How Strong Is Hughie on the V in The Boys? (& What Are His Powers)

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One of the things we know about The Boys from the comics is that The Boys themselves have powers that allow them to fight the supes on par as they used a different kind of Compound V that gave them super strength. However, in the live-action series, the members of The Boys are starting to get powers because of the temporary V24 that Queen Maeve gave Butcher. Hughie was the second one to take V24. So, how strong is Hughie in V24, and what are his powers?

While on V24, Hughie was shown to be strong enough to handle the military personnel stationed in the facility where Soldier Boy was kept. He showed the ability to teleport out of his clothes for a short distance. Meanwhile, he was also strong enough to punch right through a regular person.

Like Compound V, it seems like V24 allows the supes to gain random powers as Hughie’s powers are different compared to what Butcher can do while on the temporary V. In that regard, his powers are quite unique because this is the first time we saw a supe that’s capable of teleporting. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Hughie’s powers when under the V.

How Did Hughie Get His Powers In The Boys?

The world of The Boys keeps on getting interesting because we are now seeing The Boys themselves finally getting closer to closing the gap between them and the supes, who are much more powerful than they are. In that regard, we did see in the first episode of season 3 of The Boys that Queen Maeve gave Billy Butcher the temporary Compound V called V24 so that he could find a way to combat the members of Payback and get information out of them.

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Billy Butcher did indeed use the temporary Compound V when he realized that he could not extract information from Gunpowder, who was much stronger than he was. As such, he had to take V24 so that he could obtain strong enough powers that allowed him to easily handle Gunpowder and kill him. It is even possible that his under V24 is so great that it could allow him to fight Homelander on par.

When The Boys found a way into Russia to retrieve the weapon that was supposedly strong enough to kill Soldier Boy and possibly Homelander, Butcher took another shot of V24 because he believed that it was their best shot at getting out of the military compound alive. 

Meanwhile, Hughie saw him taking V24 and got curious about it to the point that he wanted a shot. The reason why Hughie wanted to take V24 was tied to the fact that he couldn’t do anything when Homelander was up on his face and was threatening to take Starlight away from him. He wanted to be strong enough to be able to fight his own battles without having to rely on Starlight to save him. Nevertheless, Butcher didn’t allow him to take a shot because he thought that he couldn’t handle it.


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The boys were able to infiltrate the Russian military base but got into trouble when the guards in the area started attacking them. They were in a bind that they couldn’t escape until Butcher tanked the bullets to reveal that he had powers of his own as well. This allowed the other members of The Boys to understand that he had become powerful as he was invulnerable to bullets and had the same heat vision that Homelander is capable of using.

When Mother’s Milk was in a bind and was about to get killed by a soldier, Hughie came to his aid by teleporting out of his clothes. He was able to kill the soldier with a single punch, and everyone was left wondering what had happened to both Butcher and Hughie. That was when Butcher suggested that Hughie probably took the V24 when he wasn’t looking. As such, Hughie got his powers when he took the temporary V without Butcher’s knowledge and consent.

What Are Hughie’s Powers In The Boys?

As mentioned, Hughie was able to gain his powers in The Boys when he took the temporary Compound V known as V24. This allowed him to become strong enough to help the other Boys out during the event in the Russian military compound in episode 4. But what are Hughie’s powers when he is in the temporary V?

The first power that Hughie Campbell showed was the ability to teleport. His teleportation seems to be something that only works on his body because he teleported out of his clothes. This happened when Mother’s Milk was about to get killed by one of the guards in the military facility as Hughie came to his rescue when he teleported a short distance. And, as suggested, this teleportation ability probably only works on his body but not his clothes.

Meanwhile, the second power that he displayed in episode 4 was his enhanced strength. This isn’t something unique to Hughie because almost all of the supes have become super strong under the effects of Compound V. But their levels of super-strength tend to be different from one another, as there are supes that are far stronger than the others.


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Hughie displayed his enhanced strength when he was able to kill the Russian guard with a single punch. That means that he does have super strength and that this strength that he obtained was greater than other supes but probably not up to par with the stronger ones like Homelander or even Queen Maeve.

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The fact that Hughie’s powers are different from the ones that Billy butcher has shown suggests that, like the regular Compound V, V24 probably has different effects that depend on the person taking it. Of course, considering that Butcher still had the same powers (strength, invulnerability, and heat vision) in his second dose of V24 also suggests that this V isn’t random but would still depend on the person taking it.

As such, Hughie’s own genetic makeup might have played a role in how different his powers are compared to Butcher’s own powers. This could mean that V24’s effects might be genetic in nature instead of being completely random.

How Strong Is Hughie On The V?

We have seen how strong Butcher is when he is on the V because he was strong enough to easily handle Gunpowder without encountering any problems. That’s because he could be powerful enough that his powers are almost similar to what Homelander can do. But what about Hughie? How strong is Hughie on the V?

At this point, we don’t know exactly how strong Hughie is when he is on the V because he hasn’t shown the complete extent of what he can do. But what we do know is that he is powerful enough to punch right through a regular human being, and this isn’t something that all of the supes have been capable of doing. That means that he could be stronger than the regular supe but probably still far from the strength that the other stronger supes like Homelander and Queen Maeve.

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