasso or one year older than the Richmond manager. The dates and real-life ages of the actors will confirm this notion, and knowing the Ted Lasso TV series, the showrunners don’t like complicating things, hence why the characters’ ages are easy to connect and analyze.

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