How To Clear All Dropped Items In Minecraft?

How To Clear All Dropped Items In Minecraft?

Minecraft is an adventurous game. An adventure should not bug or lack in a quick excitement. Dropped Items slow down the games which forms an unpleasant experience for you. But this is not something you should let your game suffer.

Dropped items can be cleared in Minecraft using the command and various plugins available online. Plugins are a perfect online solution to remove any or all the dropped items which are just sitting around the map doing nothing but increasing the load on graphics.

Nothing is more frustrating for gamers than a slow game. If that makes you feel like punching through the screen, the solutions mentioned in this blog will help you calm down your frustration and run your game smooth like a knife on cream. Let’s see what are the ways to clear all dropped items in Minecraft?

Is There A Way To Clear All Dropped Items In Minecraft?

 Dropped items cause the game to lag and hence it results in slow games. Now nobody likes to play games that run like 1998 video games.

In Minecraft, commands are available to clear them. A plugin that clears items in the game can be used to remove dropped items from Minecraft.

Your game must have lagged incessantly because of dropped items lying around the world. Dropping items increases the load on the graphics and causes the system to lag. Players are less likely to enjoy themselves and are more likely to become frustrated.

However, there is a way to deal with it. The Minecraft community takes care of its players and several plugins are available to solve this problem.

The later section of this article contains a list of plugins.

Besides plugins, the kill command also removes all dropped items. Using this command, you can remove any or all items from the world.

“/kill @e[type=item]”

By following this command you would be able to speed up your game as the items scattered around the world would be cleared.

How To Clear All Dropped Items – Make As Subheadings For All Platforms?

How To Clear All Dropped Items In Minecraft?

For Bedrock and Java Both:

The command depends on what platform you’re using to build this, but if it’s Bedrock or Java, it’s simple.

1.    Go to the lowest, first point you want to fill from.

2.    Go to the highest, diagonal point you want to stop filling.

3.    Then, type the following: /fill x, y, z x, y, z, air

Please, be careful to type the right coordinates! I’m building a huge world now and I can’t say how many times I’ve accidentally destroyed things by filling too much!

For Java edition

Moreover, I assume that Java is installed and that you have purchased a Minecraft account.

An area cannot be cleared all at once in vanilla (unmodified) Minecraft. I recommend installing Forge and getting the World Edit mod if you wanted a command to do that. In order to run your own server, you must install the world edit plugin for Spigot or Craft-Bukkit.

If you’re using Java, you can also use World Edit or MCEdit, but these take time to install and skills to use.

The easiest thing would be the ‘fill’ command as follow


Fill commands begin with the word fill, the two sets of coordinates will determine the area you will be “filling” or deleting, and the name after the coordinates will specify what block type will fill the area set by the coordinates previously given.

All you have to do is get your coordinates and make sure the end block type is air.

On a flat world, that command would create a perfect 10x10x10 cube of dirt right near the center.

Minecraft Clear Dropped Items Plugin

There are numerous plugins available online to ease your pain of clearing the dropped items.

Check out the best ones in the list below:

1.     ClearDroppedItems

2.     SpigotMC

3.     Bukkit Plugin


How To Clear All Dropped Items In Minecraft?

There are less than 50 (Now 80) lines of code in ClearDroppedItems, a simple lightweight plugin just topping 3 KB (Now 5 KB). What’s simpler than that (still pretty simple)?

Feel free to leave your server IP and IGN in the comments so I can see this plugin in action!


SpigotMC is yet another fantastic, effective tool for removing dropped items from your game. Any item lying around is cleared. It worked continuously every minute in the game without causing any lag in the system.


The performance of your computer improves significantly when you install Bukkit.

Just by installing it, you can cut your RAM usage in half! The Bukit Lagg Remover differs from most plugins (such as ClearLag) that reduce server lag in that it works with chunks, not entities.

This can be used for minigame servers to large survival servers. On less than 500MB of RAM, you can easily run a 24 person server. It has amazing effects. 

  • Support for multiple versions – Fully supports versions: 1.8.X, 1.9.X, 1.10.X, 1.11.X, 1.12.X, 1.13.X, 1.14.X as well as partially supporting older and/or future versions, possibly with some information related features disabled.
  • Ram Usage Reduction – By monitoring and controlling how chunks are loaded into your server’s memory, Bukkit can reduce the amount of ram your server uses. The more chunks loaded, the more lag your server will have. It eliminates this problem by keeping the bare minimum of chunks required loaded.
  • Get accurate Ticks Per a Second (TPS) readings of your server with the latest and most efficient methods.
  • A server’s first impression is crucial. When someone joins your server for the first time, they will not want to stay on it if it lags like crazy. Never lose potential members to lag again.
  • Verify whether your server hosts are giving you the correct amount of RAM. You can view the amount of RAM you are currently using, the maximum you can use, and the amount you currently have allocated.

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