How Old Is Serena in Pokémon? (Anime & Game)

How Old Is Serena in Pokémon? (Anime & Game)

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Serena was a character who was with Ash in the Kalos region, along with Clemont and Bonnie. She was the female protagonist initially embodied by the player in Pokémon X and Y. Although Ash does not recognize her when they meet, they got to know each other as children, in a holiday center in Pallet Town. She chooses Fennekin as her starting Pokémon and also has a Pancham and an Eevee which evolves into Sylveon. In this article, we are going to discuss Serena’s age in the context of the series.

Serena’s exact age in the Pokémon series is not known. As far as the anime is concerned, based on her interaction with Ash and the whole context of the anime, she is most likely 10 years old, or somewhere around that age. As for the games, the prototype for the anime Serena is, as the female protagonist of the game, 10 years old, which is the age when young trainers begin their journeys.

The rest of the article will give you some more information on Serena’s evolution as a character in the series, as well as answers to some important questions regarding Serena’s age at some of the most important moments in her life. The article is, of course, going to contain spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you.

How old is Serena in the anime?

Serena catches a Pokemon

Serena’s age in the anime: 10 years old (probably)

Serena is one of the main female characters from XY and travels through Kalos together with Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie. She has known Ash since childhood. During her journey with the kids, she decides to become a Pokémon trainer. Her character is based on the female protagonists from the games Pokémon X and Y. Serena is from the Kalos region. Serena used to attend Professor Oak’s summer camp in Pallet Town with Ash. As a little girl, she was very shy and revealed that she was a little scared of Pokémon.

This changed after she met Ash at summer camp when she was a child: Serena got lost in the woods in Kanto and injured her knee because she was frightened by a Poliwag. She calls for her mother and says that she should not have attended the camp. Then the bush shakes again and Ash appears. He sees that she is injured and bandages her knee with a piece of cloth before saying a spell to stop it from hurting. However, this does not work. Ash wants to cheer her up and tells her to “never give up until it’s over”. He helps Serena up by taking her hand and pulling her towards him. After that, he takes her back to camp. She later joins Ash on his journeys across the Kalos region but leaves – like many female protagonists before her – when Ash decided to travel to a new region.


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After a long absence, Serena has reunited in an episode of Pokémon Journeys for an additional appearance. She meets and befriends Chloe and her Eevee in Lilycove City. It turns out she’s made a name for herself in Hoenn, and especially in Lilycove City, as she wants to revitalize Pokémon competitions alongside her role model, Lisia. After giving Chloe some advice for her future, she recommends that she attend the Contest Spectacular, which she will also attend. While Chloe enrolls in Normal rank, Serena enrolls in Master rank.

It turns out that her Braixen has now evolved into Delphox. She shares the victory with Lisia. After the competition, Chloe wants to head out again. At the docks, the girls say goodbye when Ash and Go show up. Serena and Ash greet each other and are happy to see each other again. They promise to cheer each other on and say goodbye again. In another episode, it can be seen how she follows the final fight between Ash and Leon in a competition hall on television with Max, May, and Lisia.

Serena appears to be short-tempered, for example yelling at Fletchling when it wakes her up with a jab. Even Ryhorn seems to respect her when she gets upset. She seems to care a lot about her appearance, as she complains about the injuries she inflicted on herself while horseback riding and ponders at length what to wear to meet Professor Sycamore. She seems to have a close bond with the family’s Pokémon, as Fletchling is allowed to sit on her head more often and she also feeds Ryhorn. Serena quickly becomes discouraged when things don’t go according to plan, as evidenced by her wanting to give up training when she was thrown down.

She enjoys showcasing and disguising herself, which is seen in A Poké Promo Shoot With Consequences!, as she aims to shoot the perfect promo movie. It shows just how much she and Fennekin like each other as the latter overcome his fear of getting dirty to come to her place and lovingly costumes and blow-drys him after he gets wet. This episode also shows how much she likes Ash, as she pricks her ears when Ash says something cute about Aria’s video and is relieved when he says he means her Fennekin. She also keeps asking him to help with the shoot and ends up asking Ash’s opinion about the finished video. When he is enthusiastic, she is very satisfied with her performance. In one episode of the anime, she reacts jealously when Miette asks Ash if he has a girlfriend.

This shows that she practically claims Ash as her own. For a long time, Serena doesn’t know which goal to pursue, which shows how aimlessly she started her adventure, but also that she is so mature that she first wants to try her talents and test what suits her best. This “trial” is also part of the reason she travels with Ash and the others. In one later episode of the anime series, after losing her first fight, she realizes that all the coaches around her are passionate about her goal, which is why she has to change something in her life.


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This again shows that she is very mature and thoughtful, but can also draw the right conclusions from setbacks and be inspired by others. The fact that she finally decides to do Pokémon performances shows that Serena likes to be the center of attention and show off. She immediately checks out the competition, and her first catch of her own is Pancham, a Pokémon that helped her achieve her goal of becoming a performer in a later episode of the anime series, which is formulated to support.

There are some romantic moments between the two during their shopping trip with Ash. Serena blushes several times and her feelings for him are revealed again. In a pivotal episode for her, she is devastated when she loses the showcase and cries at the end of the episode, although at first she reacted calmly and congratulated Sannah. This shows that she is a fair loser and how important it is to her to achieve her goal. She tries to present her new side with a new haircut and outfit. This again reveals her affection for Ash, as she integrates the blue ribbon he gave her.

How old is Serena in the games?

Serena clear file

Serena’s age in the games: 10 years old

Serena is the protagonist of Pokémon X and Y and lives in Vaniville Town. She is the female counterpart of Calem. If you choose Kalem as the protagonist instead of her, she is a rival. Serena is part of the trainers that come from Vaniville Town, which consists of five members. As a heroine, she lives in Vaniville Town, and when the game actually begins, she becomes friends with the four characters Calem, Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno, whom she will meet regularly on her journey and who will soon grow into her heart.

Each member of the group will receive a Pokémon and a Pokédex to travel the entire region with, aiming to become the Pokémon League Champion and complete the Pokédex for Professor Sycamore. The appearance and look of the protagonist in the game can be determined by the player himself, which is why she is the first protagonist, along with Kalem, who can have different hair, skin, and iris colors: thus she is also the first playable character who is not only blonde hair but also a dark skin color.

If you choose Calem as the protagonist at the beginning instead of her, she appears as a non-player character and a member of the group he embarks on a great journey with. She is the neighbor child from Vaniville Town and is the main rival with the most fights. In this case, she is not wearing a hat but a braid. As a rival, or as the default player character, she has long, blond hair and fair skin. Her outfit consists of a hat on which she puts her sunglasses, a black top, and a red, wide mini skirt, which she wears together with thigh-high stockings. She also wears black shoes.

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