How To Craft And Use A Stonecutter In Minecraft (Simple Guide)

How To Craft And Use A Stonecutter In Minecraft (Simple Guide)

There are plenty of ways to increase the performance of your gameplay. Minecraft has offered several opportunities to its users in this regard. The most prominent thing is to use a stonecutter instead of using a crafting table. You will find a stonecutter more efficient for making stone items when compared with the crafting table. Before proceeding, you will need to know how to craft and use a stonecutter in Minecraft.

Stonecutter is a kind of utility block in Minecraft. Stonecutter is very useful for Minecraft players. From building different structures to assisting in different crafting recipes and everything in between, Stonecutters offer their services to you. You can craft different items out of stone by using your stonecutter in Minecraft. 

By thoroughly reading this article, you will learn about the crafting recipe, uses, and crafting items needed to make a stonecutter. 

What Does A Stonecutter Do In Minecraft

Minecraft stonecutter is all that you need to make your gameplay efficient and highly performant. You will also get a chance to get rid of the lengthy crafting processes. You will save your time and make your gameplay better than the other Minecraft players. 

Here, I will share all of the perks that you will get by adding stonecutter to your Minecraft’s inventory slot. Let’s have a look at all the tasks that a stonecutter performs in Minecraft. 

1. Used for crafting stone blocks in Minecraft

Stonecutter is an amazing alternative to crafting recipes that take a lot of your time. You can easily craft stone blocks with the help of a stonecutter in your Minecraft gameplay.

2. Used to modify many other blocks in Minecraft

You can use a stonecutter for different modifications in your gameplay. You can change the form of one block to another. You can also utilize a stonecutter to convert different kinds of stones into usable and useful Minecraft items. 

3. Used to turn a simple block into a polished one

How To Craft And Use A Stonecutter In Minecraft (Simple Guide)

Stonecutter can do wonders by turning a simple block into a polished one. You can make different kinds of blocks by using a stonecutter in Minecraft. Here, I will tell you about those lucky blocks that you can make with your stonecutter within a short time. You can make all stone varieties (smooth, bricks, mossy, cobblestone) with your stonecutter. 

You will also be able to get Granite, diorite, andesite, Prismarine, Quartz, Purpur, Nether bricks, Blackstone, End stone, Basal, and all sandstone varieties. You can make all kinds of blocks mentioned above by using a stonecutter. Let’s find out the other craftable items. 

  • You can use stone for making slabs, bricks, and stairs. 
  • You can use smooth stones for making slabs. 
  • You can use stone bricks for making slabs, stairs, walls, and chiseled bricks. 
  • You can use a stonecutter for turning mossy stone bricks into slabs, stairs, and walls. 
  • You will use a stonecutter for converting granite into polished granite. 
  • You can easily convert diorite into stairs, walls, slabs, and polished diorite with a stonecutter. 
  • You can turn andesite into the respective polished ones. 
  • You can also turn cobblestones into stairs, walls, and slabs. 
  • You can use a stonecutter for converting red sandstone into chiseled Redstone. 
  • You will be able to transform prismarine into stairs, walls, and slabs. 
  • You can turn the blocks of quartz into pillars. 
  • You can also turn Nether bricks into chiseled bricks. 
  • You will be able to convert Purpur blocks into pillars and stairs. 
  • Minecraft stonecutter will help you convert basalt into the corresponding polished basalt. 
  • There are chances that you will get bricks and slabs from polished Blackstones.

4. Used to save your time and efforts

Stonecutter provides you with an economical way to craft many other useful items. You will require only one stone block to make your desired blocks in Minecraft.

5. Used as a stone mason’s Jobsite block

Stonecutter is an adorable tool to have in your Minecraft inventory. You can use stonecutters to turn an unemployed villager into an employed one. By standing near a stonecutter, an unemployed villager turns into an employed one. You will be able to turn your wandering villager into a Mason. So, stonecutter will help you get a mason villager Jobsite block. After that, you will be able to get yourself availed of the services of the Mason villager in Minecraft.

6. Used to enhance the crafting process

The crafting process is a bit tedious task in Minecraft. It takes a lot of your time and effort. You can use a stonecutter to speed up the crafting recipes for many other useful items in Minecraft. You will be able to skip the time-taking steps of different crafting recipes by using a stonecutter. 

7. Used to make slabs

Stonecutter is one of the useful things to have in one’s Minecraft inventory. You can use a stonecutter to make slabs. Making slabs with a stonecutter requires you only one block. Instead of using multiple blocks, you will use only one block and get your slab ready for use in your gameplay.

8. Used to make stairs 

Turning different kinds of blocks into stairs is not a piece of cake in Minecraft. Still, you can make this process easy and simple with a stonecutter. All you need to do is to have one block in your Minecraft inventory. That block will turn into a stair. You can make six stairs with six blocks by using a stonecutter. On the contrary, crafting recipes use six blocks for making four stairs. That’s what makes a stonecutter demanding among Minecraft players.

9. Used in copper stonecutting 

How To Craft And Use A Stonecutter In Minecraft (Simple Guide)

With the recent Caves and Cliffs updates, Minecraft has become an amazing platform for players to showcase their abilities. You will be able to manipulate copper in a much better way. With copper stonecutting, you can easily turn regular copper blocks into waxed copper blocks. You can also use a stonecutter for getting fine cuts blocks in your Minecraft world.

10. Used for building interiors and exteriors of your Minecraft house

Well, this is another benefit that you will get from a Minecraft stonecutter. You can change the looks of your Minecraft house by using stonecutters. Stonecutters assist you in building different Minecraft structures and help you decorate the interior and exterior of your house. This thing will attract you towards stonecutters. So grab and add stonecutters to your inventory slot. 

11. Used for altering occupation 

You can use a stonecutter to alter the occupation of your villager in Minecraft. You can turn your wandering villager into an employed villager. You will be able to provide your villager with a job site block in your Minecraft world. 

Stonecutter Recipe

Minecraft stonecutter is easier to craft. There is a quick and simple recipe for a stonecutter in Minecraft. Use this recipe to make your stonecutter. 

  1. Open your Minecraft application and then find the crafting menu there. 
  2. Use a crafting grid of 3×3 in your crafting area. 
  3. Then, add all the required items to your grid. 
  4. Make an exact arrangement for crafting a stonecutter. 
  5. You will place an iron ingot in the first box of the second column of your crafting grid. You will also put three stone blocks in the second boxes of each of the three columns. 
  6. This arrangement will help you get your stonecutter right exactly to the crafting grid. 
  7. You can move your newly made stonecutter to your inventory.      

Materials Needed To Make A Stonecutter In Minecraft

Making a stonecutter in Minecraft will be helpful for you. You will be able to save your time from wasting around your crafting table. But there are a few things that you will need to make a stonecutter in Minecraft. Making a stonecutter requires you the following things in your Minecraft inventory slot. You will need:

  1. Three blocks of stone 
  2. An iron ingot
  3. Pickaxe 

How To Craft A Stonecutter In Minecraft

Crafting a stonecutter is pretty simple in Minecraft. You won’t need a lot of raw materials for its crafting. There are a few things that are necessary for crafting a stonecutter in Minecraft. All you need to do is:

1. Collect the raw materials for stonecutter

You will need three blocks of stone (any stone) and an iron ingot in your Minecraft inventory. If you don’t find these things around your Minecraft world, then you can craft them. 

You can make iron ingots by smelting some iron in a furnace or a blast furnace. Stone blocks are easier to find in Minecraft. You can mine, trade, find, craft, or loot for stone blocks in your gameplay. You will use a pickaxe for mining stone blocks around your dangerous Minecraft world. 

2. Open your crafting menu 

Once you have done with the collection of raw materials, you need to open your crafting menu. You can also make a crafting grid by using wooden planks in case you don’t have it. You can use any wood for this purpose. 

As soon as you open your crafting menu, it will take you to the crafting table in Minecraft. You will use a crafting grid of 3×3 for making stonecutters. 

3. Add the items to your crafting table 

Use your crafting grid of 3×3 for this purpose. Add all the needed items to your crafting grid. You will place three stone blocks and an iron ingot in the crafting grid. Make sure that you have placed them in their relevant positions. Or else, you won’t be able to make your stonecutter. After some time, you will see the stonecutter right next to your crafting grid. 

4. Move the stonecutter to your Minecraft inventory

How To Craft And Use A Stonecutter In Minecraft (Simple Guide)

Once you have crafted the stonecutter, you can move it to your Minecraft stock. Your brand new item is ready to use now. You can use it for various useful purposes in Minecraft. 

How To Use A Stonecutter In Minecraft

Using a stonecutter won’t take a lot of your time and hard work. You can easily use a stonecutter in Minecraft. You can get yourself availed of the endless services of a stonecutter only if you know how to use a stonecutter in your Minecraft gameplay. 

Now I will provide you a step-by-step guide to make you learn about the usage of a stonecutter. Follow these steps and make your crafting recipes cost-effective and time-effective in the long run. 

  1. The first thing you need to cater to is to make sure that you have a stonecutter in your inventory. After that, open your Minecraft inventory slot. 
  2. Now select the stonecutter in your Hotbar. 
  3. Once you have selected the stonecutter, you need to position your pointer to the stonecutter. 
  4. You can take the stonecutter to any point you want to place in your Minecraft game. 
  5. Now open your game window. 
  6. There you will see your block highlighted in bold. Use the game control option from the Minecraft game settings. 
  7. Ensure that you are using the game control right exactly to your Minecraft version (Survival, Xbox, Java, Bedrock, Windows, and Education Edition). 
  8. Now add items to the stonecutter. You can place any block (stone block, smooth stone, Blackstone) in the ingredient box of your stonecutter. After some time, you will see the items that you will craft there. 
  9. Now choose from one of the items that you want to convert to its respective products. You can choose from chiseled stone blocks, bricks, Purpur, and many related blocks. 
  10. Soon the selected item will pop up in the outbox block of your stonecutter. You have successfully made your desired items from the stone blocks.

To make it ready-for-use in your gameplay, you will need to move it to your Minecraft inventory. You can use that product in the future for different purposes in Minecraft. 

You can make anything you want by using a stonecutter in Minecraft. You won’t need extra resources for your crafting recipes. You will use a stonecutter instead of using a crafting table in Minecraft. That’s what makes you save a ton of useful resources in your gaming world. 

Where To Find Materials Needed For A Stonecutter

Finding the needed items for stonecutter is crucial to get your hands on stonecutter in Minecraft. Let’s dig up the ways for finding such things in your Minecraft world. 

1. Iron ingot 

To get an iron ingot, you will need to find iron first in your gameplay. You can find iron quite easily in Minecraft. All you have to do is to dig a mine in your gameplay. You can also explore a cave or a ravine for this purpose. Iron will also be found near the wandering Minecraft traders. You can also trade for iron. You will also get a chance to find iron in Minecraft loot chests. 

Once you have found iron, smelt it to get iron ingots for making stonecutter in the Minecraft game. You can use a furnace or a blast furnace for smelting iron into iron ingots. There are a few other ways for getting iron ingots in Minecraft. Let’s find out those ways:

  • Minecraft zombies and husks drop many valuable items. An iron ingot is one of their drop items. 
  • You can search iron ingots in dungeons, temples, and stronghold chests. 
  • You can trade for iron ingots as well. 

2. Stone blocks 

Stone blocks are very common items in Minecraft. You can easily find stone blocks by using one of the following ways. 

  • You can also make stone blocks by smelting. All you need to do is to smelt some cobblestones into the stone blocks. You will need a furnace or a blast furnace for this purpose.  
  • You can find stone blocks in Minecraft chests (loot chests, dungeons chests, mason’s chests). 
  • You can use a silk touch enchanted pickaxe for mining stone blocks in your Minecraft world. 
  • You will also get a chance to find some stone blocks underground in your Minecraft overworld. 

Being a popular and valuable Minecraft item, stonecutters are widespread in Minecraft. There are plenty of other ways by which you can directly get your hands on stonecutters in Minecraft. You can directly get stonecutter from your Minecraft world. For that, you will need to wander around your world. 

Here are a few ways by which you can get a stonecutter without crafting it. 

  1. You can find stonecutters inside the villages around your Minecraft world. 
  2. You can also get a stonecutter from Mason’s house in Minecraft. But this method of getting g a stonecutter is a bit difficult. You will have to get the stonecutter by keeping yourself safe from the Mason villager in Minecraft. 
  3. Minecraft’s recent updates have added stonecutters already to its fleet. Stonecutters are available in Minecraft’s creative inventory. 
  4. There are chances that you will get a stonecutter from wandering Minecraft trading villagers. 
  5. There are higher chances that a stonecutter will generate naturally in Minecraft. 
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