How to Connect Pokémon Go to Switch?

How to Connect Pokemon Go to Switch

The mobile game king of AR, Pokemon Go, is pairable with the Nintendo Switch. It shares a connection with the Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu (or Eevee version) which is made exclusively for the Switch. You can sync all Pokemon Go data with the Pokemon: Let’s Go via Bluetooth. If you are wondering how to do that I will explain in this in-depth guide.

Open the Pokemon GO app on a mobile device and at the same time Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! on the Nintendo Switch. In the mobile device settings within the app, there is the Main Menu button. At the top right, tap the Settings button and find the Nintendo Switch option. Tap on the Nintendo Switch and that’s it. Pairing mode is activated.

At this point, Pokemon can be sent from Pokemon GO to the Switch and additional XP and a Mystery box are provided. The trainers are ready to collect candy! Each transfer of a Pokemon to a Switch yields candies just like from Professor Willow. The Mystery box increases the chances of catching a rare mythical Pokemon.

New launches

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu is the best of both worlds. Augmented reality from Pokemon Go and the storyline from the older Pokemon games for Gameboy is a great synergy. One of the interesting things is that they have launched Poké Balls for the Nintendo Switch. That means you can throw an actual Pokéball while catching Pokemon. 

It’s a plastic device with built-in electronics players can use to play Let’s Go instead of the Joy-Con. In addition to Poké Balls, there are Joy-Con controllers that use motion control. 

Nintendo has launched a slightly different Switch model, the Switch Lite. The Switch Lite is also compatible with Let’s Go and Pokemon Go but as it usually happens, certain irritating problems can arise.

How to connect Pokemon Go to Switch?

How to Connect Pokemon Go to Switch

Pairing Pokemon Go with the Switch sounds fairly easy, with a few taps. Not overly complicated and well suited for people who are not very skilled with gadgets. Both the Switch and your mobile device should be near with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.

 I explained earlier how to connect Pokemon Go to the Switch starting on your mobile device. This is an alternative version from the Switch’s perspective.

First, you have to prepare both devices. You have to turn on Bluetooth on both devices. The Bluetooth option is available in the settings. Press the X button to open the main menu on your Switch. Now press the Y button and select Options from the menu. Choose the option listed as Pokemon Go settings.

It will now ask you if you want to connect the device with your Pokemon Go account. After accepting, you will have to find the right Trainer ID. After finding the correct Trainer ID you have to tap on it and wait for the process to complete.

If the connection was a success, the white Nintendo Switch icon should appear on your mobile device under the Available devices section. You can start transferring data from your phone to your Switch.

It is important to mention you can only transfer Pokemon caught in the Kanto region from Pokemon Go.

How to connect Pokemon Go to Switch Lite?

Switch Lite is a newer and slightly different version of the Switch. It’s cheaper but it also doesn’t have all the features that its big brother, the Switch, has. Apart from the smaller dimensions, it only supports handheld mode and does not support all games. Joy-Con controllers must be purchased additionally and the Switch Lite cannot be connected to a TV. 

The positive thing is that it still supports Let’s Go and can be paired with Pokemon Go. Just like Big Brother, in a few taps through the settings, you pair your Pokemon Go with a Switch and send your Pokemon to Go Park. Go Park an in-game location where you explore, interact with other Pokemon, and of course – catch them.

However, for trainers, who play Let’s Go on Switch Lite, some things may be a little harder.

For carefree playing and taking advantage of all the benefits of a game, such as a Partner Powers, trainers should buy Joy-Con controllers which is an additional cost. With that said, it’s a better idea to just invest a little more and buy a regular Switch.

How do you connect Pokemon Go to Let’s Go, Pikachu?

How to Connect Pokemon Go to Switch

Pairing the games is one of the main things to pay attention to if you want to enjoy the Poké world without interruption. On the Switch, I pressed X to open the Pause Menu and then I pressed Y to open the settings. In the settings is the Pokemon Go option that I clicked on. 

The game asked if I wanted to pair with Pokemon Go and that was it. I like that simplicity, why would I waste precious time when Pikachu is waiting for me? 

The first time you transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Let’s Go you get a Mystery Box. The Mystery Box is a special item that works like incense and attracts Pokemon. But since it’s special, it doesn’t just attract any Pokemon, it attracts Meltan. It only occurs at the first transfer.

You have to go to Fuchsia City’s Go Park because this is the only place where transferring occurs. One transfer can send a maximum of 50 Pokemon at once. You can transfer Pokemon from your mobile device to your Switch but you cannot send them back.

Why can’t I connect my Pokemon Go to my Switch?

When the game doesn’t work properly or when favorite apps decide not to cooperate, it causes frustration. Some players reported difficulties pairing Pokemon Go accounts with the console but the Reddit community found a solution even faster than the creators of the game themselves.

As for most problems these days, the good old-fashioned turn off – turn on tactic works in this case as well. Make sure you’ve disconnected the Joy-Con controllers from the Switch and disconnect all connected Bluetooth devices from the mobile device.

It is very important to enable all application permissions for Pokemon Go. Then you need to reset the mobile device and Switch and you should be ready to catch some Pokemon.

Combining Pokemon Go and Let’s Go is actually a great move. Aside from collecting more XP, you no longer need to grind Charmander from scratch but just simply transfer the wicked Charizard to the Switch and continue winning battles.
You catch Pokemon with a Poké ball. A real, tangible Poké ball. Okay, somewhat real. Well done, Nintendo, good move! With a distinctive vibe of old Pokemon games, this game takes me back to my childhood. The Pokemon phenomenon won over people’s hearts all around the globe. From simple Gameboy screens to augmented reality. It’s fascinating to observe the game evolve throughout the years. You gotta buy yourself this bundle and you gotta catch ’em all!

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