How Powerful Is Gellert Grindelwald? & How He Compares to Other Wizards?

How powerful is Gellert Grindelwald

Wizards and their worlds, who is stronger, more powerful or simply better. A topic that never gets old and one we enjoy reading about. The Harry Potter world and wizards in it are some of the most famous ever. We met and got to know the majority in the books and then movies. Some were there even before his days. We agree that Dumbledore and Voldemort are extremely powerful. But what about Gellert Grindelwald? How powerful exactly is he?

Gellert Grindelwald was one of the most powerful and dangerous Dark Wizards of all time. He is maybe even more powerful than Voldemort himself, even though Voldemort was the one who was the death of him. 

In this article, we are going to remind you of who Gellert Grindelwald was, what were his strengths and weaknesses and how he compares to other great wizards. 

Who is Gellert Grindelwald?

Gellert Grindelwald was born somewhere at the beginning of 1880. He was a Seer from his birth and mastered and developed his fascinating abilities and skill at Durmstrang Institute. This school has always been oriented toward the Dark Arts. 

Therefore the young Gellert was also keen on more mysterious and opaque things from his young days. As a Seer he saw his future and became obsessed with the three Deathly Hollows and devoted himself to learning everything about them.

He was expelled from Durmstrang at the age of 16. He didn’t even graduate. This was a sign that had to be taken into account. He obviously performed something so dark and dangerous that even a school that favored the Dark Arts didn’t want to have anything with him. It was a sign that his future wouldn’t be so bright.

Gellert Grindelwald’s strengths and weaknesses

As maybe the most powerful Dark Wizard of all time, Gellert Grindelwald had numerous powers. He was known for his intelligence. He was an ambitious and strong minded individual, complicated and stubborn. He was extremely charming and knew how to use all his good sides. 


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He had a combination of things that would make him powerful in anything. But his eagerness and ambition drove him to the bad side. He wasn’t at the beginning so fascinated with the Dark Arts, but as a student Durmstrang, he slowly accepted their views on the Dark Arts themselves. 

Grindelwald never hid his dark side, but was very good at deceiving people, seducing them with his wits and intelligence. Even Dumbledore didn’t see his true side. Grindelwald has been slowly developing into one of the biggest, the most notorious ones. Until Voldemort came. And here we start puzzling on which of them is more powerful.

The relationship between Grindelwald and Voldemort

Grindelwald Voldemort

Even though their paths crossed very late, there is always so much going on about the similarity between these two great and notorious wizards. It is unbelievable how alike they are and how similar their views and beliefs are. Until Voldemort’s time, Grindelwald was indeed the most powerful dark wizard, but as Voldemort started with his deadly stampedo, we became aware that someone even more malicious was coming. 


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The two are very much alike, both emotionless and self obsessed. They care more about the ones who follow them than the ones who care for them. They like to be heard and express themselves in a specific way. And both of them had obsessions. Obsessions so strong that they would very often cloud their judgements. Voldemort with Harry Potter and Grindelwald with Credence Barebone.

But Grindelwald never liked Voldemort, seeing him far inferior. Facing the fact that he won’t be able to use the Elder Wand as Grindelwald, Voldemort used the Killing Curse to end his life. There will always be ones who will state that Grindelwald is more powerful and the ones who will give Voldemort more credit, but the fact is that both wizards were feared and a great danger for everyone around them. 

The relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore

Dumbledore Grindewald

This is one of the most hidden relationships ever and we wouldn’t even be fully aware of it, hadn’t J.K.Rowling revealed that Grindelwald and Dumbledore had a strong connection. They go way back and have been best friends from their teenage years. They were similar at the beginning. Both intelligent and extremely skillful, ambitious and eager to lead the wizarding revolution. 

They even developed romantic feelings towards one another and this aspect of their life will be shown and described in detail in the upcoming sequels of The Fantastic Beasts. But as usual, something often interferes with plans and ideas. A tragedy led to Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s separation and a lifelong avoidance. Who knows what would have happened if everything had worked out as planned.

End note

In a conclusion, once again there is a tight fight between the most powerful ones. Undoubtedly, Dumbledore is the greatest, but there would have been a great fight between Grindelwald and Voldemort if they had been of the same age when their duel took place.

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